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'Dad came to my apartment with toys for two young kids. I do not have any kids.' UPDATED 2X

'Dad came to my apartment with toys for two young kids. I do not have any kids.' UPDATED 2X


Seeing a family member act out-of-character can be concerning for a lot of reasons.

In a popular post on the Relationships subreddit, a woman shared her confusion after her dad arrived with gifts for her non-existent children. She wrote:

"Dad came to my apartment with toys for two young kids. I do not have any kids."

I am coming to you, the brains of Reddit always find some angle I never considered, because my Dad did something so wild yesterday and I am spinning myself in circles about it. I'm trying to settle on an answer but nothing really adds up. I'll break it down as thoroughly as I can, but my family has enough drama that it could fill 10 novels so I'll be very to-the-point about it.

So I will reiterate, AGAIN, that I do not have any kids and am not married. I have never been married, never even moved in with a man. Here are the people I can think of that might be involved in this, somehow. I have one brother (27M) and one sister (22F). Brother is in a longterm relationship with a nice woman but they're both not interested in kids right now.

Sister still lives at our Mom's house, no kids, no long term partner. My parents are divorced and my mom remarried, Dad stayed single. He lives with my Uncle (40s?M) and Uncle's wife (40s?F). Step-dad is fine, they got married after I was out of the house, sister reports that they're normal and "beige" together. He has no kids and has never met my Dad anyways, so his family can be removed from the equation.

Here's what happened: I have a sh**ty, low rent apartment about 45 minutes away from my Dad's house. It's on the third floor, and you have to walk into the apartment building and up flights of stairs to reach my door. Yesterday around 6pm my Dad knocks on my apartment door.

I wasn't expecting him so when I answered I was confused but pleasantly surprised. I greeted him normally and he gave me a side hug because he had a few toy boxes in his hands. Like Fisher Price toys for really young kids, even babies. I didn't say anything about them because I had no reason to assume they were for me, like I just didn't even register them in my brain. He looked totally normal.

He wasn't breathing weird, wasn't sweaty, his pupils weren't huge, nothing was off with him visually. When we hugged I didn't smell anything weird, no alcohol or smoke or anything, but my face wasn't too close to him. I said I was happy he dropped by but why is he here? He said he was in the area shopping and saw these toys (which he then held up for me proudly) and wanted to give them to "the girls."

I said "Who?" and he gave me two names I didn't recognize. I remember my brain sorting through the Rolodex of everyone I've ever met in our family terminator style and nobody matched. As I'm standing there trying to match the names to any kids I knew of, he peeks over my shoulder into the apartment and asks if the kids are here or if they're with "Mike". Again, who is that? Apparently it's my husband.

I must have been radiating confusion since now my Dad is looking just as confused as I am, but still keeping up a "good mood" kind of vibe. I tell him I am not married and have no kids. At first, he insisted I did, and when I reiterated that he just kind of shook his head. At this point I'm getting really concerned. Is my Dad lost? Confused? Is he having some kind of breakdown? I ask my Dad if he knows where he is.

He starts to get frustrated really quickly and confirms that yes, he knows where he is and who I am. I start to ask him questions that I've seen in movies like "Do you know what time it is? Or the year?" and he just gets more and more angry. He starts shouting at me right in my face, yelling "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" and "ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK STUPID?"

There's bubbles of spit in the corners of his mouth. He went from 0 - 100 so fast it genuinely kind of scared me and I just retreated a bit into my apartment. When I backed away he took it as a personal offense and started screaming "OH NOW YOU'RE SCARED? YOU'RE SCARED OF ME? GUESS I'LL JUST F#$K OFF THEN!" He storms off, literally stopping his feet like a child down the hallway.

I thought about chasing him but he was so irate that I didn't think it was a smart move. Whole interaction was less than 5 minutes. I closed and locked my door and immediately start making phone calls. Called my Mom, Uncle, and siblings. Nobody has any idea what just happened. I did ask my Mom and sister if I was the crazy one and did have children I just forgot about, they confirmed I certainly didn't.

Uncle says that Dad left the house around 4pm to run errands in my area, so that part was true. I told him what happened and he said he'd try to figure out what's going on and would call with updates. It's tomorrow morning and I haven't heard anything back. I spent all night trying to figure this out. Here are my theories:

He has another kid somewhere that none of us know about, and that kid is married with two kids. But if that's true, why MY apartment? Did he confuse me with his other, hidden kid? He confirmed he knew where he was so I'm not sure. Did he drive here on autopilot? He'd have to get out of his car and walk all the way up here though, which should have been enough time to snap out of it?

The anger might have come from him realizing what he'd done and panicking, but it would have been so easy to make up a lie about what happened. He had some kind of mental breakdown. This was my first thought but he looked and acted so normal. He drove out here and went to a store and purchased items without issue, so he must have been in decently sound mind to do that.

Maybe he was somewhere else in his mind? I considered the idea that he was maybe "in the past" and thought I was someone else, but again he confirmed where he was and who I was, and I didn't recognize any of the names as anyone in our family. He did this on purpose for some reason. I have no idea why he would do this. Drama?

Our whole family loves to stir the pot but this is extreme, and makes him look bad which is out of character. If he were to manufacture drama, he'd want to make himself look good, so this would be a drastic switch in his dramatics. Maybe sympathy? Maybe he's going to play this up as some kind of stress breakdown? As far as I know his job doesn't squeeze him too much.

He's had the same position for years and was pretty happy with it. The most he complained about was having to work overtime every once and a while. He's developing dementia. I know early onset dementia could be the cause, but he's just barely 50. Yeah he's getting older, but not THAT old, and he's never shown any signs of cognitive failure up until this exact point.

This is a huge escalation from nothing. If anyone else has any idea what is happening here, please share. Uncle has yet to call me back and my siblings can't get through to my dad's phone. I think it's dead. I left a voicemail and texts on my Uncle's line but who knows if he's seen them.

I don't have any authority in his life, the only one that does is my brother and he lives in another state so it's not like he can help much. What the f**k happened to my Dad???

TL;DR: I (25F) do not have kids and have never been married. My Dad (49M) came to my apartment with gifts for two very young kids, and just exploded when I tried to ask what he was talking about.

The internet had a lot of comments, questions, and theories.

The_Real_Scrotus wrote:

Something is seriously wrong with your dad. Even if he does have a secret kid somewhere, confusing you for them like that is already a bad sign. Him somehow concocting a family you have and being that certain of it, along with the mercurial mood is a really bad sign. I won't speculate as to what is wrong, but your dad needs to see a doctor yesterday.

Fidget11 wrote:

Your dad needs to be seen by a healthcare professional immediately. There are multiple possible causes of this beyond dementia (which you personally cannot rule out). Things like schizophrenia, drug reactions causing hallucinations, even things like brain tumors can cause seemingly other wise normal people to do things we might see as crazy. Get him to a doctor asap.

Niodia wrote:

My dad had brain tumors late in his life. Yep, before anyone caught what was going on there were changes that seemed to not make much sense. He got them removed, and was around a few more years, but COULD have killed him years earlier.

He needs medical help, and fast, as someone said, or you may not have a dad much longer. (Brain tumors are only one of many things that could be going on!)

PugGrumbles wrote:

I think it would be a good idea to talk to your uncle and see if there have been other instances in which your dad has had a spell like this. He and his wife would be the first to notice he has been different. I worry that your last bullet point is the correct one and it's so sad. He's young for that but this incident would be a prime example of possible decline.

OP responded:

I called my Uncle right after it happened, and I did ask if anything like this had happened before and he said no. Every time I've tried to call him since has just rang until it reached voicemail, and a couple times it seems like he ignored my call. After work I'm going to break his door down because not only is my Dad possibly dying, but my Uncle is just silent about it now too.

GeromeDB wrote:

Drug side effects possibly? I had a family member, normal individual, was on statins for high cholesterol. Started to hallucinate events because the drug started to cause his muscle tissues to break down, the proteins jamming to his kidney function, thus a build up of toxins that began to effect his brain. Started out slow, accelerated quickly. Took a few weeks in hospital to counteract effects.

OP responded:

I don't think my dad has started any new medication, but he might have and just didn't tell me. I didn't ask about meds so maybe this is it? But wouldn't i have noticed some kind of physical sign of something wrong in his brain? He looked and acted normal until he exploded and started screaming at me.

lifeunderthegunn wrote:

Call your uncle. Let him know what your dad needs to go to the hospital right now and that something could be seriously wrong. Work together to get him there voluntarily or by force. I think if your uncle, yourself, maybe talk to him gently he might realize something is wrong. If he explodes in anger again, then he's a danger to others.

OP responded:

I've been calling my Uncle all day but he's completely MIA. Every spare 5 minutes I have at work I'm blowing up his phone. Total silence on his end. After work I'm going to drive over to their house and just start banging on the door until someone let's me in because not only am I terrified, but now I'm also pissed.

Siblings haven't heard anything either, we've been touching base with each other about the situation and they're just as lost as I am.

Octopus_wrangler1986 wrote:

Did he tell you what year it is and where he was or just tell you "of course I know!"? I had a friend that had no mental health issues and had a sudden psychotic break. She was completely off the rails and had to be placed in an inpatient unit for about two weeks. She recovered completely over the span of about six months and has never had another episode.

This may be what is going on with your dad. I would be really concerned about the fact that you haven't heard back from anyone yet. Calling the cops is a last resort but I don't know what else you can do. If he has a primary care physician you can call maybe they can give you some direction. I really hope everything turns out well for you and your family.

OP responded:

He did confirm my name, that he knew he was at my apartment and the town we're in, but got so offended when I asked the year that he started yelling at me for thinking he's stupid. I don't know if he sees a doctor regularly but he has mentioned going to those minute clinics when he's sick, so I'm not even sure if he sees a real doctor at all.

If I don't hear back from my Uncle by the time I clock out I'm just going to drive over there and handle this myself if he's incapable or refuses to help.

Two days later, OP shared an update.

Hi everyone. I wanted to wait until I had more information to post an update, but a lot of people were seriously worried about my Dad and I, so I wanted to let everyone know what happened. I finally found my Dad. My Uncle took him to the hospital the night of the incident, and was (for reasons I'll get to) ignoring our calls and texts. Anyone who bet on head injury and dr*gs, you're correct.

You can cash out your chips at the front counter haha. There was no second family. I wish there was. My Dad would just be in drama-related trouble and not medical trouble. He's got a massive concussion and serious brain damage. Doctors don't know how he managed to even drive to my apartment safely. They think he was on autopilot, since he takes that freeway nearly every day.

The phantom kids are his coworkers. His brain somehow blended the details of his coworker's life into his own. Coworker has a daughter who is married and has two kids, and the memories of being told about "the girls" mashed together with memories of his own daughter. Doctor says this is pretty common with head injuries. My Uncle did find my Dad and take him to the hospital.

He did drive out to my area and scour the place looking for my Dad, and eventually found his car outside Walmart around 10pm. Couldn't find him outside, but did find him out behind the building, harassing an employee for a cigarette. He grabbed my Dad and kind of dragged him into the car and took him to the hospital. He just decided not to update anyone because "He didn't want to stress us out."

I don't believe him at all. I think my Uncle is responsible for what happened to my Dad and was avoiding us out of guilt. After I posted here, I went to work and once I was clocked out I went to my Dad/Uncle's place. Dad and Uncle's cars were gone, only my Aunt's was there. I went and knocked but nobody answered.

People in my last post mentioned carbon monoxide poisoning and I was kind of freaking out thinking my Aunt was just f**king dead inside, so I went around the house testing the doors and windows to see if I could get in. The back door was unlocked so I just let myself inside and looked around. Totally empty.

I even checked underneath the beds since a couple people mentioned my Dad could be paranoid or scared and hiding. My aunt has this giant purse and it wasn't there, which confirmed to me that she was probably with my Uncle. I went back and sat in my car and started calling any hospitals and jails that came up on Google Maps. Nobody had any answers and just said he wasn't there.

I even called the c*ps for a wellness check just to see if maybe THEY could call around hospitals and get a different answer, but I waited until 11pmish and literally nobody came. No police, no family, nobody. I drive back home and try to get some sleep. Next day I call out of work and spend the day driving around my area trying to find my Dad. Couldn't track him down so I start calling hospitals again.

There's three in my area and while two of them gave me "No, he's not here, sorry" one of them got really nervous over the phone and said "I'm not supposed to give out patient information." I got SUSPICIOUS. Kept asking and she just got more and more flustered. Hung up and drove my a*s over there, and saw my Uncle's car in the parking lot.

It was kind of late, the sun was down but I wasn't keeping track of time, so there were only like 5 cars in the visitor area and his was one of them. I do not have words to describe what I was feeling, but it was mostly just rage. Like what the f#$k? Hello? He's been here the WHOLE TIME?? I went in and tried to get the receptionist to let me see my Dad.

She didn't really want to let me, and I'm not proud of it, but I started freaking out. I slammed my hands on the desk, screamed, knocked over a magazine rack. I guess my tantrum made someone go talk to my Uncle and Aunt since she came out to the waiting room and told the receptionist it was fine to let me through.

If she didn't look so tired and sad I was going to maul her, but the look on her face made me "calm down" (if you can call it that). Long story short, she took me to my Dad's room. He looked terrible. None of you know my Dad, but he's a beast. He's 5'11 with massive smile lines and bright, shining eyes. He's my Dad so I'm biased, but he's always so full of life.

Laying in that hospital bed, he looked dead already. Sunken eyes, lifeless and droopy face. He looked empty. I was able to talk to him for a bit but he was totally out of it. He had to be reminded who I was several times and kept forgetting where he was and why he was here. Just like my Dad, when I get upset, I get angry.

I practically dragged my Uncle out of the room and into the hallway for an explanation. After like 20 minutes of him making excuses and beating around the bush (another reason I think he's guilty) he told me what happened. Apparently Monday morning, my Dad "fell" getting out of his car and cracked his head really hard against the driveway.

He got up and everyone thought he was fine, so they just went inside the house as normal. After a while he "had a headache" so they gave him "a couple" prescription pain killers to ease the pain. Apparently that worked so they just let him continue his day as normal. They only got concerned when I called and told my Uncle what happened.

He kept being so weird and evasive that I know there's more, but I couldn't wring his stupid f#$king neck in the hospital hallway so I just let it go. Here's what I think happened. I know my Uncle and Dad, and I know the history of this stupid family like the back of my hands. I think my Dad and Uncle got in a fight over something, and Dad was either pushed down or hit in the head by my Uncle.

The altercation gets resolved somehow and they go back to normal, but my Dad's head still hurts. I learned AT THE HOSPITAL FROM THE DOCTOR that there were enough painkillers in his body to numb a horse, so I suspect my aunt and uncle just kept feeding him painkillers so they wouldn't need to take my Dad to the hospital and admit what they did.

I pressed my Aunt about the painkillers and she eventually halfway admitted that they weren't exactly allowed to have them at all, I suspect she bought them off someone else. They're likely addicted and I just didn't know. I'm almost 100% sure this is their fault. If they had taken my Dad to the hospital as soon as he hit his head, he would probably be okay.

I'm staying at the hospital now and my Aunt and Uncle have left. Doctor says to "not get my hopes up" about my Dad. But when doctors say that, it always means he'll actually be okay right? That's how it always goes. They tell you that your family member probably won't make it but they always prove them wrong. I'm sorry, but the rest of this is just going to be venting.

You know what really gets me? I could handle all this, I could understand it. My Uncle and Aunt have always been less than reliable. I can believe that this could come from them. The hardest part is the lack of concern from literally anyone but me. I had to blackmail my brother (drama from a year ago) to even get him to agree to fly out. My mom doesn't care. Dad's family doesn't care.

My sister kind of cares but she doesn't really want to help, or even come support me in the hospital with him. I am just so shocked that I'm the only motherf**ker here for my Dad, and he doesn't even know who I am right now. I have to take time off work but it's not like my job gives me PTO. I'm f**ked. My dad is f**ked. My life is f**ked. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE DEALING WITH THIS??

My brother is the only one of us with time and money to help fix this and I had to THREATEN HIM just to get him to come back home. I wish I had chased my Dad when he left my apartment. I was afraid of him but I'm even more afraid now. My Dad is probably going to die and I trusted the jacka*s who killed him with helping him. Whats wrong with me. Whats wrong with everyone.

Why doesn't anyone give a sh**t about my Dad. Why doesn't anyone give a shit about me. I could have been a better daughter to him. I could have visited more, called more, involved him in things more. I could have chased him when he left my apartment.

I might have gotten hurt but I would rather be beaten to a pulp rather than be sitting in a hospital room with my unconscious and probably dying father. I'm so f#$king stupid. I'm sorry Dad.

The internet had a lot of responses to the intense update.

kittycat33070 wrote:

Yo definitely get the police involved. Even if the story is true, that he fell, they still pumped him up with pain meds when he couldn't advocate for himself. It's like being roofied at a bar. I hope your dad pulls through. I would cut contact with your aunt and uncle. As a daughter you have more rights to your dad's care than they do. Ban them from the hospital.

OP responded:

On this, a couple cops just came to talk to me and get a statement. They seemed to be taking me seriously and took my contact info. I told them everything about what happened when Dad came to my apartment and what my Uncle said, and how I didn't believe him and gave my version of things.

Tried to give as much context as I could. I think they believed me but who knows. They said they'd come around again soon. I'm not really sure what happens from here but I'll be pressing for more information when they come back.

grumpy__g wrote:

Calling the cops on your uncle (alone for the illegal painkillers) should be considered. Check your father's phone. See if the uncle wrote anything. How can the uncle make the nurses not give information to the child? F#$k your uncle. Feel hugged.

SonOfDadOfSam wrote:

Ask the doctor if your dad's head injury is consistent with a fall. If he says no, call the police. Sorry you're having to deal with all this. It really sucks. I hope things work out OK.

OP responded:

I did ask if my Uncle's story lined up with my Dad's head but the doctor just said it was an "impact wound", whatever that means. He couldn't confirm or deny anything and I totally understand that, he's not a c*p and can't really tell me anything about that.

RubyMoon286 wrote:

I'm so so sorry OP. I saw your post the other day, and this update breaks my heart. Please try to give yourself some kindness and grace, this isn't your fault. Following someone showing the level of agitation and aggression your dad was in the first post could have been extremely dangerous, and even potentially life threatening to you.

It might be worth filing a police report regarding the prescription drugs that your father was given to see if you can get some sort of investigation going on it, since your aunt and uncle could be at fault for his current state even if it truly was a fall. Take care.

OP responded:

Thank you 💙 I'm really trying to remind myself I did everything I could but it feels like I could have done more. It always feels like that though, no matter what you do it feels like it's not good enough in the face of something like this. I talked to the social worker here and they didn't seem like they were listening, but I'll push harder when they come back around again.

crazykitty123 wrote:

Did the doctor give you any medical terminology for your dad's condition?

OP responded:

Kind of, I told him to dumb it down for me since I have no medical knowledge at all. I'm a line cook at Dennys ffs but he said massive concussion, brain damage, nerve damage and cell death. He then said its "pretty bad" and I shouldn't get my hopes up for recovery. He looked like he was about to throw up telling me that so I'm going to assume my Dad probably won't last long.

thumb_of_justice wrote:

Honey (and please forgive me for being over-familiar, I'm a mom and I'm feeling mom-ish towards you), please please try to be easier on yourself. You are a good person and a good daughter, and you were immediately concerned and trying to help your dad. This is in no way your fault. You were motivated by love and caring, and you did what you could.

Your dad has someone who loves him by his side. He's not alone. It will be all right if the other people aren't there-- you are, and you are the most caring and sensible of this bunch, and you aren't hopped up on pills. I suggest you ask to speak to the hospital chaplain. Even if you aren't religious, that person is around to talk to people going through guilt and trauma and grief. Hang in there.

OP responded:

Thank you 💙 I appreciate the mom-love. My own mom actually gave me a bit of shit about missing work to be here with my Dad. I haven't really talked to anyone but the nurses and doctor and social worker. Do I need to request a chaplain or do they come around eventually to patient rooms?

TotalIndependence881 responded:

Chaplains often wait for an order on the patient’s chart before they visit. Sometimes they round off patients without a visit request. If you want a chaplain to visit (and the chaplain is perfect for you to talk to about what you’ve experienced to help start processing this all), ask the next nurse or aide who comes in to call the chaplain for you.

Some places will have a direct number you can call on the room number and request a chaplain yourself, check the room papers.

In one comment, OP gave more context for the larger family dynamics.

I'll try and answer this as best I can, but it's long and complicated. There aren't any saints here, even my siblings and myself aren't completely innocent. Mom and Dad were married up until the recession in 2008, I think the divorce came around 2010? But I can't remember exactly.

Up until the economy crashed their marriage was fine, but then bills got higher and their pay got lower, and they went from never fighting about anything to fighting about money. Who spent it, why they were spending it, if it was worth it, etc. I remember a pretty massive fight about my Dad smoking more cigarettes than he was "allowed" when they were too broke to buy enough for both of them.

Money fights never really get resolved, they just fizzle out until the next one. There was never violence from my Dad, but my brother says he once saw my Mom open-hand smack my Dad across the face during an argument. Knowing my mom, I highly doubt she did it for funsies and I'm sure my Dad said something to earn such an extreme reaction but I wasn't there and didn't see it.

My Dad was pretty selfish during this time and would buy stuff for himself when Mom and us needed that money more. It was "only little things" but it adds up. An energy drink here, an extra pack of smokes there, a new pocket knife or hat, whatever little thing he needed to not ki*l himself. They were both so broke during the divorce that there wasn't really anything to split, just us kids.

Mom got us in the divorce and my Dad just kind of drifted off for most of my teens. He turned into the "phones work both ways" kind of Dad but he did turn up at events and holidays so he wasn't totally absent. It hit my brother pretty hard and I do remember him crying late at night asking why our Dad didn't love him anymore. He's my Dads only son and he got a lot of special "Father-Son" time when Dad was still living in the house.

Mom didn't make it easy for Dad to see us though, she insisted that if he wanted to see us he needed to "take us somewhere" and when you're broke, taking three kids out for dinner or a movie is tough. I know he tried but I also know he could have tried harder. Mom took every opportunity to s**t on him for being broke, but WE were broke too, so it always had that stink of spite but still got in our heads anyways.

My sister doesn't really even remember our Dad living at home, so her attachment to him is pretty minimal. My brother remembers, but also carries that resentment about Dad just kind of floating away from him and never rekindling that special bond they had. Dad bummed around on some couches until he landed a job, and rented a townhouse in a decent area. I think I was around 17 when that happened.

Brother was already out of the house by that time and I was already on my way out, but I did go over there a few times and it seemed like Dad was really getting his life back together. He called us more, had us over more, made an effort.

Eventually something happened with the townhouse, I suspect rent became too much for him since the area went from "nice" to "rich white people nice" and he moved in with my Aunt and Uncle. Effort pretty much stopped after that. From what I know about my Dad, I think he was ashamed that he was poor again, and didn't want his kids seeing him like that.

I kept in touch with him but my Brother gave up after he moved states and my Sister never really had much contact with him in the first place. Nobody really won or lost there. My Mom did alright for herself, she actually owns her house which is something none of us really expected to happen in our family.

We've always been below the poverty line and owning a house is a huge deal. There's tons more drama but this is the basics.

lookitsfrickinbats wrote:

Omg I’ve been thinking about you guys since I saw your first post. I’m so glad your dad was at least found. I’m sorry you’re feeling alone in dealing with this and that your aunt and uncle chose to keep you in the dark.

That’s disgusting. I would call the police and explain the whole story. It could’ve been a fight yeah, it could’ve been a tumble out of the car…less likely but possible, it could be a fall from him recreationally taking painkillers and cracking his head.

But your aunt and uncle need to answer to feeding him unprescribed painkillers when they should’ve been calling an ambulance or rushing him to the hospital. My dad has had multiple strokes and is a different person now. He can’t drive or do much for himself. He uses a walker. He doesn’t understand a lot and when he writes it’s mostly gibberish.

It’s really hard to come to terms with when you’re used to a confident independent man. We had a volatile relationship but that doesn’t make it any less traumatic. I’ll be thinking about you and your dad and if you need to talk let me know(I keep my dms off but I’ll open them for you). I sincerely hope your father gets as better as he can even if it’s a new normal.

A few hours later, OP added an update in the comments.

A couple c*ps just came to talk to me and get a statement. They seemed to be taking me seriously and took my contact info. I told them everything about what happened when Dad came to my apartment and what my Uncle said, and how I didn't believe him and gave my version of things. Tried to give as much context as I could. I think they believed me but who knows.

They said they'd come around again soon. I'm not really sure what happens from here but I'll be pressing for more information when they come back.

The internet had nothing but empathy for OP.

Goddamn, this is sad. My dad had early stages of dementia before he died. When someone you love looks right at you and starts talking about things that didn't happen or they're talking to family that's long dead, it's terrifying.

I'm so sorry for OP.

macaroni_rascal42 wrote:

Aunt and uncle are evil f#$king people, what despicable humans.

SlitThroatCutCreator wrote:

Usually these posts are far fetched or plain ridiculous but this one felt pretty damn real. Maybe too real? This site makes me distrust most stories but damn this was bleak and vivid. I wonder if the aunt and uncle weren't cowards and took the dad to the hospital sooner if he would have had a better shot at recovery. Head trauma is terrifying.

Thought about getting into boxing but you get rocked the wrong way this situation could happen so I might avoid that. Same for fighting in general.

Hope OP can get some therapy and some real emotional support.

Hopefully, OP's dad experiences some kind of medical miracle, or in the very least, OP is able to get some clear answers about what happened so she can properly grieve.

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