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Concert goer gets in trouble for dancing at a Beyoncé concert in Sweden, asks AITA?

Concert goer gets in trouble for dancing at a Beyoncé concert in Sweden, asks AITA?


Going to concerts can be an incredible experience. Collective effervescence is the experience people crave at these events. The communal singing, dancing, and social connection are what make concerts so much fun.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a Beyoncé fan gets in trouble for dancing at a Beyoncé concert.

They write:

So I’m a huge Beyoncé fan and have been my whole life, especially being a Houston, Tx native. This was my first time being able to afford a ticket to her show, and I’m currently living back and forth between Sweden and the States.

I’ve never been to a concert in Sweden, and I was shocked by how unlively the crowd was. No dancing or singing really from most people in my section (closest non-GA to the stage), but I was out of my seat, singing and having a blast as soon as the show started.

A woman and her partner behind me asked me if I could sit down so they could see. I assumed since she was starting the show with ballads, I was doing a bit much and apologized and sat.

Once the energy picked up, I was back on my feet dancing. There were two other people in my row doing the same. I honestly had the time of my life and even cried a bit; ridiculous, I know.

When the show was over and I turned to leave, the lady said, 'You’re not the only one who paid for this, you know? Is that how they act in your village?' And I was too stunned to say anything back.

I could understand if this were an orchestra concert or something, but her latest album is focused on house music and the ballroom scene, which is VERY lively.

This happened weeks back, but I can’t even enjoy my memories of the experience because I keep getting this pit in my stomach, feeling like I ruined someone else’s experience. AITA?

The internet loves Beyoncés, but not American concert culture.

LooselyBound says:

YTA (You're the A**hole). You sang and danced to the concert as you do when in the States. That's fine when you're in the States, but you weren't in the States.

You were in another country where it was clear from the start that people were sitting in their seats to watch. As soon as you keyed in on that, everyone remained seated to watch, and you were the only one up and about, AND someone asked you to sit early on?

It would help if you had sat your dance-happy self down and stayed seated to watch until you saw everyone stand. If they never do, you remain seated. Some countries watch concerts and sporting events in near complete silence. When in Rome.

frasc442751 says:

YTA - by your admission, it was obvious that other people were not behaving like you wanted to. The fact that it might be acceptable someplace else 8,000 miles away is irrelevant.

littlemissindigo says:

YTA. I'm not from the US, but where I'm from, it's seen as extremely rude and selfish to stand up during a concert in front of people seated behind you.

In my country, if you stand in front of rows of seated people, a steward will often come and ask you to sit back down; if you refuse, security could remove you.

Many younger people who attend concerts accompanied by their parents/guardians, shorter people, and disabled people would have their entire concert experience destroyed if you were to stand up in front of them.

There are situations where people with limited mobility who cannot stand for long periods are seated at concerts too.

If you choose to stand up, you are blocking the views of multiple people who paid money to be there. You're free to sing and move around and have a good time, but getting to your feet and blocking the performance is highly inconsiderate.

OP, unfortunately if you were in the States your behavior would be appropriate, but in Europe you need to do as the Europeans do.

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