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'AITA for not inviting my sister to my wedding because she didn't invite me to hers?'

'AITA for not inviting my sister to my wedding because she didn't invite me to hers?'


"AITA for not inviting my sister to my wedding because she didn't invite me to hers?"

I'm (24F) and I'm getting married in a few weeks. 7 years ago my sister got married and I was so excited. I talked to het about the wedding, what dress I'll wear and if I could help her plan it and she was always dismissive and a few weeks before the wedding she told me that it would be 18+.

She said she wanted to exclude annoying kids and made this rule and she can't make exceptions and all this crap. She also said I was too young for the adult atmosphere and whatever. My 18th birthday was a week after the wedding.

I was devastated and I begged my sister to let me come. I really wanted to be there and support her. My step mom refused to go to the wedding as a result of that and my dad almost divorced her over that, among other things.

I eventually accepted it and I told my sister that I would not invite her to my wedding. She scoffed and laughed and said I was being immature and I'll forget about it.

My fiance's dad owns a massive yacht company. They rent out yachts, make repairs and sell equipment. The wedding party will take place on a yacht which can accommodate 200 guests. She asked me about the wedding and I flat out told her she wasn't invited. She said I was being petty and how hurtful I was and that her reasons were justified and it's in the past.

To be honest I feel she just wants to be on the yacht and not so much support me. I told her that she should've thought about that back then and now she understands how I feel and that she's only jealous that my wedding will be better than hers.

My dad called me and said I need to stop being petty and invite her and other family agree. I told them no and after some arguing they respected it. My sister is being a complain about it on Facebook.

EDIT: a friend suggested I should make my sister delete all the Facebook posts and write an apology letter saying why it was wrong to exclude me from the wedding. I think that's cringe but what do you all think?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

grimp- said:

Your wedding, your rules. Maybe your sister can rent a dingy and get people to to toss her canapés. NTA.

shenanigansco34 said:

Your stepmother is a gem for supporting you. Your father is garbage. Now she can be excluded and know how it feels.

seidinove said:

NTA. I can’t get past the fact that your own sister enforced an adults-only rule on you a week before your 18th birthday. And I’m tired of hearing “it’s in the past” as a reason for dismissing a slight.

Top-Bit85 said:

Your sister was the petty one, your birthday was a week after the wedding, petty AF. Now your wedding is so cool and glamorous she wants in, NOPE! I'd also remind everyone, on her posts, that you were excluded for a silly reason. But I'm petty too!

burntllamatoes said:

NTA what comes around goes around. She’s getting what she deserves. Plus you already told her years ago she wasn’t invited why is it a big deal now? Lmfao.

DJ4116 said:

NTA. It’s the couple getting married that decides who to invite to their wedding. She had her wedding with set rules that didn’t include you, you have your wedding and didn’t include her. Your parents are making it into such a big deal….when it’s not.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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