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Brother thinks he deserves more food than his sister because he's taller.

Brother thinks he deserves more food than his sister because he's taller.


Growing up with siblings means a lot of stupid fights, which are usually the ones that get the most heated.

So when a brother and sister went at it over dinner, the discussion got so intense that he (u/trunkskid36) had to turn to Reddit for answers. Here is their story, but I highly recommend the comments after:

AITA (Am I the as*hole) for thinking it's fair that I get a larger portion of food than my sister?

My sister and I recently had an argument that got very heated about whether or not I deserve a larger serving size when we have dinner.

We were both having salmon and she put hers in the oven before I did, when I put mine in I noticed that the pieces were quite small, however she said she was entitled to half of it since it wouldn't be fair that we have different amounts if we are both hungry. For reference I am around 6'1 and she is around 5'4.

I tried to explain that we have different dietary requirements because I'm bigger and that the degree to which I would be hungry would be greater than the degree to which she would be hungry if we had the same portion size, though she insists that it's only fair that she shouldn't have to sacrifice her half for me, though I think i'm sacrificing by letting her have half in the first place.

She says that I should supplement my food with something else if I need more food but I don't see why I can't say the same thing to her? We both basically think each other is being selfish and it doesn't really seem like we can resolve this disagreement, so AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

What do you think? Maybe OP isn't totally wrong scientifically... but probably wrong socially.

Reddit ruled a hard and fast YTA (You're the as*hole) on this one.

Ribbon- says:

YTA. Imagine being so entitled that you think you deserve more than half the food, despite being half the people eating. If you’re so hungry all the time, you should go buy yourself more food. Also, humans are meant to be hungry sometimes, it’s how digestion works.

laughingcarter writes:

This also reeks of misogyny. The boy gets the most because he's a boy.

kho_kho1112 comments:

That sh*t wouldn't fly at my house. I have a teenage boy who is ALWAYS hungry, & 2 younger, but very active kiddos. Everyone gets a decent sized portion to start, & once everyone has eaten if there's leftovers, or someone doesn't want as much food, then he can have more. If there's no leftovers, he can get something else to supplement his meal with.

princess--flowers adds:

My husband is way bigger than me and eats way more than me but that means he gets more of the cheapest part of the meal, not more of the best. I can't even fathom saying 'I deserve more salmon' instead of 'throw on an extra half cup of rice on top of what you're eating for me' tbh, that's f*cked up.

Rose_K91 says:

The misogynistic-ness comes not from the fact that OP needs more food, but from the fact that he feels entitled to his sister's food! If he needs more than he can eat something else, but his sister shouldn't have to give up her portion, or even a part of her portion, of the food for him!

Electrical-Date-3951 points out:

'Though I think i'm sacrificing by letting her have half in the first place.'

I have to wonder if OP purchased this food or contributed more to said meal since they feel entitled to more. If not, then I don't understand this selfish attitude.

to which maggienetism responded:

Their parents bought the food. He's just insisting he shouldn't have had to go hungry and needed more food than his sister did, and that she should have had to go without because she 'needs less'.

So, OP actually updated his post!

Edit: Ok i've been convinced that I was wrong, the main thing that convinced me was that it isn't her responsibility to make sure I'm full, which is true. It's my responsibility. I think I'll start buying my own groceries.

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