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'AITA for making someone feel 'uncomfortable' and 'unwelcome' at the gym?' UPDATED

'AITA for making someone feel 'uncomfortable' and 'unwelcome' at the gym?' UPDATED


"AITA for making someone feel 'uncomfortable' and 'unwelcome' at the gym?"

For context, I [19F] go to the gym regularly and because of my job and school I have a very limited schedule, and I always go during the same hours which works great because at this time the gym is almost empty.

This Monday I noticed a new guy (30s, maybe 40s M) i don’t usually pay attention to other people but I saw him because he was in an area that I have to walk through in order to get to the treadmills.

I choose my treadmill and start doing my thing, not even 5 minutes later he started using the treadmill right next to mine, which wouldn’t be weird, except all the other treadmills were empty (around 15) it made me a bit uncomfortable but I ignored it, finished my hour and left.

The next day, exact same thing happens, but this time he greets me, I politely smiled and said hello back, finished my hour and left.

Third day, same thing, he is doing other stuff, I arrive, he follows me to the treadmills, picks the one next to me and greets me, this time I said hello back, grabbed my stuff and changed treadmills so I can be far from him.

He stayed there for 5-10 minutes before going away, I thought that was the end but then he came back with one of the employees, they asked me to remove my headphones and he started telling the employee that I was making him feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

I don’t know what he told them but I explained my side and the employee told him that people usually want space while working out, it went back and forth between them and the man left, the employee apologized for the inconvenience and left.

Fourth day arrives and when I get to the gym that same employee greeted me and asked me if that was the only time I could go to the gym, explained that the man kept complaining about how rude I was and it could all be avoided if we picked different hours, I can’t do that because this is the only free time I have.

I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong but now Im thinking that I should have told the man that I would appreciate space before changing treadmills and making things weird for everyone.


I did think he was a creep but when the employee talked to me it made me second guess everything, he was very respectful and polite (the employee) but telling me that I should consider going in a different schedule made me think that I could’ve handled this differently and I was in the wrong, I’ll ask to talk to a supervisor on Monday.

A lot of people are telling me to go straight to corporate, but there’s not a corporate, this isn’t a huge chain gym, it’s just a local gym in my somewhat small city in Colombia.

Shoutout to this lovely guy in my dms

Here's what people had to say to OP after the initial post:


NTA. This dude is a creep, you need to go above this employees head.


OP, NTA. Are there video cameras in the workout area? Because if this happens again, ask the employee to check the video - it should back up your statement and put the onus on the gym to deal with the creep.

OP posted this update 6 days later:

I called the gym the day after my post to ask when the owner would be there, so I went there on Monday knowing he would be there.

He seemed nice, i explained the situation just how I explained it on my post and told him that we could check the cameras since that would show everything, when I described the man he said that there was no need to do that.

I have no idea how, but a lot of people in the comments of my original post guessed it, the creepy guy is friends with the owner and not only that, but he is married and has children.

The owner said that he didn’t need to check the cameras because “he’s known him for more than 30 years, he know that he’s a good man and I must have misinterpreted the situation.” I tried to stay firm and tell him that if he looks at the cameras he can see how everything I said is true.

He replied something along the lines of “these days you can’t even look at the direction of someone because only god knows what she’ll accuse you of” (i don’t know if I translated that correctly but you get the idea).

I canceled my membership there and im now going to a different gym, it’s a bit smaller but is actually closer to my job so it all worked out, thank you for the support messages and for all the reassurance. ❤️

Here's what people had to say to OP after the update:


After reading that update I have a bad feeling the employee knew how the owner would handle the situation so was trying to find some sort of solution where OOP could still use the gym.

It’s still messed up there’s no debate there but I’ve had my unfair share of crappy bosses that I had to help cover for. I never said or did anything like that but I can see it happening especially if the employee needs the job bad enough.


It's kind of sad that gyms can really attract some creeps around. Honestly, that gym sounds terrible and maybe I'm petty, it should be blasted to the public.


The weird thing is that OOP's story is surprisingly common in small gyms, in the sense that the owner's friends are treated like royalty at the expense of all other customers. It's a terrible business model and I have no clue how it "works."


I do hope she filled out reviews on every review platform and social media outlet she could find. I definitely look at reviews before getting memberships.

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