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'AITA for kicking my SIL out of my wedding party after she threw the cake at me?' UPDATED

'AITA for kicking my SIL out of my wedding party after she threw the cake at me?' UPDATED


"AITA for telling my sister-in-law to get the out of my wedding party after she threw the cake at me?"

My SIL always loved pranks, she used to pull small pranks on me like, hiding my phone, she made me once think that she broke my TV, I always laughed it off. Until one day, I was headed to an important meeting, she and I couldn’t find my car keys, I looked for them, when I asked my SIL, she said she had no idea where they are.

I had to call my now husband to ask him to pick me up and drive me to my work, it took him 30 minutes to come, I ended up late to the meeting. I won’t go into details about it. Anyways when I got home my sister laughed and told me that she hid my car key, my husband yelled at her and she apologized, we still were friends after that.

The wedding comes, everyone is at the party, we were dancing and I was having the time of my life, when we were about to cut the cake, my SIL picked it up and threw it at me and then broke out laughing, everyone gave her nasty looks.

My MIL and FIL yelled at her and I just told her to get out, she didn’t even apologize, my husband helped me clean up, but that incident didn’t stop me from having some damn fun. The day after, my SIL said that I am OVERREACTING and that it’s “jUsT a pRaNk” and called me an ahole for kicking her out.

Everyone just started scolding her, and she just started crying and said “why is everyone yelling at me I didn’t do anything wrong," and she was sent to her room while everyone apologized to me and my husband, I told them that it’s not their fault, and they have nothing to apologize for.

My SIL isn’t speaking to me, and I’m not speaking to her either, because when I look at her I just want to choke her half to death, so am I the AH? Or am I missing something? Am I really “overreacting?"


To answer some questions, my SIL is 16, hasn’t been diagnosed with any mental illness yet, tbh I’m surprised too. Oh my god guys I didn’t expect this post to blow up like this, thank you for your support, the comments showed me how much of a red flag my SIL really is, I’ll try to do an update soon.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

mouathofghgh4543 said:

NTA. Your SIL's pranks went too far, especially on your wedding day. It is reasonable to ask her to leave after such behavior.

MistressFuzzylegs said:

NTA. These aren’t jokes, they’re malicious pranks. No decent person thinks jeopardizing someone’s job is a joke. Nor do they think destroying someone else’s wedding cake is a-okay. She KNOWS what she’s doing. Unless she’s like 5. It sounds more like targeting you because of jealousy or something.

noonecaresat805 said:

Nta. I would charge her for the cake she destroyed. I think the fact that no one but her laughed and she got scolded and she still doesn’t get what she did wrong says a lot about her. And let her not speak to you it means she will hopefully not be near you and won’t try to ruin anything else because she thinks it’s funny.

Ali_Cat222 said:

NTA and also these aren't "pranks" it's quite obvious she gets enjoyment from trying to ruin you. Making you be late to your employment which in turn could cost you a job?

Hiding things like your phone?making you think you broke a tv?and the icing on the cake,(excuse my pun but it's fitting) she picks up your entire wedding cake and smashing it in your face.

She sounds like she is extremely jealous or angry at you over something,what exactly have you done to her? I would assume nothing,and she is just the way she is, but still.

I wouldn't be forgiving over these things,as its not considered harmless pranks and tend to be out of viciousness. I am sorry this happened to you though, it's not very nice.

notsam57 said:

nta. did you check to see if she’s posting these “pranks” on her social media? this sounds like she’s mimicking all those “prank” stuff online.

Pandoratastic said:

NTA. There is no way someone would think that these are harmless pranks. The keys were over the line but throwing your wedding cake at you is so far you can't even see the line.

This is deliberately malicious and cruel. The only way she could think this is funny is if she believes that harming you is not wrong. She is not playing pranks. She is bullying you and she needs to be held accountable for her deplorable actions.

Seriously. Throwing your wedding cake at you? I can't even imagine how someone could begin to make amends for something that awful.


Wow guys, thank you so much for the support, your comments just showed me how much of an AH my SIL has been. When me and my husband (let’s call him Bob) talked about what happened, he told me how much of an entitled brat his sister (let’s call her Satan) has been a entitled brat almost all her life.

It all started 2 years after she was born, he was 17 at the time, his sister may have been a kid, but she made his last year in their house a living hell, she used to break/ hide his stuff and get away with it, and when he yells at her, he gets grounded, she only gets a little scolding when other family members are around, and which made Satan behave like the” perfect sweet angel” in front of everyone.

When he finished high school, and started college, he moved into a dorm room, where I met him there (he was my roommate), we got along and became friends, and then became best friend, one day he came out to me as BI, and he told me he liked me and asked me out, I said yes (best decision of my life), we got along very well.

Fast forward to when he was 26, and I was 24, he proposed to me, and I said yes happily. When we started planning the wedding, I wanted invite my family, but he didn’t want to invite his.

I asked him why and he said he didn’t want to talk about it, me being the naive person I am, I pressured him to invite his family, which I agree was a bad thing to do.

He agreed to do it. we sometimes visit and sleep at his parents house, and they visited us too. and they always act like the perfect family, Satan kept pulling “small” pranks, which were big red flags I didn’t notice, except for when she hid my car keys and got me late to a meeting. He didn’t want to tell me about his past with his family because he didn’t want it to affect our relationship, which I understand.

After the wedding party incident happened, we just temporarily cut contact with them, because we needed space, a few days later, we went to their house and had a very long discussion about Satan’s behavior.

The summary of the conversation is that they grounded her for a year, and made her get a part time job at a supermarket, to pay me for the price of the cake, and extra for the emotional distress.

They took away all of her electronics, and they finally admitted that they raised a spoiled brat, and apologized to Bob for their favoritism, we told them that he wasn’t even going to invite them to the wedding because of this, the MIL just started ugly crying, and said that they will do the best they can to fix their relationship with Bob.

This is completely irrelevant but they found out that Satan was failing classes in school, and had a bad reputation, which got her grounded for 2 years, a very deserved punishment Thanks for your support, and sorry for writing too much :)

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