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'AITA for calling my sister-in-law to pay her own breakfast bill?' 'He would call the police.'

'AITA for calling my sister-in-law to pay her own breakfast bill?' 'He would call the police.'


"AITA for calling my sister-in-law to pay her own breakfast bill?"

My father in law has breakfast every Saturday morning at a restaurant. He gets there at 6 am when they open and usually stays until 8:30 or so. His kids and grandchildren drop in and out, most do not stay the whole time and they either pay their own checks on the way out or leave him cash to cover their bill and he pays before he leaves.

Last Saturday I went late and crossed him leaving. My wife and daughters waited for me. I ordered and they chatted while I ate. They headed home while I went to the counter to pay the check. It was $171!

I immediately asked for an itemized receipt and after a bit of hesitation the waitress provided it. I took one l look and knew I had been stuck with my sister in laws check too.

The waitress confirmed that she had been there early and didn’t pay before leaving. The waitress assumed someone else would pay it as they sometimes do. I requested that she separate the checks. My family of 4 was $60. Sister in laws’ family of 3 was $111.

The manager came over to discuss the situation and said I could pay, sister-in-law could come within 30 minutes and pay or he would call the police. I called sister-in-law and she said she was out of town and asked me to pay it and she’d pay me "later." I told her she could Venmo or cash app me right away and I’d pay it.

She asked the total and I told her. She then asked what her share was and I told her that was her total as we had separate checks. She didn’t understand how breakfast for 3 could be $111. I read the ticket. Coffee, orange juice, milk and coke for everyone = 4 x $3 each x 3 people = $36.

Double cheeseburger with fries $15, side of hash browns $3, add grilled onions and mushrooms $2 add extra cheese $2 add bacon $3 = $25. All meat omelet meal $12 add a side of bacon $3 add stack of pancakes $5 = $20. French toast $10 add blueberries $1 add strawberries$1 add side of bacon $3 add grits $3 add cheese $2 = $20 = 101 + tax $10 = $111.

She said she didn’t understand how it added up to so much. I told her that was how her family always ordered so I didn’t understand how she didn’t understand how all the extra things add up, but I wasn’t willing to spend my whole Saturday dealing with it. She could send me money right away to pay her check or I was leaving without paying it.

She sent me the exact amount, no tip. I paid, tipped the waitress and left. I told my wife and she said that her sister never leaves enough to cover her bill. Sister-in-law called my father in law and complained that her day was ruined. They were planning to go to the opening weekend of the water park and buy season passes but couldn’t afford it after paying for breakfast.

He thinks I’m a jerk for putting her on the spot knowing the probably couldn’t afford $100+ for breakfast. He says he forgot she had been there and thinks I should have just paid and asked for the money later and says he would have paid me if she didn’t.

So AITA for asking a 30-something year old woman to pay for her own "forgotten" breakfast check and insisting that she paid me right away because she has a history of not repaying debts?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

JuliaX1984 said:

NTA If you don't have $111 to spare for breakfast, you don't order a $111 breakfast! This isn't some random tragedy she had no control over.

Fancy_Bass_1920 said:

Good on you. It’s selfish and sneaky what she did.

Minute_Box3852 said:

Nta. Now you know she never, and I mean ever, pays. You nipped that in the bud at just the right time otherwise , she probably would have started doing the same to you if you had paid and not mentioned it.

Kittytigris said:

NTA, she knew exactly what she was doing. If you’re good friends with the manager at said breakfast spot, let him know to separate SIL’s checks from now and tell them that she either pays or they can call the cops. Or if everyone else is ok with it, they can pay her check, but you’re not footing the bill for a moocher.

Solid-Feature-7678 said:

NTA. If they couldn't afford a $111 breakfast they should not have ordered a $111 breakfast.

Good_Focus2665 said:

NTA. But WTF with the restaurant sticking you with the bill. Should have told them to call the police. Why was it your responsibility to pay her share and why did the restaurant think you would pay.

Everyone was on on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this breakfast drama?

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