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College student calls mom's husband a 'nauseating piece of filth.' AITA? UPDATED

College student calls mom's husband a 'nauseating piece of filth.' AITA? UPDATED


"AITA for telling my mom’s husband that he is a 'nauseating piece of filth?'"

I (19m) visit my mom once a month. Recently I got 72% on a Midterm exam. Told my mom about it, and she later told her husband. Her husband called my dad and told him to take my cat to the pound to punish me. When my dad told me about this conversation, I confronted my mom’s husband who told me that I should be punished for "how poorly [I] did."

I told him he has no right to interfere in my private life since I live with my dad, that he isn’t even paying for my university education; my dad is. I told him to mind his own business and he got really angry. He said I should learn to be more respectful so I told him he should learn to not be a nauseating piece of filth.

My mom told me I didn’t have to take it that far and that he is her husband. She said I’ve made things really uncomfortable for her and that I should have had more patience.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Ptronski said:

NTA. Tell your mom if she put her husband in his place herself, then you wouldn't have had to.

boredathome1962 said:

NTA. Disgusting comment. He is a true piece of shit, for so many reasons. First it's not his place to even comment. Second 72% is good, he can piss off . Third he is not in the position to "punish" you - you see your mum and him for 1 weekend a month, that's how much influence he has. Lastly, that punishment - get rid of your cat for a test grade?!!! He is absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't bother going for the next 72 months.

GroundbreakingTwo201 said:

NTA. If your mom isn't going to filter how her husband talks to you, she has no ground to control how you talk back.

Holiday_Horse3100 said:

Take your cat to the pound over grades? Filth doesn’t come close to describing him. Your mom is not much better. I wouldn’t go over there for a while, just an occasional call to let her know you and the cat are fine

Heraonolympia123 said:

More patience with cruel threats from someone completely irrelevant to the whole situation? Nope. NTA.

Creative-Bus-3500 said:

NTA your mom needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with that man she’s married. Over my dead body would my spouse say something like that to my children.

Front_Rip4064 said:

NTA. Anyone who casually recommends animal abuse as "punishment" IS a nauseating piece of filth. Especially for such a "crime." Tell your mother that if her husband is making life difficult for her, she needs to take it up with him. Especially given the initial statement.


I called my mom and told her that she made the choice to marry him; I should not have to deal with the consequence of her decision by being respectful to someone who stuck his nose where it did not belong.

He was there with her so she put the phone on speaker. He tried to say I should listen to my elders so I told him calmly that he is a piece of shit unworthy of my respect and that I am never putting up with his crap. He was quite upset but I don’t care what they think anymore.

She said he meant well and that maybe I’d focus more on classes without a cat so I told them to both f-ck off and that I no longer want anything to do with either of them. Blocked them already.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one throughout. What's your advice for this family?

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