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Groom says 17-year-old niece can't attend 18+ child-free wedding; AITA?

Groom says 17-year-old niece can't attend 18+ child-free wedding; AITA?


Everyone knows not to bring a screaming toddler to a child-free wedding, but what about a kid who is one night's sleep away from being a legal adult?

So, when a conflicted sibling-of-the-groom decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As^hole' about whether or not they'd be wrong to bring one of their teen twins but not the other, people were dying to weigh in.

WIBTA for bringing my daughter to a child-free wedding?

My brother is having a wedding soon. The invite he sent to my family specifies that the wedding is child free and 18+.

I have 2 daughters (twins). However they have different birthdays due to them being born a few minutes apart (“Jenna” was born a few minutes before midnight and ”Brenda“ was born shortly after midnight).

The wedding is on the day of the Jenna’s birthday, so my older daughter ( Jenna) will be of age while my younger (Brenda) will not. I know it would be disrespectful to bring Brenda to the wedding since she’ll only be 17.

But on the other hand, it seems unfair that Brenda will be unable to go while her twin sister will.

I talked to my brother and he said that the rules are the rules and it would be unfair if Brenda were to come since he has another 17 year old niece who won’t be allowed so it wouldn’t be fair to allow one 17 year old niece but not the other.

Brenda is upset that she isn’t included in the wedding. So WIBTA if I brought her along for the wedding against my brother’s wishes?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this one...

ProfessionalCode5481 said:

Technically you'd be going against their rules, but if your brother wants to be that petty then I say just don't go.

AnxiousWorth9677 said:

NTA. You're saying she would be technically a day short of her 18th birthday. This isn't a legal matter, it's a family wedding. Close enough.

SneezyCanuck said:

This is so ridiculous that it really feels like either your brother hates your youngest twin or he really doesn’t want you to attend. Rsvp no.

GlassturtleOG said:

NTA: Dumb rule is dumb in this case. Their twins, they are the same age, just cause one was born on day and not the other cause of a few minutes doesn't make a difference.

Note to anyone planning a hardcore 'child-free' wedding...loosen up, will you?

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