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Bride excludes all kids from wedding except her twins, family threatens to boycott. AITA?

Bride excludes all kids from wedding except her twins, family threatens to boycott. AITA?


"AITA for allowing only my twins at my wedding, but no other children?"

I'm getting married soon, and I've decided that I don't want children at my wedding except for my 7-year-old twins. They mean a lot to me, and I want them to be part of my big day. They'll be with the babysitter the entire time at the reception, so they won't be a bother to anyone.

My siblings have young kids, and they were really upset about my decision. They said it's unfair for me to allow my kids, but not theirs. They accused me of being selfish and said I should either invite all the family's children or none at all. They even threatened not to attend my wedding if I don't change my mind.

I think they're being dramatic, and I believe I have the right to choose who I want at my wedding. I love my nieces and nephews, but I don't want them to disrupt the atmosphere of the celebration.

I also don't want to exclude my own kids because they are my children, and I want them to witness me marrying their father. AITA for allowing only my twins at my wedding, but no other children?

Here's what the top commenters had to say:

NewtoFL2 said:

NTA - anyone with a brain can accept that the bride/grooms kids are special case.

AngelIslington said:

NTA. There is a difference between, Children, and your children. but will your twins, find it a bit lonely not having their cousins to play with at the wedding? being a child at an adult only situation can be a bit boring even if it is a wedding. I can see your sibling's point of view, but be prepared not to have them at your wedding.

Candyland_83 said:

NTA. “You’re so selfish for wanting YOUR WEDDING to be all about YOU!!!!”

Trespassingw said:

NTA. You just cannot exclude your kids from their mom's and dad's wedding. They should be there. Just 2 kids with babysitter most probably won't affect the whole thing, but bunch of young kids definitely will, so for me it's very understandable decision.

MsFear said:

NTA omg at first I thought you meant you only wanted your twins there and not YOUR other children! In which case you would have sucked! But no, it’s totally normal to have the bride/groom’s children at a wedding and no other children. Your siblings need to be over themselves.

NAH. You have the right to set your own guest list. Your invitees have the right to decline the invitation if it doesn’t work for them.

prairiemountainzen said:

NTA. You can have any kind of wedding that you want, of course. But you also have to be prepared for some guests being unable to come if they can't arrange for childcare, and you'll have to be willing to accept that.

Everyone here was team bride. What's your advice for this family?

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