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Brides kicks MIL out of wedding for saying her son should've ended up with his ex.

Brides kicks MIL out of wedding for saying her son should've ended up with his ex.


Wedding speeches typically are average. Some are brilliant and deserve all the shine on Youtube, and others are so awful that they'll get you kicked out of the wedding.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one woman sits through one of the worst wedding speeches from her mother-in-law.

She writes:

For a little back story, I (21F) and my partner Jake (23M) met around three years ago at a concert; we started dating two months later. A year into the relationship, Jake proposed to me, and even tho his parents were set against it, we still went ahead (In-laws and I got along, but we weren’t friends nor associated too much). December ‘22, we found out we were pregnant. We were excited, as were our families (remember, we only told our parents).

Come to the current day (my wedding day); it started as a great time. Everyone was enjoying themselves, and my now husband and I were sitting at the tables while the speeches were taking place. Everyone said some beautiful things, and then came my MIL.

She started her speech with some kind things, but then she talked about my husband's ex (Sally 20F) and how she wrote this speech about them as she thought they were ‘destined by god.’ Then she exposed my pregnancy to all of our extended family/friends. Her words were, ‘Jake was destined to be with Sally, and now Jake has a baby on the way and a wife god did not approve of’ I looked over at Jake in complete shock, and his face was bright red.

Jake and MIL got into a massive argument before me, and my older brother mike (24M) escorted my in-laws out. My in-laws extended family have now been blowing up our phones, saying we are in the wrong for hiding the pregnancy from everyone (Although I wasn’t even two months yet) and kicking the in-laws out after she said some lovely words and blessed our marriage.

My husband has cut all contact off from his family, but some of my family are now saying I took it too far, that they were looking out for Jake, and that the rest of the family deserved to know about our pregnancy. Now that I think about it, maybe I did overreact and thought I should have told them about the pregnancy. So AITA?

PeteO5D says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). The choice of who you tell and when should be yours (as a couple) alone, and the comments she made sound malicious purely for the sake of it.

Moppermonster says:

The pregnancy is irrelevant. Someone whose speech includes that the bride is bad and ungodly at the wedding itself deserves to be tossed out. NTA.

RoxasofsorrowXIII says:

NTA. FIRST; most people don't announce a pregnancy until the END of the first trimester, as the largest miscarriages happen in weeks 1-12. This is COMMON, nothing being hidden, just being smart.

Second, she made a scene at your wedding. YOUR WEDDING. You have every right to uninvite or remove whomever you please on your special day. Ignore them. If your hubby is standing by the choice, that's all that matters.

OP, there isn't even an alternate universe where you would be considered an a**hole.

Sources: Reddit
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