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Bride decides to skip her bachelorette party, 'I've always outwardly said no;' AITA?

Bride decides to skip her bachelorette party, 'I've always outwardly said no;' AITA?


Is it technically even a bachelorette party if the bride isn't there to celebrate herself, or is it just an awkward party of someone else's friends at a strip club?

So, when a conflicted bride decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet about her own bachelorette party, people were ready to weigh in.

WIBTA if I didn’t go to my bachelorette party?

I told my bridesmaids right off the bat that I don’t want a bachelorette party. I wouldn’t mind a nice dinner out with my bridesmaids but I don’t want some big crazy movie party, which they were all disappointed about.

For the last year and a half, my maid of honor who we will call Susan has been trying to convince me to have a bachelorette party at a male strip club, or at this club or that club and each time I tell her no, I don’t want it. I feel like Jon Snow talking about the Iron Throne with how many times I’ve told her no.

Come to find out, her and my other bridesmaids have been planning this big elaborate party for me that’s tonight.

I got a text from Susan last night asking to meet her at her house tonight at 8 for some “girl time” but another friend texted me and said they were going to ambush me with a bachelorette party.

Susan spent a lot of money booking and paying for this party, and would probably drop out of my wedding if I don’t go but at no point had I ever hinted that I wanted this.

I’ve always outwardly said no. WIBTA if I didn’t go to my own bachelorette party?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this one:

PotassiumEchoNov said:

Wow, they're a-holes if they didn't listen to you. It's your wedding and you repeatedly asked for a quiet meal with them. They didn't respect your wishes. I'd say NTA but you know that not going will cause a lot of drama.

[deleted] said:

Nta, but you can go and dont do anything you're not comfortable with. So no strip club etc. When a stripper comes, send him away or leave yourself. You've been clear to your friends, show em you mean business. If they wanna see a strangers wiener, they can do that without you.

ManateeJamboree said:

NTA. My husbands’ best friend didn’t go to his bachelor party in IBIZA (granted we live in Spain.) The friends were all upset that he didn’t go but he had been saying from the beginning that he absolutely DID NOT want a bachelor party. Their fault for wasting the money.

Bodymaster said:

NTA. Susan was using your bachelorette as an excuse to throw a party for herself. Really shitty thing to do. You probably don't want that kind of person at your wedding, she may very well try to make that about her as well.

Throwaway413vander said:

NTA, your wedding, your happiness should come first and the point should be around making you happy. Although you might have to go to the party just to avoid friendship drama before the wedding

It looks like most people supported this skip. Later, the post was updated to include:

She called me, called me a selfish b%tch, told me she wasn’t going to be in my wedding anymore and blocked me. I invited my friend who told me over for a movie and face masks, a real girls night and it’s been very nice.

Yikes...well, it all worked out in the end?

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