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Couple refuses to leave their waiter a tip in Disney World, 'the food was great.' AITA?

Couple refuses to leave their waiter a tip in Disney World, 'the food was great.' AITA?


"AITA for refusing to give my waiter a tip?"

Myself, (M23) and my boyfriend went to Florida for a trip to Disney world. whilst we were there we went out for dinner to a few restaurants on a few occasions. but on this occasion I refused to tip.

We got to the restaurant and was seated, we were handed menus and was told when we were ready to order to go up to the counter and place the order (being at a restaurant I would of assumed she would of taken our order at the table).

We ordered our food and drinks, both ordered Pepsi, and was told the drinks will be with us in a second and went back to our table. The waiter then came to the table with two empty glasses and told us the refill machine was over in the corner.

Our meals finally arrived and when I asked for some cutlery and some salt, pepper, and ketchup we were told it was all over by the refill machine’s and said is there anything else I can get you. I politely said no thank you.

After the meal (which was really nice I will add) I asked for the bill and was told to go back up to the counter to pay, which fine, whatever. As I was paying I was asked to choose between a 10/15/20 percent tip I explained that I wasn’t going to be given one based on the service.

She asked if there was anything wrong with the food and I politely said no the food was great but unfortunately the fact that I had to walk up to order my food, then was handed an empty glass and told to get my own drink, to then be given my food and told the cutlery and condiments were over by the refill machine just wasn’t great service warranting any tip.

She then got upset with me and explained the staff all work hard in the restaurant and told me I was being rude and that I should be giving them at least a 10 percent tip because I said the food was really good.

To which I explained the fact she’s demanding a tip from me is another reason I won’t be tipping and payed. So am I the ahole? Also I’m British, so the tipping culture is completely different here

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Hi_Im_Dadbot said:

NTA. Tips are for service. You did all the service yourself. What would she be tipped for?

Jans47 said:

NTA, since they want you to tip based on the food, it should go to the chef anyway, not the waiters. You tip for service, you served yourself. Tip is yours.

No_Scarcity8249 said:

Former server and very good tipper here...NTA. You didn’t actually have a server you had a host. No one waited on you. Now...I always tip very well at buffets as well but the staff typically bring things like drinks and the norm here is a dollar a person at the table...

I do a percentage as well. This particular place wasn’t a sit down and be served restaurant. It sucks because they make crap money and do work very hard but you do actually have to be a server and provide that service to be tipped.

Lerz_Lemon said:

NTA. These people are idiots. They don’t know what tipping is. You would no more tip these “servers” than you would tip a vending machine or coffee pot.

ShenaniBatman said:

"She... explained the staff all work hard." Really? Because I'm reading the CHEFS were the only ones who actually did any work. They're SERVERS. They're SUPPOSED to SERVE you. And they didn't. NTA.

BeachinLife1 said:

NTA. That was basically the set up of a fast food restaurant. Why they didn't just hand you your cups when you paid at the counter, I don't know. It seems as though having "wait staff" is redundant there. You don't need someone to come to your table to hand you a menu, they can be left on the table in a stand, like at Waffle House. They can give you your drink cups at the counter when you order your food.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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