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Dad asks if he was wrong to make baby 'laugh' in restaurant on wife's birthday.

Dad asks if he was wrong to make baby 'laugh' in restaurant on wife's birthday.


There's nothing you can do but surrender and put headphones in when a baby is crying on a plane, but what about a parent who is encouraging their child to make noise?

So, when a conflicted dad decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about whether or not he was wrong to distract fellow restaurant patrons with his 10 month old son, people were ready to roast him.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for making my baby laugh at a restaurant...

It was my wife's birthday yesterday. She picked out a mid tier restaurant to go to for her birthday. This was not Chili's level but not high end either. We went at 5:30 on a Wednesday, so not that busy.

We have a 10 month old who's just about the happiest kid ever. Nearly anything I do makes him laugh. Well at dinner I was making him laugh. He'd throw in some happy yelling. Maybe got a touch loud but he was in a great mood.

Well the table next to us had an issue with what I was doing and asked me to stop. They told us to keep it down. I'm like he's laughing that's all. Him laughing is an issue?

They just repeat that he is too loud, if he is going to be like this they suggested we stay home. I tell them to leave us alone and continue making my son laugh.

I overheard them reference me as an a$shole. They requested to move tables and did. But was I the a%shole for making my baby laugh?

Edit: This was a 3-5 minute interaction with my son while waiting for the check. It was 90% giggling. The other Hour plus we were there it was just him being quiet or eating or going bahbahbah over and over. There was no extended shrieking at all that occurred.

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this mess...

_mmiggs_ said:

I'm assuming that 'laugh' here is loud, happy, baby shrieking, and by the sounds of it, it was ongoing happy shrieking, and not an isolated laugh. That's too loud for a restaurant.

You're dining in a restaurant. You need to moderate your voices - the people at the next table don't want to hear your conversation, and they don't want to be continually disturbed by the happy shrieks of your baby either.

You're not the a$hole for making your baby happy. You're the a%shole for making too much noise in a restaurant. YTA.

2workigo said:

YTA. Because when you were informed you were bothering other people (who were also paying to enjoy a nice dinner) your response was essentially “fuck them.” There’s something to be said for basic manners.

7hr0wn said:

YTA. You deliberately provoked your kiddo into making loud noises in a place where people go to relax and enjoy conversation. There's nothing wrong with your kid laughing, but there's a time and a place for it.

If you'd been doing this in a public park, that would be fine, but you were in a mid-tier restaurant, and you continued after people told you it was a problem. If you'd toned it down a notch after they asked, you would have been fine.

busyshrew said:

YTA. You love your kid and think he's adorable but other people were there to enjoy a meal. You were deliberately attention seeking and probably wanted everyone to notice your wonderful baby, and were willing to give a 'f$ck you' to other paying patrons when asked to tone it down.

How tiresome. Hope you left a really big tip for the extra inconvenience you placed on the staff too - having to move customers to a new table and deal with the complaints.

Mr_Bell_Man said:

YTA - There's a time & place for everything. I could get if you tried to make the baby laugh if he was already screaming/crying, but you stated in another comment that you made him laugh out of the blue by tickling him.

And then when the laughing was annoying the other eaters they asked you to stop. Had you stopped there then things probably would've been ok, but you continued the laughing anyway to just annoy everyone around you.

kingneck7611 said:

YTA. Constantly making your child laugh for the sake of laughing in a restaurant is rude. I personally would find it cute. For a bit. My wife and I have had to get our dinners to go because of an inconsolable child. It’s just what we deal with as parents.

Let’s play a game. You’re out with your wife for a big anniversary. It’s supposed to be a romantic night out with just the two of you. Once at the restaurant a group of 4 people get seated next to you.

You find out that they are celebrating a windfall business deal because of how loud they are being. They cheer, and toast to their success. Getting louder as they drink. Would you find it endearing and be happy for them? Possibly.

Would it be annoying? Probably. Would you go home thinking they were assholes for ruining your romantic night? Most likely.

Solrackai said:

YTA, there is a difference between a baby crying in a restaurant on its own, and you encouraging your baby to be loud by laughing. Have some curtesy for other people when out in public. This is some entitled BS on your part.

Everyone agreed hilariously unanimously here that this dad is 100% in the wrong. Next time you want to spend an evening making your child giggle, you can do it without disrupting other people.

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