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Bride kicks 'demon' nieces and nephews out of child-free wedding, 'they're an overall inconvenience.' AITA?

Bride kicks 'demon' nieces and nephews out of child-free wedding, 'they're an overall inconvenience.' AITA?


"AITA for not letting my nieces and nephews come to my wedding?"

Me (26F) and my husband (27M) recently had our wedding. I’m not big on kids at weddings. They’re an overall inconvenience for me. Well my sister (32F) and her husband (39M) have 5 kids and she’s pregnant as of now. Me being the youngest child, I was never invited to many weddings because of kids.

I’ll be honest I was a bit salty so when it came to my wedding I wanted no kids but not because of that reason. My sister's kids are quite literally demons. They have no sense of anything. My sister brought them to my place with glitter glue and slime. I had to sell my couch because of how damaged it was. I told my sister it was a no kids wedding and I got this response. “but my kids are allowed right?” I said no because I was not having the kids ruin my special day.

Anyway comes the day of my wedding my sister and her husband do not arrive. I thought “oh she's not coming.” No, she pulls up with all her kids dressed in pink floral. I went up to her and told her she’s crazy if she thinks she’s coming with her kids. Don’t get me wrong I love my nieces and nephews but a no is a no. We haven’t talked since, AITA?


So I forgot to add some stuff in, the theme of the wedding was blues, I do feel like they genuinely wanted to piss me off because I strictly said nothing but those blues, i was okay with the odd pattern. My parents have taken my sister's side but my brothers sticking on mine. My parents said they can’t afford a babysitter but I said “they can afford the expenses of 5 kids so why not a babysitter?” It’s like they expected me to pay or something. Hopefully I don’t get bombarded by my BIL family.

Guys I actually cannot believe this many people told me I was NTA it’s crazy what people can do to make you feel like that. Thank you all for your responses I really appreciate it and I want to say something to my sister but i don’t know how. I’ll update soon.

I’ve been losing my mind over this ever since the wedding. I’m devastated that this had to happen. I’m not on good terms with my family except my brother now. Their youngest (2) we can call him Elliott is turning 3 in a week and I think she expects me to come over with gifts and everything. I’m going to have a chat with her tomorrow as it’s 5 am. Can’t clear my head. Thank you!

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

glimmerseeker said:

You’re NTA but your sister is for pulling this. She knew it was child free but thought them showing up all fancy would make you change your mind, or not want to cause a scene and let it slide. She learned otherwise.

IamIrene said:

NTA. Your wedding, your rules. Your sister is TA for trying to force her children on your wedding. That's a level of manipulation one doesn't see very often. She could easily have gotten a sitter and chose not to. Total AH move on her part and she got what she deserved.

Chance-Contract-1290 said:

NTA. You and your spouse get to decide who isn’t invited to your own wedding. You said “no kids” and it would have been unfair to make an exception just because your sister assumed her kids should get an exception.

Tomboyish717 said:

NTA. I already said this in another comment but don’t take less of an apology from someone who was supposed to give you more. She is your sister for goodness sake! She should not have pulled this stunt and now that she has NO REASON not to full on ask for your forgiveness. She is wrong. Period. There is zero wiggle room on this.

Shanstergoodheart said:

NTA but I loathe the "if you can can afford..." argument. No you can't money is finite. It doesn't self-generate. That's not what "spend money to make money means." If you are paying money for one thing, e.g. food for five children you can't then spend that same money on a babysitter. What your sister could have done is leave them with their father or not come herself.

atee55 said:

NTA - and call her out. And then maybe have a 1 on 1 with her and tell her "look I don't hate your kids. I love my nieces and nephews. But I don't like how they behave and how there are no consequences after. I strictly said no kids at my wedding but you brushed it off which shows me you don't respect me and I'm quite hurt by what you did."

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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