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Bride removes sister from bridal party and guest list, 'she crossed the line;' AITA?

Bride removes sister from bridal party and guest list, 'she crossed the line;' AITA?


Entitled family members love to offer up their unsolicited opinions on weddings, but taking it upon yourself to invite guests to a wedding that isn't yours is a new one...

So, when a conflicted "secret" bride decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet about her sister's guest list, people were ready to weigh in.

AITA for listening to my sister and removing her from my bridal party?

So I (30F) am getting married to my partner (30M) next week and we have decided that since we have to pay for it and we come from big families, we opted to have a small function of only our closest family and friends and to keep it quiet so we didn’t offend anyone who wasn’t invited.

Somehow even though my wedding was supposed to be a secret, somehow people found out about the upcoming wedding and have been messaging me asking questions.

I found out my sister (36F) has been inviting people who weren’t invited to the wedding, to the wedding reception/ drinks without me or my partner's knowledge.

She didn’t have any problem inviting her friends and a bunch of family who are not invited.

I private messaged her and told her that she crossed the line inviting and telling people about the wedding and she went into a meltdown saying she wants out of the bridal party, she doesn’t even want to come to the wedding and that “your wedding isn’t even that special."

I agreed and crossed her out of the line and removed her from my guest list but now I’m being told by my family that I’m acting like an AH and taking it too far removing her from the whole function altogether. AITA?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this wedding drama:

He_Who_Is_Person said:

NTA. She said she didn't want to come. Maybe she should learn not to say things like that if she doesn't want people treating them as true.

thors_wineglass said:

NTA. Your parents should've raised her better.

FloMoJoeBlow said:

NTA for removing Sis from the function all together - not her place to invite others, and it sounds like she was jealous of the whole thing.

But, frankly, it's silly to keep a wedding a secret, as though it's a government state secret. Have the wedding and invite who you want.

For those not invited, just tell them that you wanted to keep it small and lowkey. If you truly want it to be a "secret," go elope and then tell folks after the fact.

Thowawayforrbn said:

NTA. Sis is though. Two things. Send out a blanket email. You wanted a small wedding, limited budget, only family and very close friends. Apologies for not including everyone. Your secret's out, try to run damage control.

Second. Find out what story sis is feeding to family. She tried to guilt trip you, she's probably playing the victim with them. If it was p.m. and you guys are all on social media, post that crap so everyone can see it.

Apsara7 said:

NTA at all. My mom invited extras to my wedding and that was bad enough. Your SISTER? who does that?

Psychological_Name28 said:

NTA. How are you going to stop all the people she invited from showing up?

Note to any sisters out there: don't invite people to a wedding that isn't yours. Good luck to this family for all future events...things are about to get awkward.

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