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Bride's half sister wears wedding dress to engagement party; bride exacts humiliating revenge. UNHINGED UPDATE 2 YRS LATER.

Bride's half sister wears wedding dress to engagement party; bride exacts humiliating revenge. UNHINGED UPDATE 2 YRS LATER.


When this bride is furious with her half sister and decides to get revenge on her in front of the whole family, she asks Reddit:

'My half sister wanted to show up in a wedding dress to my engagement party, so I got major revenge on her? AITA?'

My halfsister "heather" and I never really got along. We both are 24. My father left my mother for her mother and we were born the same month 20 days appart. It has always been weird.

It doesn't help that Heather's mom hates me and my mom. By extention Heather and I didn't have the best relationship.

She has always tried to one up me. Even tho we both have a similar economic background. I can give examples of this but for the sake of the world limit won't write them here.

So now my fiancé and I got engaged last month and had our engagement party this Saturday. We had planned it originally as a casual- formal event. Nice dresses but not "I am going to the met gala ball" nice. More like "we are going to a good restaurant" nice.

Anyway my cousin hits me up saying she has to show me something. It was the picture of the dress Heather was gonna wear. This is what the dress looked like approximately. It was a bit shorter and a bit less puffy. The rest is almost identical.

This dress.... Jesuz. It can only be described as opulent. It was long and white. Strapless with sewn in "Chrystals" and golden accents. I'm pretty sure it's a wedding dress but I can't be 100 percent.

This made me really mad. So I decided.... f that. I started texting people telling them that there had been a change of plans. And that instead of casual formal I decided to make a costume party.

My mother's side is crazy for Halloween so they were immediately on board. I told my father via text, and asked for him to rely the message to Heather her mother. Knowing full well that he would forget or leave it to the last minute.

Saturday comes along. Guests start showing up. Most of them in costumes. Some didn't have time to get one. We just provided them with fun hats and cheap wigs.

Heather my dad and her mother come like one hour late. As soon as she notices that everyone was either wearing elaborate costumes or weird accessories and she didn't stand out she lost it. Especially when my fiance came along and told her that "her bride dress looked amazing for a cheap costume".

She left crying and her mother and my father told me that I was being childish and I could have told Heather myself prior to her arrival to the party. and not have asked my father.

For those interested: My fiance was dressed as bubbles and I was dressed as mojojojo. My mom and aunts went as ABBA. Other memorable costumes were: luffy and Zorro, Ian Malcom and John Hammond and Jesus. AITA?

Then, OP adds this initial update about the engagement party:

So why did I invite her? It's one of those weird family situations where not inviting them would have been more dramatic.

You know when you try pleasing everyone. Plus I still wanted a relationship with my father, so not inviting Heather and her mom would have made things super difficult and made it so my father would have had to choose.

When I kept thinking of it, I noticed that my father wouldn't have chosen me on this scenario. Which is why I ended up cutting them off. Did I let her win?

No. The point of this is to ruin my half sister's intention. She wasn't just "dressed nicely" as some of you put it. She wore a wedding dress to my engagement party. I'd much rather subvert this whole mess rather than have her smugly sitting at the table with her wedding dress.

Also some of you are really hung up on the "cheap wigs part" and ignore literally everything else regarding the party.

A minority of our guests wore those cheap wigs. Also it literally doesn't matter. We had a blast. After she left i didn't even think of her again till a few days later. I don't regret the costume party. I wish I thought of it earlier tbh.

Also I can't believe I have go say this. But the lady on the picture is not Heather. It's also not the dress she wore. I looked for a picture that looked approximately like the dress.

Before we give you OP's final most recent update (2 yrs after the incident), let's take a look at some of the top responses:

terragrace writes:

Wow. I can’t get over how a 24 year old left crying because she wasn’t the center of attention at someone else’s engagement party.

And you aren’t being childish. You asked your dad to do something that shouldn’t have been difficult to do unless he has a brain injury. He’s the childish one for blaming you for his inability to relay a simple message. And for not babying the half sister.

justindelarge writes:

For the love of all you hold sacred, DO NOT LET THIS GIRL ATTEND YOUR WEDDING.

Do not. Do not do it. If you have to elope in order to make it so this bitter, narcissistic creature is not there when you marry your fiance, do that. But under no circumstances should she be within a mile of your wedding.

I'm dead serious. Any drama that ensues in order to make it happen will pale in comparison to the horrorshow that will, without a shadow of a doubt, take place if you permit this black hole to be there when you get married.

teamcatsnd writes:

We did something similar with my sisters bridal shower. Our mom wanted a shower much fancier than what my sister wanted (she hadn’t even wanted a shower). So to keep it simple, I had decided to just make the shower in her colors.

Well after our mom driving us nuts with complaints how what we’re gonna do is going to look tacky or that we didn’t even care, etc. Sis said the magic words our nerdy ass friends all agreed to.

Long story short, we told everyone but her that we would be dressing up in our Renaissance Faire gear. We ended up making flower crowns for guests who didn’t want to dress up but still have fun with it. We also made the ice ring for the punch bowl in the shape of a dragon curled around its eggs.

She’d also gotten pissed she didn’t get an invite, I’d tried to tell her it’s cause she was part of the planning, and she said if she doesn’t receive her invite, she’s not coming and neither is my grandma.

Mom we could’ve called her bluff, but pulling our grandma into it was a low blow and we weren’t risking that. So for the week leading up to the shower, I sent her a shower invite from all the extras. Each addressed slightly differently with her name, including misspellings.

whysomanyostrich writes:

OP- This was a rare and gorgeous thing. Revenge achieved by not by confrontation, but by good humor and graciousness that spikes the would be jerk’s guns.

You completely took away any chance for her to get the satisfaction of a fight before the party, and simply made it impossible for her to upstage you AT the party. And yeah- it’s 100% on your father for not telling them. And you KNOW they both gave him hell when they got home.

Even better? You used the occasion to realize that your dad is a jerk who can’t tell which daughter is more worth his time, and to cut contact so you don’t have to deal with that idiot anymore.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding and a great life together. Well done.

And now, OP's final and most recent update about the party:

I had planned countless times to update this Post. I even asked the mods if it was allowed.... but I was too lazy and always stopped halfway

Anyway. I keep seeing my post as an mfing TikTok... I also saw an account that pretended to have an update. Apparently my husband cheated with my half-sister, my mother exploded and my grandma is a dog.

To the update. I got married! It was an eventful and thankfully drama free day. My father was not in attendance. After my engagement party I realized that he would never choose me willingly.

Even if he loves me, he doesn't love me enough to stand up for me. He constantly allows his wife and daughter to walk over me and even become abusive.

So I wrote him a lengthy email from my old school days email account. It detailed my resentful feelings against him and uninvited him from the wedding. Then I logged out. Because I know myself.

I would be upset with his answer and if he wouldn't not answer... I would also be upset. I also blocked him and his family from all access. And I went cold turkey. Freezing even. I changed phone provides and deleted my social media accounts for a while.

He did try to contact me trough my mother. She said it was just upsetting. So I told her I did not want to know.

So I just cut him off. And boy. My life improved drastically. We had an amazing wedding. Some unhinged things that happened after the wedding:

*I got a cease and desist letter from my half sister. It was very vague and weird. But we quickly found out, that it was only a Google copy paste.

*My Stepmother followed me to the supermarket and tried to intimidate me, to apologize to Heather. She made the produce aisle wildly uncomfortable.

*My father tried to pick me up at work. He was walking next to me, while I went to my car. He was trying to GET ME TO APPOLOGIZE TO HEATHER AND HER MOM.

He said that I should be the bigger person and that I know how both of them are. So I just told him that he must be mistaken, because my father is dead. He just stood there as I drove off.

Then they started to bother the rest of the extended family. Heather and her mom apparently wanted them to cut me off finally. Which backfired spectacularly. Because now they are cut off.

Which also means that they are excluded from a lot of family events that they werenlooking forward to plus ... they can't use my uncles cabin. So Heather's Mom had allegedly been at her sisters since the whole breakdown.

I have to be honest. I don't know how much of this is true. As you know the toxic gossip train always has to be taken with a grain of salt. Idk. But I think it's funny.

A sad thing is, that I don't even miss my father. His absence has made zero negative effect on my life.

We did have one more costume party around Halloween. But this time we gave everyone more time and it was even more fun. My mom's side of the family all pitched in, we got a venue and invited a bunch of people. I recommend this totally. I met so many of my cousins friends, who I have kept in touch with.

Nothing else has changed. I still have my old job, I am not pregnant...we have the same old apartment. We did redecorate tho. So that is all for me. Not all too dramatic.

There you have it! Is OP TA here? Was her retaliation against her half sister too much? And furthermore, what do you make of these unhinged updates? Any advice for this dysfunctional family?

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