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Woman stalks husband to be 'supportive' because he wanted privacy at the doctor.

Woman stalks husband to be 'supportive' because he wanted privacy at the doctor.


Dealing with health complications is stressful for so many reasons. The bill, the life changes, and the prognosis can all take a toll on someone. That's why doctors abide by HIPAA lose to protect your privacy as long as it doesn't threaten your or someone else's life.

On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman stalks her husband so she can join him at a doctor's appointment he wanted to go to alone.

She writes:

My husband has been dealing with some health issues over the past few weeks and frequently visits the dr. I asked if I could go with him, but he refused to say it wouldn't be necessary and when I asked why he wouldn't want me with him, he said he felt more comfortable having privacy with his doctor.

I jokingly asked if his doctor was a woman, and he glanced at me. I anticipated his next doctor's appointment and decided to meet him there. He went, and 10 minutes later, I entered the office (I identified myself as his wife), and he was shocked when he saw me.

I greeted his doctor (a man, lol), and we talked, but my husband refused to look my way and speak. We left the office together, and he went off on me in the car, saying I shouldn't have 'followed' him, and came into the doctor's office after he asked me for some privacy.

I said it was alright. I'm his wife. I already even know what his issues are and just wanted to show support. He said I overstepped his one boundary and refused to respect his wish, which made him more stressed than he already is in these challenging times he's going through. I thought he overreacted but AITA?

_sobertaco_ says:

YTA (You're the A**hole). You don’t have the right to invade your husband’s privacy after he requests to go alone. A signed piece of paper doesn’t give you the right to stalk your husband. You have zero respect for him.

Scared_Weather1672 says:

YTA. Major issues here. First of all, he asked you not to come. That should be enough. Second, you were not there to show him support; you were there to ensure his doctor wasn't a woman. You sound jealous and irrational, not to mention pushy.

Pizzandpies says:

Holy hell, YTA, without a doubt. What is wrong with you?

SaikaTheCasual says:

YTA. Being his wife doesn’t mean you’re entitled to breach his privacy. You‘re invasive and controlling. You need to drop that if you don’t want to risk your relationship. If I were your husband, I would also have a harsh word with whoever let you enter the office. Identifying as someone’s wife doesn’t mean they can enter without consent.

Stalking is never a good look, OP, even if you're married to that person.

Sources: Reddit
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