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Bride makes HUGE mistake when she wears corset on wedding day. AITA? UPDATED.

Bride makes HUGE mistake when she wears corset on wedding day. AITA? UPDATED.


When this bride is utterly humiliated on her wedding day when she wears a corset, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for wearing a corset on my wedding day?"

I got married May 21, 2021 (all guests were vaccinated, quarantined, and tested prior to coming and numbers in our area are setting record lows for the US).

I had to postpone twice before already and just wanted to get married even if that meant seriously cutting the guest list, adding masks, spreading tables and people out, and having hand sanitizer and extra cleaning staff everywhere.

It was about 80-85* day of, I hadn’t eaten more than a couple bites of food for a few days, my dress was a ballgown that weighed a ton, and I was in a corset under my dress. I had never worn one before and my bridal salon told me I should wear it to keep my boobs up and my silhouette nice looking (I’m plus size).

I was dying and didn’t really feel well. After scorching outside for pictures and just before our reception entrance, I started drinking a ton of water because I thought I was dehydrated (I was) but because of the weight and fit of the dress mixed with the tightness of my corset there really wasn’t anywhere for that water to go.

So thirty seconds into our first dance (that we spent 8 weeks learning and practicing and $1,000 on lessons for), I vomit into my mouth a few times, and then spewing a little (onto my brand new husband, and a little in house mouth).

I then run off the dance floor and out of the ballroom and then full on projectile vomit all over the place for like 30 minutes. My photographer, husband, mom, dad, a few bridal party members and day of coordinator rush after me and ice me down and give me mints and try to get me to feel better.

I feel good enough to go back in but can barely eat, can’t drink, can’t dance, cant walk around at all, and can’t breathe. Finally I’m like, f it, let’s see what happens to my dress if I take the corset off.

Turns out the dress fit and looked better without it and it was like night in day in how I felt. After that I was able to dance and have more fun and mingle and enjoy myself.

I still didn’t drink and kept ice water handy at all times and still didn’t feel fantastic (and frankly didn’t feel as pretty as I did prior, which extra sucked because I have some self esteem issues and was really looking forward to feeling like a princess all day) but I got to at least enjoy the night.

We were able to do our dance towards the end of the night and it went flawlessly so everything worked out in the end after all. But that moment sucked and was super embarrassing.

I also had to spend the night explaining what happened to every guest because I wanted to make sure they knew I wasn’t trashed and already heard a few whispers of people thinking I was pregnant (which btw is sexist bullshit that every time a women is sick people jump to OMG YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!).

At the end of the day though, we have a funny story and are finally husband and wife after a crazy engagement journey and now I know for a fact my husband won’t leave me if I vomit in his mouth! But also, I feel so dumb lol. AITA for taking this risk?

Let's see what readers thought:

danibewyou writes:

OMG you’re a queen for pushing through a good chunk of the night in a corset. I wear one for events due to some culturally toxic family, because i’d rather just avoid the conversation, but the first time i wore one I wore it for about 2 hours before taking it off and doing a reset.

For an event as long as a wedding i highly recommend practicing wearing it around the house with slowly growing increments of time. It gets easier with practice (like anything really) and then you can eventually build to wearing it for a full day.

But kudos to you for soldiering through it for as long as you did! And happy (almost) anniversary!

sunnybunnyt7 writes:

Corsets are actually super comfortable if you get the right size, length, and cut for your body. Throughout the day it will need to be adjusted as you go to the bathroom, eat, and drink. You should NEVER be in pain while wearing one. If you are, then it's too tight and you need to loosen it, or it's the wrong one for you.

I wear a proper corset twice a year, for a full 7-12 hours. It's extremely comfortable, fits like a dream, and I can do almost everything, including running, except bend at the waist.

It sounds like that particular corset was wrong for you.

obejah writes:

Yeah people kind of suck in terms of women being sick. But!! Congratulations on your wedding and having a very loyal and understanding husband!

Where I understand the look of corsets, it is also good to have practice and experience wearing one. The people who told you to wear one should have also told you that it takes time to adjust to them and to practice.

I'm glad it all worked out in the end for you!! And for the guests who started gossip, make them wear a corset.

Looks like this bride is NTA at all. Did YOU have an embarrassing moment on YOUR wedding day? Please share!

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