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Man asks if he's wrong to get revenge on roommate for ignoring allergy.

Man asks if he's wrong to get revenge on roommate for ignoring allergy.


When this man is upset with his roommate, he asks Reddit:

'AITA if I get revenge on my roommate for ignoring my allergies?'

I have Celiac disease. (M) I went on a gluten free diet. I them started having allergic reactions when anyone cooks anything with gluten.

I live with a roommate. He rents a room in my home. He has been here for a couple months. I laid out a roommate agreement before he moved in. It states he is to let me know if he cooks anything with gluten.

He refuses to do this. I have gotten sick 3 times this week because according to him he doesn't have to let me know before he cooks. I already have health problems and I'm on palliative care.

I don't want to spend my limited time being sicker because he won't tell me. Am I the asshole if I unplug the stove? I have been told by the maintenance guy who is also a friend that I can't unplug it because it's a communal area.

I think though when it's making me sick it would be okay. AITA?

Let's find out.

miyukim writes:

YTA. Since it's your home, that makes him your tenant and you can't not allow him to cook in a home where he's a paying tenant.

Did he sign a document agreeing to notify you if he's cooking something with gluten? If so, you can evict him. If not, you probably don't have a leg to stand on. Find out what your legal options are. Otherwise, you could end up spending time dealing with a lawsuit.

elineadragon writes:

NTA I would honestly kick the guy out and look for a new roomie, if he is going to be that disrespectful then he has no right to live there and threaten your life.

lowshake906 writes:

This post is nonsense. YTA. My daughter and husband have celiac disease. There is no medication. You just cannot have gluten.

So long as you do not eat anything with gluten in, you ensure pans, surfaces etc are clean before you use them and do not have communal butter, jam etc then you will be fine. Celiac is not an allergy, it’s an auto immune disease. This person is being dramatic.

Well, seems like the jury's out on this one. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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