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'AITA for evicting my brother and his family from the house I have inherited so my daughter can live there?'

'AITA for evicting my brother and his family from the house I have inherited so my daughter can live there?'


"AITA for evicting my brother and his family from the house I have inherited so my daughter can live there?"

I (40f) have a daughter "Caroline" (17f), my brother "Adam" (34m) is married and has 2 kids under the age of 5. Back when I was in my twenties our great grandmother ended up with an illness which required someone to take care of her.

This ended up being me as everyone else was busy with their lives and I have only recently graduated from uni back then. Due to this when she passed away I have inherited the house she lived in, which is a small 2 bedroom. I have lived there until I got married and me and my husband ended up moving to a bigger property.

About a year later my brother asked if I'm willing to rent it out to him, which I agreed to do, but have warned him I will need it back when Caroline turns 18 (She was 3 at the time) since it is very close to universities and city center. Legal agreement was drafted for the rent (significantly below market value) so everything was followed by the book.

About a year ago I have informed my brother about needing the house back as my daughter is going to be 18 and I would like to have some repairs done before she moves in. My brother ignored me, so I have issued him notice to vacate, which was also ignored.

As he continued to ignore me, I had no choice but apply for a court order to evict them, with hearing taking place last month. Last week him and his family were officially evicted.

Upon getting into the house I have noticed it was in horrible condition and it would take a few months just to make it somewhat habitable, let alone do redecorating or repairs. I have raised this with my brother since he was meant to look after the house and let me know of any repairs, but this talk ended up in an argument...

I was called an ahole for evicting him and his family so my "spoiled" daughter can live by herself and not giving them enough notice (they had just over a year to find something suitable). He also said I have inherited the house by "cheating." My parents are on his side since Adam and his family live with them.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

tictactoss said:

NTA. He's lived there for roughly 14-15 years paying substantially below market rent prices, which should have allowed him to save a considerable sum to put towards a home of his own.

He clearly chose not to, as he had to move in with your parents. His life choices are not your problem. Regarding the state of the home, did you not visit him over the years and notice the deterioration? Or is there 'revenge' damage caused shortly before they moved?

thirdtryisthecharm said:

NTA. But I don't know why you're raising the issue of repairs when you evicted him. That sibling relationship is clearly fractured and I don't know what you're expecting to get from any conversation.

bamf1701 said:

NTA. Your brother moving out was a condition from the start - he knew this was coming and had over a decade to prepare for this. Just speculation, but I'm thinking he thought you either wouldn't actually kick him out and wasn't expecting you to not be bluffing.

Don't take what he said seriously - he is just angry because he is now living with the consequences of his inaction. You did not get the house by cheating, you got it through an act of compassion. Your daughter isn't spoiled for getting the house you own, he was spoiled for the past 15 years by paying a below-market rent and now has to enter the real world.

And your parents are only on his side because they have to put up with his complaining and want to push him back on you. Besides, he broke your deal by not taking care of the house like he agreed to in your initial agreement.

Ihateyou1975 said:

NTA. Of course parents are on his side. They don’t want him living in their house. They can whine and moan all they want. You had a legal agreement. You went through proper channels. He chose to ignore it all. Too bad. Hope your daughter enjoys the house!

Parasamgate said:

NTA. Your brother is angry bc he's going to have to function like an adult and actually pay full price. Your parents want you to continue to shoulder the burden. 15 years of reduced rent is plenty of contribution.

ParsimoniousSalad said:

NTA. Sounds like you've been subsidizing the entire family for more than a decade, and they didn't do as promised and take care of your house. Now they want to act sore that it's yours in the first place? SMH. Some people are just ridiculously entitled.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family drama?

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