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Couple with reserved movie theater seats makes family with baby move. AITA?

Couple with reserved movie theater seats makes family with baby move. AITA?


Reserving a movie theater seat can take away the stress of having to arrive early to snag anything that isn't straining your neck in the first row, but what happens when someone is already in your selected seat?

So, when a conflicted movie goer decided to consult the moral compass of the internet about an uncomfortable situation that went down with a baby and an R-rated movie, people were eager to weigh in.

"AITA made a couple and their baby move seats?"

So me and my husband went to the movies for this big action release, he’d really been looking forward to this movie so I bought us tickets online in advance exactly where he likes to sit.

When we got to the theater it was crowded and the first trailer had started but as we scanned the sea of people we realized the seats we reserved were full. Right in the middle, half way up, our seats were occupied by a young woman and man with an under one year old baby in their arms.

We tried looking for other seats but the only ones available were right up on the screen and my least favorite spot to sit.

My husband moved to speak with the couple but when asked to move so we could sit in the seats we paid for, the woman got loud and told us to sit somewhere else, they’d paid for their tickets just like us and got there early to get good seats. To say I was irate is an understatement.

I showed her my phone screen which clearly showed she was sitting in our seats and she shrugged her shoulders and told us to make her move. At this point we were making a scene and upsetting the other movie goers.

Telling my husband I’d be right back, I went and got an attendant, claiming I needed his help finding our seats.

When he came to our section he asked the man and woman to move as the seats they were in had been reserved by us and their seats, according to the tickets they showed him to prove they did buy tickets, were at the front of the theater.

The woman huffed, but packed up her kids stuff and they moved to their seats. We got some side eye and ugly mumbles about making a baby move (it was a freaking rated R movie), but ultimately enjoyed the movie.

My husband asked me later if I felt I had went over board, if we should have just bought new tickets for another time.

I told him no, the whole point of buying the tickets online was to get decent seats without having to be there super early. He feels making a family with a young child move. Am I the as*hole?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this disaster...

Dittoheadforever said:

You're NTA. You paid for the seats, they were yours, and that family had no claim to them. People who feel entitled to take something that belongs to someone else need to be reality checked at every possible turn.

Orlando_the_Cat said:

NTA. Having a baby does not entitle people to whatever they want. And who brings a baby to a crowded film showing anyway? A lot of cinemas offer cheap moms and bubs tickets for day showings where a little bit of crying is socially acceptable.

Ghitit said:

NTA. Oof I had a baby and now everyone else must bow down to me and let me steal seats and everything. The baby cares nothing about where they're sitting.

KomplexKaiju said:

NTA. You paid for the seats, looked for alternatives to moving the occupiers, and were treated rudely. That couple sucks.

EverMari824 said:

NTA. Those people are, for being entitled and for bringing a baby to a R rated movie. Parents of the year.

NHS17 said:

NTA. Entitled people suck, you had every right to make her move. If you hadn't, she would definitely keep doing this over and over.

iadorecolonelbrandon said:

NTA. They were probably counting on you not being assertive. Maybe they will learn from that. You paid for those specific seats; you should be able to watch the movie from those seats.

Note to anyone planning to steal a theater seat: your baby won't help you...

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