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Bride uninvites brother to wedding after he cancels on hosting over a superstition. AITA?

Bride uninvites brother to wedding after he cancels on hosting over a superstition. AITA?


"WIBTA for uninviting my brother to my wedding after he canceled on hosting the wedding?"

My fiancé and I decided we wanted to have an intimate wedding ceremony instead of a large wedding. For the venue, we asked my brother and SIL if we could have it in their back yard about a year ago.

They said they would be honored to host. We knew it was a big ask, since they had a 2nd newborn on the way, and promised we would be unobtrusive as possible and take care of everything that needed to be taken care of.

For guest count, we are at 26 people. So as intimate as possible for a backyard wedding. They insisted it would be a wonderful setting and it would mean a lot to them to have it there as well. We’re pretty close knit. We come from a household of strong family values and grew up together.

So we’re about 1.5 months out from our wedding day and my brother just informed us that they could no longer host the wedding at their place. Through happenstance, their nanny/family friend (who’s also monk) found out we were having our wedding there and told them it would bring less luck to their family.

Apparently the superstition goes that if you host a sibling's wedding at your house, you give away your luck to that family. And now that they are new parents to a 6mo and 2 year old, they don’t want anything to happen to them and want to give them the best chance at life they possibly can.

Nobody knew about this until now. Our family has never really been superstitious. I know my SIL’s family is more conservative and believes in these sort of things. I’m pretty tolerant of others beliefs systems. And while I don’t understand it I do respect it. But we are literally less than 2 months out now from our big day.

Fortunately a venue change isn’t too too difficult, but it definitely throws a curveball into logistics when we’ve had everything already set. I love my brother and would want the best for his family and the kiddos. But right now I don’t want anything to do with him.

Later, OP edited the post to include:

⁠We live in the US. ⁠Not sure what religion or sect- guessing Buddhism. Or feng shui. ⁠He did try to find us a new venue. Not well thought out options but still tried nonetheless. Did offer to cover whatever additional cost to send out invites. Was not explicitly stated but based on our relationship and knowing my brother he would try to cover the venue cost.

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