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Bride scolds family over pregnancy 'rumors' that were spread at her wedding, 'I started yelling.' AITA?

Bride scolds family over pregnancy 'rumors' that were spread at her wedding, 'I started yelling.' AITA?


"AITA for chastising my brother after he spread rumors at my wedding?"

At my wedding reception, my husband and I went around to the tables thanking everyone for coming. As we're thanking my sister, she tells me she's pregnant. She added that she had "only" found out a week ago and was waiting for the right moment to tell me. I was annoyed at this point, but I again congratulated her.

After the speeches were given, my MOH whispers to me that my brother was apparently going around telling people about my sister's pregnancy. He didn't leave the bridal party's table until he got them to agree that it was trashy.

As people got intoxicated and headed to the dance floor, we started hearing people gossip about my sister's pregnancy with many of them saying they heard it from my brother. My sister hears some gossip and makes a formal announcement. I wasn't too mad, but my husband's family were absolutely furious. My brother didn't help things either, because after that he just went straight to trashing her and our family.

After our honeymoon, we find out that my husband's family has been making comments to my parents about my sister's announcement. Thanks to my mother, a great deal of my family is upset that my sister is getting trashed. Thanks to my brother, friends are getting involved too. It's mostly just a hot topic, but some are taking it very seriously and either supporting my sister or verbally trashing her.

Later, my family had a celebratory dinner at my parent's house. At the dinner, I pulled my brother aside to another room so I could talk with him. I told him to stop talking trash about our family and our sister because it was causing issues with my husband's family and making my friends think bad of our family. He apologized and then told me that he was just telling the truth.

We talked in circles for a bit and I started yelling at him while he sat calmly and used the same tone of voice, which made me angrier. Our family interrupted and separated us and asked us what we were talking about and my brother said our sister's pregnancy. This immediately caused my sister to accuse me of being selfish and not letting her celebrate her pregnancy.

I tried to explain that I wasn't that mad at her but I kept getting talked over by her and my parents. My brother just started laughing. That ended the dinner for the night. I tried to contact my sister, but found that she had blocked my number and my husband's.

At lunch with friends days later, they said my sister told them that I tried to ostracize my brother from the family over her announcement. They knew the truth and told her but she said they had been lied to. I explained the altercation with my brother, but they thought I had gone too far and was creating more issues.

Two of them even agreed with what my brother had done. I got so frustrated I walked out of that lunch. The two texted me after apologizing, but another in the group said I got too emotional and shouldn't have taken what was said personally. I am now a day removed, still frustrated.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

ColdstreamCapple said:

NTA. If your sister had ANY class she would of waited until AFTER the wedding as she should of realized that this was your moment in the spotlight. It also proves that your brother is obviously the town gossip and is only playing the victim now because he’s been called out.

If your sister was a decent person she would have immediately put your brother in his place and told him to keep it to himself until AFTER the wedding. Your in-laws are allowed to be angry over this and clearly you can’t trust your siblings

ResoluteMuse said:

Your husbands family is right, your sister and brother are TA’s. It is trashy to upstage someone else’s event and your brother has no filter. Bad behaviour should be called out other wise the offender feels emboldens to do it again. NTA.

sheissonotso said:

You’re definitely NTA but damn both your siblings have main character syndrome lol.

Winter_Owl6097 said:

NTA. Please go low contact....Or even NC...With this toxic bunch. More things will pop up thru the years and you don't need this stress.

ItsMeBoyThePS5 said:

NTA. Everyone who was trashing the sister should have just been quiet during the dang wedding. Your sister is understandably upset, but she should have just...waited after the wedding.

Mary_Tagetes said:

NTA, but stop adding fuel to the fire, or the verdict changes. Your brother is a gossipy shit disturber, your sister and entitled jerk, you don’t want people judging your family but they’re behaving like starving rats in a cage, biting and sniping. Don’t engage with this issue anymore, tell your family you’re done talking about it. If a friend brings it up say the truth and change the subject. I’ll bet anything your husband is sick if hearing it.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family wedding drama?

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