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Woman consults male doctor friend to look at butt, boyfriend calls her a 'cheater.'

Woman consults male doctor friend to look at butt, boyfriend calls her a 'cheater.'


When this woman's boyfriend goes into a jealous rage, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for letting another man touch my butt?'

I am a woman in my early 20's, who's currently on a trip with a group of friends, including my boyfriend of six montha, and my friend named Peter, who is in his mid 20's.

Over the past few days i have developed a cyst/pimple-like thing on my butt. It could also be an ingrown hair, i'm not totally sure. Whatever it is, IT HURTS. The area is super sore, and there's so much pressure. And because of the location, i can't really deal with it myself.

Peter works in an aestheticians office. He's not a medical professional, but he has recieved training in hygiene, and has helped with several extractions like this. In my head it seemed pretty natural to ask him for help. He's qualified, and there's absolutely nothing sexual about draining a cyst.

My boyfriend and our friends went for a walk, and i asked Peter to perform the exorcism on my little ass-demon. However, my boyfriend walked in on us, and he just yelled WHAT THE FUCK. I asked him what the problem was, and we started arguing. It ended with him packing his stuff and leaving.

I kind of understand how it might have looked at first sight. But to me it seemed pretty clear that nothing shady was going on: I was on a table with towels under my butt, and a desk lamp putting a spotlight right on my ass. Peter was wearing gloves, and there were bits of tissue with blood and pus right next to us.

My boyfriend on the other hand is super mad at me. He think that it's practically cheating, because Peter was looking at/touching my butt. He thinks i should have asked him for help, or waited 5 days before i could see a doctor.

I didn't want my boyfriend to do it, because it's kind of gross/embarassing, and Peter is more qualified. I also didn't want to wait, because i was in a lot of pain, and that thing was ready to pop anyways.

I refused to apologise to my boyfriend, because i honestly don't think i did anything wrong. Reddit, AITA?

Let's find out.

popperchopper writes:

YTA because you didn't fill him in.Like him walking in on you two, while you're on vacation leaves him totally blindsided right.

Also it is semi intimate even though it's gross. He is seeing your ass. I wouldn't mix this kind of professional service with friends.

Like I don't go and get full body massages from our friend that's a masseuse. I keep those relationships professional. It's not entirely professional when you become friends and that's also why it's unethical for doctors to treat their partners etc.

codeverity writes:

NTA. It’s not about him not being told, he’s just being ridiculous and would rather you be in pain then have it taken care of properly.

Well, is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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