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Dad breaks down mentally when daughter takes relationship with her imaginary friend 'too far.' AITA? SEVERAL CREEPY UPDATES

Dad breaks down mentally when daughter takes relationship with her imaginary friend 'too far.' AITA? SEVERAL CREEPY UPDATES


When this father is concerned that his daughter's imaginary friend is taking over his life, he asks Reddit:

"I'm scared About my Daughter's Imaginary Friend. AITA?"

Hello I couldn’t sleep so I thought now would be a good time to post this. So I have a 8 year older daughter I will be calling her “Liana” for the sake of my child's privacy.

I am single father and it hasn’t always been easy but we have managed. Before the start of Corona we had moved into a new house in Northern Germany, which is close to my parents.

Soon after we settled in, Liana started to tell me about her new ‘friend’, quickly telling me only she could see him. I brushed it off as she has always been creative. And since we were under lock down, I thought it was normal.

Especially since one of my friend's son had also had a imaginary friend. Though out the next few months she would tell me about him. How he would come to play with her once I put her to Bed.

And he knew magic. And how his favorite color was blue. I started to get a little worried as she seemed to know a lot about this friend. At first I just thought it was because she was missing her real friends and my parents.

So I started to spend even more time with her. Even doing my work Hours beforehand so I could spend the rest of the day with her.

But she still kept talking about this friend. But everything changed two nights back. I had woken up randomly around 3 am.

I could just feel something wasn’t right. So I got up and went to go check on Liana She was sleeping in her bed though her blanket were a little different then how I had left her. I figure she had just moved.

But as I was leaving just in the corner of my eye I saw a figure in the window that looks out into the Woods outside of our home. I looked at it for a good two minutes before it simply disappeared.

I really couldn’t figure out what it was. Some part of my was thinking it was my eyes playing tricks on me. But that day I asked her to Draw me a picture of him.

And after 20 or so minutes she gave me this. I don’t even know what to make of it to be real with you. I sent it to my mom and the single Dad group I am in and they all said it was Scary as hell.

I really don’t know what to do at this point. I am becoming worried for my child. I am just hoping this really just is in her mind but I do not know anymore.

Any suggestions or tips would be helpful. As I am also worried I am over reacting. AITA?

Before we give you OP's updates, let's take a look at some of the top responses:

6feif writes:

In some old German books, like from Johann Weir, written in medieval German, a wittig is a child thieving ghost/demon who steals them away from their family. Like a fey or like baba yaga, it's evil, must be invited in, and they do know magic.

Look at the picture, blond hair, yellow eyes, long nails, tall, and and very evil. I'm writing encyclopedias on demonology and supernatural that's why I know. I'll look up the books it's in and try to take pictures.

I have over 4k research books on the subject so may take a while. Keep her near you always.

OP responds:

I don’t think there's a way to describe my emotions at this moment, I haven’t heard of this even when I looked up the name to try and get idea of what it meant. I feel like I am going to pass out. My baby told me she invited him into the house. Please please I am begging you to send my anything you have. I’ll take anything.

OP adds this disturbing comment:

If I’m being honest. That has been keeping me up most of the night The thought of anyone really being around my child when I’m not there scares me.

I am a very rational person but after reading some of the comments I’m definitely going to look into more paranormal aspects of this. Especially how to make a very good point in this matter.

There is still some part of me holding out on the overactive imagination. Because that something I know I can handle even if that’s just finding safe ways to get out of the house more. But I’m worried if it’s not what I’m even going to do.

I don’t have the finances to move or even stay in a hotel for a long amount of time. Should be up in an hour or so. And I do intend to have a conversation with her and try to piece some things together.

I have seriously thought about getting a nanny cam even before this as she is a very active girl and has had a few incidence where she needed some help after climbing onto something.

OP then posts another odd update a couple of months later:

So someone told me it might be a good idea to do this. My 8 year old Daughter has a imaginary friend.

He only comes to play with her at night once I had put her to bed. And he comes into her room according to her. I had a very serious conversation with her today as I am very worried as I fully Believe I saw something outside of her window two nights ago.

I just want some help for my Daughter. She said his name is Wittig. I did a little digging and is an extremely old German name. Which makes a little sense as we are from Northern Germany. And we currently live here as well.

But she’s never been exposed to that name before. And I know no one in my family named that.

All this started after we moved into our current home. If anyone could help me I would deeply appreciate it. I have been told my child might be sensitive herself but I don’t know much on these things.

A child therapist replies in the comments:

fyfy0 writes:

Child therapist here. This has red flags all over it. Get a bunch of flour and pour all over the ground by her window. See if you can catch foot prints. Imaginary friends are more common for younger kids, by 8 she should be moving on to more age appropriate peer play.

I’m a believer in the afterworld. But we need to rule out physical causes too. I would highly recommend finding a trauma therapist specializing in play therapy to do an assessment.

Meet w the therapist alone first to explain what is going on. I’ve worked on cases like this before and never found a physical cause, determined and agreed it to be a spiritual form, worked w kiddo on expressing feelings about the figures/setting boundaries, how to cope if there is fear etc. but not every therapist has an open mind.

wholeson writes:

what a ridiculous bunch of idiocy. and the commenter who claimed they were a child therapist followed by 'it's supernatural' and 'put flour down!'!!! Every single one of these fools needs to grow up.

OP replies with this comment:

From what I can understand, it varies from playing with her toys to going outside and playing a game called hidden. When I asked her what that was she said it was a Secret game. And that I can’t play it or it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

ricottapuffs writes:

I would rule out the physical, then do quite a few things. Use the flour inside all the windows, or use baking powder. It can double as air freshener. Once you rule out a living person, in fact whether or not you rule out a living person.

Secure that window. Spray the panes with salt water, the door sills and the window sills (all of them), without spraying the inside door entrances. Do not tell your daughter what you are doing or why. There is no point in frightening her or making her feel bad.

Verbally refuse him permission to enter your home. Announce that no energy living or deceased is allowed in your home without you express knowledge and permission. Tell him the "Hidden" game is not allowed.

Ask for the help of Archangels to remove him. they seldom act without being asked. If Michael is asked, and Wittig is not a positive energy, consign him to Michael to do what Source wishes to do with him. Forbid him to play the "Hidden" game, aloud and firmly.

If he needs help Michael will help if he is asked. If you need someone to intervene and the local medium is not available, I will help if sent a private message or a chat request.All offers of help in this sub must be offered free. so that is assured.

It is a good sign that she is not frightened. But as a "mama bear" who is a medium, I , like you, investigate and protect my children in any way needed. I did not tell them what I was doing. There was no point in informing them, when they were small.

Follow the directions for smudging your home and follow those exact same steps with salt.

What I saw was a blonde man, perhaps Middle Ages, straight hair that is dirty, wearing tattered clothes and a leather apron around his waist 30 to 35. leather shoes that are tied to his calves.

He seems to have dried blood around his abdominal area. he had other wounds. But, your daughter does not see that. I beleive he died defending his home. He seems to be a human spirit. He was outside and attacked. He raised pigs. He farmed.

He was outside the window, because you do not allow him inside the home. Custom would dictate he can only cross your threshold as an invited guest. He would need to enter through the front door, so the fact he uses a window, bothers me.

He appears disheveled in the sense he appears to be a man whose hands and clothing are soiled from working outdoors. He can only enter with permission. Deny him permission.

It is a good idea to involve a medium there locally.It is even better not to warn Wittig or your daughter. IF he has her best interests at heart, a medium will be able to sort that out.

The Hidden game concerns me. He knows better. forbid him to play it. It may have been a way he taught his children to hide from raiders. However, your daughter should not be hiding from you.

Sometimes, souls refuse to cross over and they are trapped in loneliness. Their desire to feel something, overcomes their judgement that it is inappropriate to approach a young child.

I saw souls at your daughter's age. I was seldom frightened. However I had ancestors guarding my family. Usually these souls want help, or, a sense they still exist. Children have bright and beautiful souls. They are much more acccepting than adults.

This soul needs help, but not from a child. If he can be crossed over, it wou;ld be the best for all concerned. If he did not appear to be untidy, I would be more inclined to believe he was a spirit guide. I do not see that being the case.

I wish you and your daughter the best in life. I am so glad that you listen to her and that she tells you what she experiences. You may have a psychic child on your hands. Many Blessings, sir. A parent's love is the strongest love that exists.

sydsmagic writes:

Ya'll, when I was 2-3 yrs old I started talking to my mom and sister and anyone else who would listen, about my 'other mother'. My other mother was dead. I had elaborate stories about her and how she died.

She 'visited' me all the time. It creeped everybody out. My mom's cousin came to visit and his wife, who doesn't believe in reincarnation, swore I must be reincarnated.

Then one day we were driving by a cemetery. I had never been to a cemetery in my whole 3 yrs. I didn't know what it was. But as we were driving by, I yelled "look mommy! There's my other dead mother! She lives there!"

My parents don't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal. But to this day they have no explanation for what I was saying and my mom and sister still get creeped out when we talk about it.

saltyfat writes:

I was raised Catholic and my mother's family is of Irish descent, so to a certain degree I have no problem with the concept of fairies, ghosts, banshees, or anything like that.

However, I'm rational enough that I do not believe in poltergeists and I don't even really believe in ghosts.

I personally would have told him to have the house checked for carbon monoxide levels, and while I'm spiritual enough to think that putting salt along the windowsill is a good idea, and I certainly would have put a crucifix above the window in her room, that's about the extent of it.

Whatever this is, it's most likely either an overactive imagination, slow carbon monoxide poisoning, or there's an actual stranger trying to groom his daughter. The latter seems the least likely, though, because if she allowed him into her room you would think someone trying to harm her would have done so at that point.

riskatc writes:

I agree with the comment that you said you seen something..... That in its self is concerning. Theoretical idea..... You said your daughter is sensitive... Does she pick up on emotions of other easily?

Could she be an empath? She could be sensitive to other worldly things as well. Child are more open to these things in general as well because of that innocence(she could grow out of it or into it).

Perhaps she has opened herself up to a spirit that has taken an interest in her, but we don't know what it's intentions are. I'd definitely ask her more questions in a casual way, and probe for more information.

IF this is the case, she may need to learn skills to handle the situation. In that case I would look around online for local mediums or something that you can connect with and ask questions and get suggestions.

In the mean time, be clear with her that if her friend asks her to do anything, she is not to listen to him no matter what he says, and that she is to talk to you and you will not get mad at her.

suspiciouseye writes:

As a single parent myself (father), I can only imagine how worried you must be, I read a lot that some children can be very open to other realms, it s something to do with the vibrations or frequencys...

I've watched many a documentary on young children talking about past lives, one I seen recently there was a young boy round about 7 years old and he was saying he used to be called so and so, and that he died when his plane crashed...

it turned out every thing he said was true and the guy did excist, the mother and father researched all the records and everything , I couldn't believe it, in a past life he was ww2 pilot, how they dealt with it was also incredible...

they flew to Germany met people that were related and to put an end to it they said good bye to him with helium filled balloons and stuff, now the boy has moved on and doing well living a normal life...

I think the parent couldn't of dealt with that any better, I honestly wouldn't worry to much just be there for her and keep a close eye out, try and get her to talk about it every time, then you'll know if it turns out to be menacing then you can get the help you need, I wish you all the luck in the world.

And now, OP's second strange update months later:

So after a bit of a delay the update. I think it should state the reason for the disappearance. Through a comment given to me by [a response?]

I was informed that it is a demon ghost whatever you want to call it. That is known to steal children. Without saying, they sent me into a state of panic as I would like to think any other parent would feel.

I didn’t leave her side until she left today. She was supposed to leave on Monday for my parents house but something came up and we had to wait until today.

Without saying I collapse shortly after she left. I hadn’t sleep more than 40 minutes every night.

Before I go into our conversation. I’m getting the house completely cleansed by a Catholic priest. He’s coming over tomorrow and then plan to have the place cleared out with sage. And I’m doing basically everything I’ve been told to do. Even planning to get a rose quartz gem to place outside of her window.

She is very much aware that something is wrong at this point. As I had her sleep in my room for the last few days and could tell I got very paranoid at night.

I told her that there have been a few burglaries in our Area and was just worried. I also plan to be getting a nanny cam for her room just as extra security. Just in case it doesn’t leave after all of this.

This morning after she woke up and ate breakfast I decided to sit her down and ask her about her friend. Mostly asking simple questions the the main ones were.

What was his name Has he ever asked you to do Bad things like hurt herself or me And if she was scared of him.

She told me he said to call him Wittig. Which is a name I’ve genuinely never heard of my life. and that he never told her to do anything bad or hurt herself or me. -edit- like I said I was informed that this is a demonic entity that steals children.

And she’s only ever been scared of him once. Of course I asked why and she proceeded to tell me the story of when he started to come over to ‘play’

She said it’s a few hours after I put her to bed. And she was having a hard time falling asleep but she noticed something outside. And had gotten up to investigate. Apparently he slowly started to move to the window until he was right in front of it. And just stared at her. Like he was, in her words, very sad and upset.

So of course being the sweetheart child, she wrote a small note and pressed it to the window asking if he was OK. And apparently he shook his head no. She somehow manage to open the window a little bit and then asked why. She was told it was because he was very scared of the dark and had on one to play with.

So of course she offered to play with him. He told her he would like that but before he could she had to invite him inside. Which she did...

This is when I start getting scared. She said after she did, he smiled and pushed the window open and Crawled In on all fours which made her very scared and she started to cry.

But apparently he comforted her. And then did a magic trick. I have course asked her what the trick was and she said he made all the lights turn on in her room.

To show her he wasn’t scary. I start to ask her more and what other magic tricks he had done. And they ranged from making flowers appear to taking both of the outside.

Apparently he also likes to show her the stars and moons. Which is why she added them in her drawing.

I’m starting to believe the letter that this isn’t just an imaginary friend. The amount of detail she went into constantly referring to him being real. And just many other things.

I am just glad she is out of the house until Thursday. I think it is very pissed off with me though. Starting a night ago, I woke up with huge scratches on my arms. And horrific headaches which I’ve never had before.

As well having very strange issues while trying to translate this. Having a bunch of random ones scattered throughout my writing.

At this point the pain doesn’t really bother me it’s more of the fear of it trying to get to my daughter again. I don’t know if I should tell her the creatures origins or if I should wait until she is much older to explain this to her.

I will be trying to keep everyone updated but tomorrow is going to be an extremely busy day. As I also plan to go to a crystal shop and just ask what crystals would be best to protect her.

What do YOU make of OP's strange dilemma? Is he too paranoid or is he justified in his concern?

Sources: Reddit
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