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Man says daughter is 'disrespectful' for letting her stepdad walk her down the aisle.

Man says daughter is 'disrespectful' for letting her stepdad walk her down the aisle.


Typically the person a bride chooses to walk them down the aisle is their father, brother, uncle, or even their mother. The decision between a parent that has always been there for you vs. a stepparent the answer seems easy right? Well for one parent their daughter's choice for who would walk them down the aisle blew them away.

On a popular Reddit thread in the TwoHotTakes Subreddit, a man is upset with how his daughter chose to walk her down the aisle.

He writes:

I (46M) have one daughter (26F) whose mom ran off when she was 7 and came back when she was 15 claiming she wanted a relationship.

She gave it a chance and got close to her new stepdad. Apparently, he is a really cool guy and likes similar things to her like hockey, and plays guitar. I initially thought that it was great she was bonding with her stepdad and her mom.

She is getting married to her fiancé (30M), who she has been dating for four years. I pitched in for the wedding as did her mom upwards of $25,000. The day is fast approaching, and she told me she has chosen her stepdad to walk her down the isle, as they have closely bonded over the past 11 years.

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I have already decided that I will not be going to the wedding. As I refuse to be direspected like this. If she wants to be a happy family with her mom who abandoned her for 8 years go for it, but count me out.

It wasn't either of them who went to all her hockey games. It wasn’t them who payed for her tutoring for exams. It wasn’t them who went through the financial hardship of working three jobs until she was 17 to support the both of us.

It wasn’t them who was here when she accomplished her milestones, it was me. I won’t be telling her I’m not coming, I'm not showing up.

Putting your feelings behind a door and closing always works out well.

CryGeneral9999 says:

Why not tell her how it makes you feel? Why not ask why why your not the one she thinks of when thinking of a father? You can still do what you want but at least have the talk.

Awesome_one_forever says:

I can only assume it's because stepdad got to be the fun dad. He didn't have any real responsibility. She'll figure it out when she really needs help, and mom and stepdad have that confused look on their faces.

Jalharad says:

I'm in a similar situation right now. Ex-wife ran off with another man, and left me with my daughter. I would be absolutely livid if she decided to chose another person to walk her down the aisle.

OP, you're a 46 year old adult, use your words with your daughter!

Sources: Reddit
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