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Employee quits when he's not offered promotion, 'I was never going further;' AITA?

Employee quits when he's not offered promotion, 'I was never going further;' AITA?


Unfortunately there isn't always a blazing, blaring, red flag or a newsletter that's sent to the office email when it's time to bail on a dead end job, but rage-quitting is always an option...

So, when a conflicted ex-employee decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about a work-related dilemma, disgruntled workers everywhere were ready to help him vent.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for quitting my job after not getting a promotion?

So I (28m) have been with my company for 6 years. I make great money, love the company and my colleagues, and intended to spend the rest of my career here, but they overlooked me for a promotion and it changed everything.

My immediate manager announced a month ago that he got a promotion to a different office in the group. Cue congratulations but also excitement as I also saw this as a great opportunity.

I know the job inside out, have great relationships with my colleagues and have the top client earnings by far of anyone, plus the 3 managers I've had have all been promoted from my position. I messaged my manager and HR that I wanted to be considered for the position, and received a reply from HR acknowledging it.

2 weeks later we're called into the conference room, and introduced to the new manager, no one I knew, never worked for our company before, never worked in our field before, new blood we were told, will shake things up we were told.

Afterwards I approached my manager, he says he wasn't even asked for his opinion on his replacement and sometimes it's just down to the whim of the partners and the relationships that have been cultivated with them.

So I concluded I was never going any further here, I'm just someone who can make them a lot of money in the position I'm currently in, no need to move me up. So I contacted an agency and had a new position inside a week, slightly less money and I'm no closer to a management position but it feels good.

But everyone thinks I'm an a*shole, old boss because I'm making him look bad in his last days, as I won't accept the offers they are making, new boss (who hasn't even started yet) has called numerous times, saying I'm sabotaging her from the get go.

And finally my partner who thinks it's because the new boss is a woman and not about respect, THEY DIDN'T EVEN INTERVIEW ME FFS. So AITA?

Later, the post was edited to include:

I'll begin by defending my wife a bit, I did say something sexist, that resulted in her having that opinion, I think she mostly believes that i didn't mean what I said and it was just in a very emotional moment, she made me regret saying it anyway. And I did discuss leaving with her before I did.

My new boss has more managenent experience than me, and it is easily transferable (I've seen her work history) no one would expect me to train her in the job. Her difficulty will be in replacing the revenue I generate in her first 6 months, that's what she is upset about.

The offers they are making are purely monetary, I'd prefer a promotion, they avoid the subject Yes this was a emotional decision, as someone commented, 'I threw a tantrum,' but at the moment I don't regret it. I made the sexist comment to my wife about the new boss, not to the new boss.

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

GrilledStuffedDragon said:

NTA. Sometimes it's cheaper to go for an outside hire rather than promote from within. You are expendable to your company. You need the job way more than the job needs you specifically.

You didn't agree with their decision and so you bounced. You didn't do it to spite anyone in particular. Your old boss can get as mad as they want; it changes nothing.

god_in_a_coma said:

NTA there’s two reasons they may have chosen not to interview you: 1- they don’t see you as management material, and 2- you’re too valuable in your current position.

Neither makes you an asshole for deciding to move on. Given their behaviour it’s most likely you were deemed too valuable. The new manager called you to say you were sabotaging her out the gate? That is not someone you want to work for, she seems petty and unprofessional.

JuryAffectionate said:

NTA. HR guy here. They fu*cked up. They missed an opportunity to have a career path conversation with you. If the outgoing manager didn’t want you to make them look bad, they Should have identified the risk taken appropriate steps.

IllustriousComplex6 said:

NAH, you're allowed to leave a company when you're unhappy but I wouldn't be taking it so personal. You're obviously still seething over it and if it's starting to affect your personal life that's bad. Move on and let go.

nessa_ac said:

NTA. This sounds like a crap business. I work in HR and this stuff frustrates the hell out of me. Not sure what they were expecting. Hope the new role goes well.

txsmd said:

They have every right to choose whoever they want, you have every right to bounce when you realize how expendable you are.

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this man wasn't wrong to leave when he did. If anyone else is salty about it, that's their problem. Good luck, everyone!

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