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Bride refuses to wear SIL's elopement dress; says, 'I'm getting the creeps.' AITA?

Bride refuses to wear SIL's elopement dress; says, 'I'm getting the creeps.' AITA?


Taking in every family member's opinions about the wedding day can be overwhelming for couples getting married, especially when your sister-in-law is under the impression you'll be wearing her elopement dress...

So, when a frustrated bride decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As&hole' about whether or not she'd be wrong to uninvite her future husband's twin brother and his wife, people were dying for the details.

"AITA for refusing to wear my SIL's wedding dress to my wedding?"

I (23F) am getting married to my fiance (24M) in a month. He has an identical twin brother with whom he's keeping a bit of a distance with cause of his past possessive behavior of wanting to share everything with each other, from interests, hobbies and even friends.

His brother eloped to his wife (27F) and even suggested to my fiance to do the same on the same day as him, but of course he shut that down quickly as we both agreed on having a wedding already.

However, I ended up being contacted by my fiance's brother requesting me to wear his wife's wedding dress from their elopement to my wedding, which I obviously turned down, telling him that I've already got a specific wedding dress on my mind.

He dropped the subject and for 2 weeks I didn't hear about it again, so I thought that was the end of it, but yesterday my fiance's brother and his wife showed up at our house (uninvited may I add), got up SIL's wedding dress and then literally asked me to try out right here and that they'd make adjustments if the size doesn't fit.

Thank God my husband stepped in and kicked them both out of our house, even tho it did end up with a really big argument between my fiance and his brother.

I got contacted again later on by my BIL who said that my inability to make any compromises in order for his and his brother's wedding experiences to be intertwined is straining their relationship.

Honestly at this point I'm just getting the creeps from BIL and my gut's telling me that him and SIL may attempt to sabotage our wedding out of revenge and even my husband's agrees with the sentiment.

We're now strongly considering to uninvite both my BIL and SIL from our wedding, but my husband's still a bit reluctant to do it yet cause of the inevitable drama it'll cause with his family. AITA?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this wedding drama:

Living-Assumption272 said:

NTA. This is incredibly bizarre behavior and there must be a mental health issue involved. The BIL needs therapy. Your fiancé needs to talk to his brother and if he can’t get through you may want to go NC.

Allaboutbird said:

NTA. This is bizarre behavior and if you don't nip it in the bud you're going to wake up at 2am to your BIL standing over your bed trying to cut and style your hair exactly like his wife's. These people are unhinged - keep your distance.

Good_Ad6336 said:

Compromises? What compromises? Your wedding is between you and your future husband. Your BIL is delusional for thinking he has a say in your wedding. NTA.

Aggressive-Mind-2085 said:

NTA. What a creepy and ludicrous idea. Just refuse to further discuss it. And if you don't uninvite them, be careful: They might attempt to ruin your wedding dress, because in their sick minds they might think that would make you wear SIL's dress.

So: Protect your dress well. And: Hire security. If you invite them, to make them behave. If you don't, to keep them away. They seem to be unhinged.

Proud_Ad_8830 said:

I’m imagining SIL showing up to wedding in her wedding dress wanting pictures with the groom.

So, there you have it...

It looks like everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride wouldn't be wrong to insist on banning her brother-in-law and sister-in-law from her wedding as all of this dress drama is borderline creepy. Good luck to this family...the holidays are going to get weird.

Sources: Reddit
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