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Bride bans sister from wedding over a 'joke,' 'Jenny has always been a bit of a prankster.' AITA?

Bride bans sister from wedding over a 'joke,' 'Jenny has always been a bit of a prankster.' AITA?


"AITA for not inviting my sister to my wedding because of her 'joke?'"

So, I (28F) am getting married this summer. My fiancé (30M) and I have been planning this wedding for over a year now, and we’re really excited. The problem is my sister, Jenny (25F).

Jenny has always been a bit of a prankster. Most of the time, her jokes are harmless and we all laugh them off. However, last month, she took it too far. She decided it would be funny to send out fake wedding invitations to a bunch of our relatives and some of my friends, saying that the wedding was going to be a "casual backyard BBQ" and that everyone should bring a dish to share.

I found out about this when one of my aunts called me to ask what she should bring to the BBQ. I was confused at first, but then she forwarded me the invitation she received. I was horrified. My actual wedding is a formal event at a nice venue, and I couldn't believe Jenny thought it was okay to send out these fake invitations.

When I confronted her, she laughed it off and said it was just a joke, and that she was planning to send out the real invitations soon. I told her it wasn't funny and that she had caused a lot of confusion and stress. She apologized, but I could tell she didn't really see what the big deal was.

After thinking it over, I decided that I don't want her at my wedding. I don't trust her not to pull another stunt, and I don't want to spend my wedding day worrying about what she might do. I told her this, and she flipped out, saying I was overreacting and that she was just trying to have some fun.

My parents are also upset with me, saying that it's cruel to exclude my sister from such an important event. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm being too harsh. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

TopAd7154 said:

NTA. Genuinely cannot see how that's funny. It smacks of a jealous, insecure little girl who wants to ruin your day.

wlfwrtr said:

NTA Tell parents it's more cruel of your sister to try and make a farce out of your wedding and for them to side with her on it. Get security so she doesn't try to get in anyway and pull something. Go NC with sister, she is only going to make it worse unless she gets her way.

you-dont-say1330 said:

NTA. Bullying disguised as "pranks" are never funny. Who is the golden child in your family?

jabronimax969 said:

NTA, how was that supposed to be funny?!

Odd_Task8211 said:

NTA. It wasn’t funny and you can probably count on her to do something else to screw up the wedding.

BlueMoonTone said:

This isn't a prank. She's jealous and sabotaging your wedding. Your parents should be supporting you, not her. NTA.

Fantastic-Deal-5643 said:

NTA! Personally, I wouldn’t let her send out the real invitations. Double check them to make sure that they are correctly printed and the addresses are correct. What a insecure little girl she is! Tell your parents that this grandma is disgusted with them all and none of them should come to the wedding.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this wedding drama?

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