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Daughter walks out on family after they make her do all the chores like 'Cinderella'.

Daughter walks out on family after they make her do all the chores like 'Cinderella'.


Would it be fair if you were the only sibling that had to do chores in the house while your siblings and parents got to do whatever they wanted? That's the plot of Cinderella. On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman finds herself in a Cinderella position where she does all the work while her brothers and parents have fun.

AITA for moving out while my parents are on vacation.

A lot of responsibility for a young person.

I (F20) have three siblings who live at home. M22, M15, M12. My older brother does not work and does not go to school. My middle and youngest brothers are in middle and high school. I have been taking care of them for about six years now—my parents both work.

I am the only one who cleans, makes food, and takes care of the dogs. I have access to a car I share with my brother, but he takes it to see his friends and hook up with tinder randos. So I have had to bring home groceries on the bus because I also do the grocery shopping.

I have tried talking to my parents about it, but they say that my brother is finding himself and the younger ones have to concentrate on school. I am in my third year of college, and it is wrecking me.

Young love can be mature.

My boyfriend (24) talked to his parents, and they are letting me move into the apartment over their garage. He will be paying the rent for the apartment. He lives at home rent-free, but he also graduated and has a great job, so we talked about it, which is fair. We are committed to each other, but we are way too young to think about moving in together or getting married. We know what we want in life and aren't ready until I get my nursing degree and a job.

You always have to pay the babysitter!

My parents went away this weekend for NASCAR in Vegas. It is their third vacation this year. I do not begrudge them for their holidays, they both work hard, but I am tired of being an unpaid nanny/dog sitter.

So I grabbed my laptop, clothes, and a few other things I had been gifted. I waited for my older brother to get home, and I left. I told him I was going out for milk, but my boyfriend was waiting in the car around the corner. He started texting me about twenty minutes later, saying he needed the car, which I did not take. I left all the keys on the counter, even my house keys.

OP didn't want to ruin NASCAR for her parents.

My grandparents pay for my education, so there is nothing my parents can hold over me. I let him know I wasn't coming back, and I let my parents know after the last race that I had left him in charge of the younger kids and bailed.

Did they not trust their oldest son to take care of his siblings?

They drove home instead of spending the night partying. Everyone is mad at me for being so immature and thoughtless. I don't care anymore. I talked to my grandfather, and he said I was right and my brothers could look after themselves.

Everyone can clean.

My mom keeps calling and complaining that the house is a mess, I was only gone for 9 hours before they got home, but my brothers are pigs. My older brother says I am an a**hole because my parents make him do everything I used to do. I cannot find it in myself to give a sh*t.

Jstrangways says:

NTA (Not the A**hole) - you keep doing and being who you are, and you’ll always be a fantastic person. I'm sorry for the attitudes of your parents and brothers. Maybe they’ll change, maybe they won’t - but by not being there, they will have to face up to all you did around the house and for them. I’m sure you’ll find that almost everyone reading your post will be mentally sending hugs and support to you.

DinaFelice says:

To your brother: 'Let me get this straight: you never stood up for me when I was living there, you never helped me with all of the things our parents expected me to do, and you regularly monopolized the car, so I had to carry groceries home on public transportation. Why do you expect me to do more for you than you did for me? Especially when I was stuck in that position for years, and you've only been in that role for about a week?'

To your mother: 'Mom, I tried to talk to you for years about the unfair burden you placed on me to clean up after my brothers, not to mention all the other chores you expected me--and only me--to do. You had opportunity after opportunity to come to a compromise. So now, it's yours and Dad's problem, not mine.

I now consider the topic closed. So, is there something else you would like to talk about? Otherwise, I'll say goodbye for now.' (And if she continues trying to complain, say goodbye and hang up... Don't stay on the line letting her continue criticizing you.)

NTA. And good for you for getting out of that situation

naraic says:

Love how your parents are now making your brother do all your former duties. It shows that they never believed anything they said about him needing to find himself. They just needed you to shut up.


Congrats on getting out of there, OP! I hope you and your boyfriend live happily ever after.

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