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'AITA for calling the cops on my niece for breaking into my home and stealing from me?'

'AITA for calling the cops on my niece for breaking into my home and stealing from me?'


I called the cops on my niece because she's a thief, but now my sister is mad at me.

Odd_Masterpiece_7543 writes:

I, a 24-year-old female, have a 35-year-old sister with a 16-year-old daughter. Lately, her daughter has begun rebelling in typical teenage fashion. However, her behavior has escalated to stealing. She has been banned from the mall in our neighborhood, suspended from school for taking another girl's phone, and even attempted to pawn her mother’s wedding ring.

Due to these incidents, I do not want my niece at my house. I have worked too hard for my possessions to be stolen. Two weeks ago, I noticed that the patio door was unlocked, despite my habit of ensuring all doors are locked before leaving.

My fiancé suggested installing cameras, so we did. Last Wednesday, my fiancé and I spent the day looking at wedding venues. When we returned home, I only had to unlock the bottom lock to enter the house.

Reviewing the footage, we discovered that my niece and her friends had picked the lock to the window and spent hours in our house with two guys. They stole money from my purse, two Rolex watches belonging to my fiancé, and my late grandmother's wedding ring, which she left for me when she passed away from cancer last year. They treated our home as if it were theirs, with shoes on the table and couch, snacking, and watching TV.

I immediately informed my sister of the situation and gave her two days to return the stolen items before involving the police. She failed to act, so I contacted the authorities, showed them the video evidence, and filed a report.

Later, my sister called me in tears, accusing me of not informing her beforehand. I reminded her that I had given her a chance to rectify the situation and had heard nothing from her. I believe I acted appropriately given the circumstances.

My mother called me, suggesting that I don't understand because I don't have children. I argued that the issue at hand is the criminal behavior and the breach of safety in my home, regardless of whether I have children.

My sister and her husband have since declared that they will not attend our wedding, to which I responded by revoking their invitation due to their daughter's actions. I have received threats from her husband, but my fiancé advises keeping the evidence for future incidents.

OP provided an update:

We have since upgraded our security system, changed the locks, and plan to purchase a safe for valuables. Additionally, we are considering getting a guard dog for added security. Despite these measures, I still feel unsafe, knowing that the men my niece brought into our home know our address. I am actively searching for my stolen items through local pawn shops, online platforms, and social media.

To those criticizing my decision to involve the police, I did so as a last resort after giving my sister ample opportunity to resolve the situation. Having one's home broken into is deeply unsettling, and I refuse to feel unsafe in my own home. I hope this incident serves as a wake up call for my niece and her parents, and I pray for the safe return of my belongings.

OP responded to some questions:

MD7001 says

NTA (Not the A%^@ole). Your niece has some serious issues and she needs to understand actions have consequences. Question though, how did she get into your house?

OP responded:

The second time she snuck in through the kitchen window.

Silvaria928 says:

Oh, for crying out loud..."you don’t have kids so you don’t understand"? What's not to understand? She broke into your house with two accomplices, and they stole numerous valuable items. Now you feel violated and unsafe in your own home. NTA but your sister and your mother are AH, big-time. Do what you need to do to reclaim your property and your peace of mind.

Live_Control_3817 says:

NTA. Your niece is a scumbag and your sister's a sh%^ty mom.

lovetestrisgg says:

NTA get restraining order on them. In fact, send the video to the whole family + extended family and let everyone know what happened before they mar your reputation as well as warning to bar your niece from their homes. Your wedding won’t be the only family gathering they would not attend after.

They do not deserve another word out of your mouth if they can’t understand how severe this invasion is. Best wishes for your wedding. Although base on principle I thought it would be a fair warning to the family and any potential targets, now i am changing my mind after few comments mentioned it’s not legal to share this.

What do you think? Was OP wrong to call the cops on her niece?

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