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'AITA for wanting to divorce my postpartum wife? FINAL UDPATE?'

'AITA for wanting to divorce my postpartum wife? FINAL UDPATE?'


This is the "FINAL UPDATE?" from a previous post. If you'd like to start with the original post you can find it here.

"FINAL UPDATE?: AITA for wanting to divorce my postpartum wife? I'm free."

Well, well, well...this was all a fantastic waste of time. This is full of stupid information that doesn't matter so hears what happened condensed.

It took me way longer than it should have to realize I should actually call someone who saw her behavior when she left firsthand. I called one of her brothers. I basically word vomited and relayed the whole story, and asked what they can verify. They could not

What ACTUALLY happened...she started having an affair with a coworker roughly 4 moths before she got pregnant, he gave her the AP spiel about how he was better and she should go with him when she got pregnant.

She immediately gets it in her head to ab$#e me (usual affair crap) eventually wanting to run off with him (the day she left she DID stay at her mother's, but had all the intention to move in with him after giving birth). Before she delivers, she owns up and tells her family everything.

My MIL and BILs couldn't care at the time. They may not be crazy, but they still didn't like me, and from what she was selling to them about her AP they liked him. AP was at the birth, and tried to start a fight with them. By then wife already did a paternity test and it was his.

AP then disappears and she realizes she's f*&^%d. We have a solid prenuptial and my house is premarital plus we live in an at fault state. Around that time is when I called her out and split finances. She was deep in a hole with no way out. And in her mind pitching a drama show about her family to me made sense to get me on her side

What was the plan for my paternity test? I don't know

What was she planning for whenever I interacted with family again? I don't know

Why did her family go along with it? I don't know

How was she ever going to make up for a$#@e? I don't know

Is there any truth to her tale about her mother? I have no idea. I don't care at this point

This whole problem was a desperate person and her terrible family risking everything on a no show and only when they had burned all bridges with me did they try and reconnect. I'm glad I called the brother who had any decency to own up to their nonsense

He realized how in deep he was and that his sister didn't help with that, and hes finally done with his family's crap and wants to get away. He gave me a copy of the paternity test she gave to him. He sent dozens of messages she had with him and the family in a group chat. I have enough proof for my lawyer to bury her.

I texted her and told her I knew everything. She's been messaging me relentlessly with the most vile things she can say. I'm just forwarding it all to my lawyer

I'm still in awe to how she tried to pull a last resort manipulation tactic with the story about her family it's actually kind of disturbing. But that doesn't really concern me now. Locks are changed, finances are already separated, I'm not on the birth certificate and my divorce is getting ready to start. Probably will have no updates for a long time. Divorces take way longer than people make it seem like

In any way, this was the best case scenario and im actually giddy that I have a clean break. Huge sigh of relief. She could have at least told me the truth and spared the pointless drama update lol

Here's what people had to day to OP:

Damn...I truly don't know what to say other than I'm glad the baby isn't yours and she showed her true colors.

He’s in a better place to move forward now. My only advice is to get a security system and some outdoor cameras. Park your car in a garage. Lock up sheds, any outdoor storage. Lock your credit account so that no new accounts can be opened, get new credit cards/bank accounts. Take any utilities out of her name. Change your internet accounts to new passwords you never used before.

Treat the situation like you have a potential burglar and identity thief. Desperate people do desperate things.

Im so glad the brother told and gave you everything to make a fresh start! Im so happy for you and i wish you the best! Live your best life!

Info: Why did she give her brother a copy of the paternity test? The brother that you just so happened to call? Hmmm?šŸ§ Seems pretty convenientšŸ¤”

Some people think this was wrapped up too conveniently, so real story or was this just a creative writing exercise?

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