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'I 16(M) have a 4-month-old daughter. My ex-GF wants to go to college and I am worried.' UPDATED 8X

'I 16(M) have a 4-month-old daughter. My ex-GF wants to go to college and I am worried.' UPDATED 8X


Going through massive changes can be scary for anyone, but it's extra scary when the stakes involve your own kids.

"I 16(M) have a 4 month old daughter. My ex-GF wants to go to college and I am worried."

Before anyone says anything - yes I knew about rubbers. I was just dumb. Story time. My parents divorced when I was 10 but lived primarily with my mom. Tiffany's (16) parents are together. When our parents found out she was pregnant her parents kicked her out and my mom kicked me out. So now we live with my Dad.

During the pregnancy my Dad took my mom to court and got primary sole custody - I know what this means because I had to go to court for my daughter. He sued Tiffany's parents for legal guardianship and they now pay child support for her and they are pissed and refuse to talk to us. I am in my bedroom and my daughter is in her bedroom and my ex is in the "guest room" that is now hers.

My dad made a deal with us. We live with him until 18 with no rent payment at 18 we need to decide what it is we do. I wasn't really that good in school and Tiffany is an A student. So I took my GED and my dad got me into Welding school. I finish in 2 months. I also work full time so I do welding school at night. Tiffany goes to school and works on the weekends at Wendy's.

This whole thing is a huge ordeal. We literally have no life. My dad helps but not that much because he feels its our responsibility which I agree but still sucks. I work 6 am - 3 pm at a warehouse and go to school from 6 pm to 10 pm. Tiffany is home by 230 and picks up our daughter from daycare.

We help each other a lot and then I head off to school and she stays with her at home until I get home and do it all over again day after day. When our daughter was born my dad made us go to court, we have 50/50 and I don't pay child support because she lives with us. Because I work full time, I get healthcare for my daughter and myself. What sucks is it costs 300 dollars a month and daycare is 400 a week.

Literally Tiffany works just so we can pay for daycare and I pay for everything else. When we are short for cash my dad will help because he sees we are trying. My dad has been our rock. When we are tired and exhausted he will step in and give us a break here and there, but he makes sure we have everything we need and keeps us motivated.

Tiffany wants to apply to college soon and I am worried because I don't want to keep living with her and I don't think I can keep our daughter full time as a welder working 12-hour shifts. But she says she will start at community college and work but wants to stay with us living together since its easier. Since I will be working and it will be best for us to stay with my dad.

But my dad said at 18 we have to pay rent. She doesn't mind but I don't want to keep living with her because we aren't together. I am unsure how to tell her this. My dad thinks she should stay with us as long as she is a full time student to finish her degree because I am already getting my career.

I just feel that all this is unfair because the burden is on me.

I guess I am ranting because I am scared and unsure of what all this means.

Not long after posting, OP shared three updates.

Edit - I guess my thing about her living with us is that we are more like siblings now. We get along and joke and stuff but since she is my ex I feel weirded out by it. Maybe I need to take a breather since everyone is saying its a good thing. Also I needed to hear it from other people and not just my dad and he is pretty solid and i should thank him maybe take him for dinner or something.

2nd Edit - My dad isn't kicking us out at 18, but he wants us to be realistic about the world and pay bills. The money he gets from Tiffany's parents he just gives it to her, she is saving up money for a car and uses other money for her specific foods and clothes. Before I became a dad my dad always wanted me to live with him at 18 and figure it out and stay with him and save money to buy a house.

When he found out I was going to be a dad he wasn't mad but disappointed and said everything has to change. He also is paying for my welding school of 20k and he bought me my car but I do have to pay my own insurance.

He does help as long as he sees we are trying and not being lazy. When school recently started he took my daughter to daycare every morning and helped Tiffany with a routine to get school work done.

Third edit - I have to get to class now. Tiffany wants to be a nurse or PA but the college told her nursing school is hard to get into and its best to have a high school diploma which is why she is still in high school and working the weekends. But someone mentioned a dual thing for community college and we will look into that. So we couldn't get daycare assistance because we are minors and they used my dad's salary.

The funny thing is I cant open a checking account for myself because I am a minor but the bank allowed me to open a children's account for my daughter because I am her parent lol the irony.

I read every single comment and its given me a different POV and I guess college seems so far and I was counting years but it's really not that bad she is like a sister now. To those who asked: I doubt we will get back together. Honestly, I am not thinking about anything like that right now. I am too tired to think of a relationship or that type of future.

People had a lot to say.

treemanswife wrote:

Your dad is an amazing man.

You are right, being an adult and a parent is a burden. It sounds like you are working hard to make a good life for yourself and your kid - keep doing it, keep following your dad's advice because it is good.

Ultimately, you don't get to choose where your kid's mom lives. Your dad gets to decide whether he will rent to her because it is his house. You can choose for yourself: do you want to pay rent at your dad's, or somewhere else? Check out your options and see what makes sense for you. Also, tell your dad how much you appreciate him.

[deleted] wrote:

It means you're acting like adults and doing exactly what you should be. Honestly, live with your dad for as long as possible. If your ex can go to college it's perfectly fine, good for her! You should be proud of her and yourself.

Live with her, co parent, and be friends. This is the most important part of parenting. So many adults hate each other after separating and act ridiculous. You're both doing amazing. One day life will change, but for now keep up with the personal growth.

Don't worry about not living with her right now because your not together. You're both very young. Get your lives together and the rest will fall into place in the future. Hug your dad too and tell him how much you love him. He's amazing. Parenting is expensive. It's not going to get any cheaper either. Take advantage of this time with your dad.

Spike-Tail-Turtle wrote:

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this at 16. But the reality is you should do what's best for your daughter in the long run and that will often feel unfair. Your dad is right because your dad is making the best move for the baby.

Honestly having two teens and a baby is probably not great for him either but any rent he makes you guys pay will be a lot less than anything you could realistically get alone. With little kids it will he a while before you get to have a life again and regular teenage life is off the table.

wigglebuttbiscuits wrote:

She should keep living with you, and she should go to college. The burden isn't on you any more than it is on her and your dad. She'll still be working and he'll still be helping you with a place to live.

Living there is easier for your coparenting, easier financially, and your dad will probably charge much less rent than you'd pay out in the world. Your dating life is last priority right now, so not being together is just not that big a deal.

Three weeks later, OP shared an update.

Tiff and my dad went to the school and were able to get her enrolled in college courses because of her grades. She wont graduate H.S way too fast but she will have enough to finish h.s hours by next December so 6 months early. She reapplied for assistance we got a voucher for daycare so now its 50 dollars a week.

She quit her job so she can focus on school but she doesn't start college until spring so that's cool, it gives her some time. She still wants to be a nurse so that's cool too. I got a new job that pays more as a forklift operator and will give me an internship for welding which I wont be able to start until November/December when I finish my classes. Then I have to do a two-month internship but they're paying me good.

I started Monday.

My dad and I had a long talk about my fears and he reassured me that its ok to be scared but we have a game plan. He is fixing up the basement to make two-bedrooms and a living room like a little apartment because he said Tiff and I will need space as we grow.

He wants me to buy the house when I am 18 like he did with his parents, and he will help me pay it as long as Tiff gets to stay until she finishes college and let her make her own choice. We all agreed this is the best option and we are all really much happier now. I guess I just needed to let it out.

Tiff and I are great, while being parents is hard but it's been good now that we feel a bit more secure. My mom and Tiffs parents still haven't spoken to us because we aren't married. Which does make me sad but its ok we have my dad - Tiff's grandparents bought her a car and said that's all they can do for her and not to contact them again until we are married.

The car needs some work but I am going to pay for it to fix it up. It needs brakes, suspension and some regular maintenance.

My dad finally told me what all happened and I didn't know but it made me open my eyes to all of this.

My dad met my mom in H.S too and they were together and got caught kissing. Since my mom's family are Baptist they forced my dad to marry her. I didn't know in Missouri parents can marry their kids at 15, which is why my dad has been so protective. They were going to marry Tiff and I because she was pregnant and when my dad stepped in they couldn't do it.

My mom and Tiffs dad went and got a license for us and were going to marry us in their church. I guess I wouldn't have minded marrying Tiff but I would rather do it later. But yeah that's why they aren't talking to us. My dad did say if that happened he would helped us get it anulled but we have no intentions of speaking to them right now.

He explained that Tiff is stuck and while I might be afraid. she is even more afraid because she has no one and I need to reassure her we are here for her as a family. I guess I couldn't see it that way and its good that I talked to him. I hugged my dad and I have been hugging him every day now and it's nice, it's made us closer.

All of this information made me pretty sad and grateful at the same time and it helped Tiff and I really start talking more. Like we talked but we didn't talk and I didn't know she was scared too. We are now doing days for us to be kids as my dad says. So we both hang out with our friends who still talk to us at least once a week. and Tiff and I do a lot of stuff on the weekends now that she doesn't work.

Like taking Jelly to the park and going for walks and we did a pumpkin patch. Jelly seems to be happier too and Tiff doesn't seem as tired anymore.

Anyway thanks everyone for the help, tips and encouragement. I doubt I will update again and just lurk for parenting advice.

Edit - Just want to say thanks for thinking I am a great dad but I dont believe it just yet. I depend a lot on my dad to help me. Tiff and I are trying we do take parenting classes that they offer us a lot of advice and we have made friends there which is nice. But I don't think we would be this prepared without my dad. Also Tiff is on WIC and we take parenting and co-parenting classes it's my dad's rules.

People were invested in the update.

desid-errate wrote:

This is identical to where we started as teen parents almost 9 years ago. Keep working to improve yourself, graciously accept help from your family, and you will do just fine. My ex-fiance and I didn't stay together, but we are doing well separately.

He does IT and I recently quit nursing to take on a different healthcare career. I'm a homeowner as of a few months ago. It's been brutal at times, but so worth the struggle. You can do whatever you set your mind to!

kasira wrote:

Thanks for posting the update. It sounds like you have a solid, realistic plan for the next few years. It's so great that your dad has your back and knows how to help you make this transition to adult and father. I hope things keep going well for you & your family.

Ninotchk wrote:

If you can be a father half as good as yours you will be doing very well in life.

M1LK3Y wrote:

Very glad to read the update, you should be proud of yourself and Tiff. And man especially with all that added context, your father is a saint. Sitting here trying to imagine how much Tiff must appreciate him is bringing tears to my eyes.

Unbelievable your relatives would try to force you into marriage and abandon you both when that didn't work. Your daughter is so lucky to have you two and your father in her life. You and Tiff - even if you aren't married or even dating - sound like great coparents.

A year and a half later, OP shared another update.

I might as well make an update! Well Tiff and I are 18 now! I first made my post two years ago and Jelly is two-years-old as well. My dad is doing really good now, he FINALLY has a girlfriend and of course he met her at Tiff's community college she is an admissions counselor. Tiff is in CC for nursing and k*lling it!

She will have her associates in nursing and then head over for her bachelors at some point but yeah she doing really good. I am a welder now and I make pretty good money. Tiff and I are back together we started dating again this new years when she k*ssed me and it just felt right.

But she made it very clear we are dating so she is in the basement which we fixed up and I am in my room upstairs and she makes me text her if it's okay to come over haha, it's just a funny thing we do. Yeah I am going to marry her. We go to family counseling four times a month two weeks virtual and two weeks in office because of our schedule we found that this helps us, it's like couples counseling but not.

I am not the best communicator and this has helped me with stressful times with Tiff and Jelly. I feel like I aged the past two years. I definitely don't feel 18 I feel a bit older. Jelly is the happiest kid and she literally lights up a room and I honestly just cant imagine not being in her life every second of the day. She loves Pa (that's what she calls my dad).

She has him wrapped around his finger he literally spoils her all the time. I really love being a dad to her. I love taking naps with her and how she is just a daddy's girl, she literally is my shadow. It drives Tiff crazy but she is also really happy. We do go out on dates to like dinner and movies sometimes we just sit in the car and talk and laugh, mostly laugh.

My dad has changed a lot and us four are really really close he is so much happier and I think his gf makes him happy like made him alive again. He's always doing some weird teaching moments like if Tiff is irritated and walks away he will just say. Well an irritated woman tends to shop to get her mind off things...can you afford that? LOL so yeah he is constantly with his little comments.

I haven't spoken to my mother at all and I have no intentions of doing so. Tiff's parents did come back and try to build a relationship with her but they always made her feel like shit so she cut contact with them. My dad still wants us to buy the house and I told him we have no plans on ever moving out!

So I told him I will buy the house when either I am 30 or when Tiff and I get married and she said not until she graduates and gets a job. So no wedding bells for at least another two years. If you ask Tiff she says she doesn't plan on getting married until she is 28 so it might be longer haha.

And five months later, he jumped on with another update.

My Dad (38) has been trusting me to not spill the beans that he is going to propose to his GF (33) let's call her Kay on his birthday in two weeks! I helped pick up the ring when it was ready and have been hiding it for a month!

But Kay spent the weekend with us and was acting very "moody" I don't want to make it sound bad because it's not, but she usually is an early riser and very bubbly but this weekend she seemed very tired and different. I heard my dad yell down to the basement "we will be back" I yelled back ok.

I went upstairs to get some snacks out of boredom and went into the guest bathroom not thinking anything about the door being closed and she was there staring at a pregnancy test. We locked eyes and I immediately shut the door.

I waited for her to come out or say something but then I heard her crying and I knocked and opened the door and she looked at me and said she's pregnant and started sobbing. My first reaction was to yell for joy and then reality hit. I am 18 and my dad will be starting over and I have a daughter and my dad is a grandpa already.

She asked me to keep it a secret and she believes she is about 9 wks pregnant she would have to check but yeah. I am finally going to be a big brother! I can't tell him and I can't tell her of the all around great news! I told her to wait until his birthday because he would love it. I know my dad, he is going to be ecstatic probably scared but definitely excited.

My dad has helped me become a pretty good father and even a good partner to my gf, he's an awesome dad and grandpa, now we both get to be Dads together. I cant wait to tell him (um did you check the baby's diaper LOL). Sorry had to get this off my chest. I cant tell my gf, my dad or my future step mom AHHHHH.

Edit - Lets clear the air. She is happy to be pregnant and overwhelmed, she was sobbing because she didn't think it could happen because she was with her ex for 6 years and never got pregnant. Also, yes, I am 18 almost 19 with a 2.5 y/o daughter, and my GF and I live in basement of my dad's house.

Update - I survived dinner and Kay brought up a baby and my dad laughed saying oh man that would be awesome but it's not in our cards (this is because Kay believed she couldn't have babies) and mentioned maybe adoption or more grandkids. Sidenote he will have to wait a long time for more grandkids, I learned my lesson.

We discussed my Dad's birthday and Kay's mom is going to make his favorite dish, Enchiladas, and it's going to be at the house. We convinced my dad to have a small party with Kay's, parents and siblings, us and a few of his close friends. She thinks she is going to surprise him and he is thinking he won by having her family here.

I feel like this is going so well and I will update everyone when it happens but I do appreciate the forum to express myself. I am not on Reddit very often as I am switching from 4 10's to 2nd shift and in training of 2nd shift stuff.

The internet was so happy to hear the update.

Tiffany_Case wrote:

Please please please come back in two weeks so we can all scream in happiness with you again!!

OP responded:

I think I am going to have to work OT a lot the next couple of weeks or like limit contact because I cant stop smiling and my heart is pounding. I just hope she waits until his birthday because I don't want her to think he is proposing because she is pregnant. IDK why that is a thought of mine but like I just want them to be happy and surprised together.

Azile96 wrote:

This is wonderful! But, why was she crying? Was she not happy about the pregnancy test results? Were those worry tears? Happy tears?

I truly wish the best for you and your dad and (hopefully) future stepmom!

OP responded:

So thank you for reminding me I have been texting her from the basement. She is really happy and they were happy tears and she just wasn't expecting it. Its her first so she is overwhelmed. I am too so I didnt think to ask!

Easy_Faithlessness98 wrote:

I absolutely love your excitement. Never lose that and I know you'll be a awesome big brother. Hope your life is always something you can be enthusiastic about.

pavlovs_pavlova wrote:

This is so lovely. So many of these posts are sad (which is to be expected when you're getting something off your chest), so it's a lovely ray of sun through the grey clouds to hear someone so excited. I hope you update us in two weeks to let us know their reactions. They're both going to be so surprised and I bet a lot of happy tears.

Two weeks later, OP jumped on with another update.

UPDATE - Well here is an update!

The past two weeks it has been hell to keep all this in and not accidentally tell anyone anything! But this is how it all went. It took me a while to make this update because I have been in my feels.

Monday my Dad tried to sleep in like usual but my daughter was not having it so we made him breakfast in bed and they watched Disney movies and danced until 11 am. The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house and prepping for everyone, my gf Tiff went to go pick up Kay's parents at 330 and were at the house by 4. Kay showed up around 430.

Just some info - Kay's parents are older and live with her at her house so they can save their money from working to retire faster and possibly spend the winters in warmer climate and summers here with Kay. Dinner was amazing and we all had a great time and Jelly was definitely stealing the spotlight trying to "help" blow out Pa's candles but he didn't mind so much.

The whole time my heart was racing and I was trying to figure out how to help my Dad propose and help Kay tell him.

So the way it happened - was that my Dad put the engagement ring in a gift bag to make it look like it was a gift to him and he planned on opening it last to surprise her, she planned on her gift having the ultrasound picture last to surprise him, as you see this wasn't working because they were both adamant on which gift being last.

Again, I am struggling trying to middle man because he wasn't listening and I didn't want her to get upset. So we finally convinced him to open Kay's present before his. Arguing with the birthday boy was giving me dirty looks from everyone and Tiff ended up elbowing me in my ribs to cut it out. I was stressed.

So my Dad opens Kay's gift and sees the ultrasound in a frame but didn't look at the name or anything just the ultrasound and he stared me down and then looked at Tiff and yelled "you're pregnant? I'm having another grandbaby?" literally he yelled it so loud, everyone yelled congrats and Tiff yelled back F**k No. The look of confusion on everyone's face and Kay over there snort laughing and said "no I'm pregnant."

My Dad just blank faced stared at her for what felt like eternity which was really like 10 seconds and asked are you sure? She said yes and showed her name on the ultrasound and that's when my Dad just started crying and hugging her. He was so happy and his hands were shaking and he was hugging everyone saying he was going to be a Dad again.

I nudged him and he quickly ran to get his gift and got on one knee and proposed. Now everyone is crying Kay said yes and honestly we probably could have cured some land drought with all the tears in the room. Kay's mom almost had a heart attack and her Dad couldn't stop hugging Kay and my Dad. Tiff was surprised I kept this for so long and didn't even tell her.

I did ask for them to not stress me out like this if they planned a gender reveal and to just give it to someone else lol. the stress from all this literally made me nauseous!

here is where I am in my feels and why it took a while for me to write this.

When my gf was pregnant I didn't have that sense of joy and happiness and feeling like my Dad did. He is so excited and now he is engaged and you can just see and feel it all over him. He wouldn't stop touching Kay's stomach and kissing her. When Tiff told me she was pregnant I was scared and wanted to run.

I love my daughter and she is so awesome but even going to the dr appointments Tiff and I would cry after because how real it was and we weren't happy. I wouldn't change any of it but some part of me feels robbed obviously this is our own fault but that doesn't take away the feeling.

Then the other portion of reality hit, Kay has her own house her own family, my Dad has us, but I have my own family now and this will change everything. When is he going to move in with her? Do I take over the mortgage payments? I planned on building my credit to get approved but I thought I had time, but it seems like time was yesterday. What now about my family?

She doesn't want to get married out of need but want, but what happens if something happens to me? Where will they go? Where will my daughter live? How do I secure their future like my Dad did for me? Anyway I hope this was the update everyone was looking for!

I just want to thank everyone for giving me strength to hold on to this secret. When I felt like I was going to explode I would just come back and read the comments!

The internet was deeply invested.

thankyouandplease wrote:

Congratulations! I have been following your story for a while and am so happy it all worked out. Regarding your “feels,” I totally understand where you’re coming from but please don’t feel bad. You and your father are at completely different stages in life and you couldn’t help your feelings at the time of Tiff’s pregnancy. We can’t change the past, only the future.

And I know your head is swimming with anxiety but your dad has proven how much he cares about you and your family so I know it will all work out. The only constant in life is change but you’re surrounded by good people who will get you through it. Good luck to you.

OP responded:

Yeah I know, I definitely don't want to take a way from their happiness so I haven't brought it up. Just racing thoughts is all. My dad is a great dad.

Unfair-Mortgage-527 wrote:

Firstly, huge congrats to your Dad and all of you. Couldn't think of a better family for this little one to be born into. Secondly, do not forget what you have already overcome. You had all these worries with a teen pregnancy and look at you today? As a loving family unit, you will work it out together. Your Dad and Kay would never abandon you. You're in a better position now than you were before.

And you're not alone. I promise everybody worries about the future and making ends meet but it's not all on your shoulders. Remember all you've learned from therapy too - about sharing your thoughts and communicating well. Deep breath.

You're doing amazingly well! Can't even begin to convey how proud I feel for an Internet stranger! I think you and your Dad and whole family (and Jelly most of all) give us all the feels!

OP responded:

You're right. I just worry in general and I feel like I should just handle it. My Dad just handled it but again I am not sure if he was ever really worried but he never seems worried. He just does stuff.

Seven months later, OP shared another update.

So I have been receiving a lot of messages asking for an update, which is really wholesome but also feels weird to see my life on other SM platforms and now Tiff has seen them she said I need to keep this up lol.

So idk its been 7 or 8 months? But Kay and my dad got married!

He is living his best life ever but of course it didn't come without drama from my mom. She when she found out my dad was having another baby and getting married she completely flipped out, she started to call him to the point of harassment but it didn't bother him until she went after Kay and that's when he shut it down.

I am not sure what he did but he drove over to her place and that was the last I heard about it. Rumorville is that he threatened to show the church what she was doing and saying which isn't "very Christian like" and that was enough for her. Kay is due really soon she is 38wks pregnant and I will soon be a big brother to my little sister.

On the other front Tiff is kicking school's a*s she has been taking 5 classes a semester on a fast track for an ADN if she keeps up this pace without burning herself out she should be done by early next year.

After that she is going to take a gap year before pursuing her BSN and in hopes that she can do it online and have the hospital do some type of tuition reimbursement so we don't have to pay out of pocket anymore.

Jelly is doing great and will start pre-k this fall and we are nervous since she has always been home with us and taken care of by us that the idea of her being somewhere else and us not have full access to her is really scary. Work has been really great and I have made some really good friends there and I have been considering going into the welder's union for the benefits and future pension.

My job though doesn't want me to join the union and have offered to pay me more money to not join which to me screams red flag. My dad moved in with Kay and her parents, I have been paying half of the mortgage and the house bills, the goal is for me to buy the house from my dad in the next few years to relieve him of the burden of taking care of housing me and my family.

Therapy is going great we moved our couples/family therapy to once a month because during my individual therapy my therapist asked me to be evaluated for ADHD and depression. Which come to find out I do have ADHD which makes a lot of sense especially when it comes to school and all my racing thoughts. I am now medicated and its like my brain is awake.

I have less outbursts, I am not as easily overwhelmed to the point of anxiety and its really helped Tiff and I a lot. Its easier for me to articulate my emotions now and not have them just fester and create chaos in my brain. I got into Wheel of Time series and I saw somewhere that the books are better and I read the 1st book. I have to admit this is the first time I can honestly say I read a book.

Thinking about high school, I never read the chapters I skimmed through them to get by. I can't express how much happier we are right now, Kay's parents have been the grandparents we always wished for and they treat us with so much love and respect and they just love Jelly so much they take her to the park and sometimes just stop by on Tiff and I to see how we are doing.

We are constantly over there at Kay's place we go there twice a week for dinner and Jelly cant wait to meet the baby we are all excited. Tiff and I had some very serious conversations, while we are nowhere near ready to have another baby and or to get married we both have agreed that we would revisit the idea of marriage and expanding our family when we are 25.

We don't want to rush anything more than we already have and she wants to focus on school and career. We did throw the idea of getting married for the benefits of in case something happens to me with life insurance, the house etc. but my dad was able to help us with getting a lawyer to make a will and trust. Our main goal is to take care of Jelly, save money and plan a family trip to Disney this summer.

People were happy to hear from OP again.

ZestyLemonAsparagus wrote:

That’s so exciting! Let Tiff know that we are all grateful for her telling you to do this. You should always listen to her, she seems really smart, especially about doing a gap year and then continuing towards her BSN. And as a fellow guy who was diagnosed with ADHD after I finished school as well…congratulations on finishing that book! That’s an accomplishment I respect.

OP responded:

Yeah I was pretty proud of that, I realized I had to re-read the sentence over and over, it was like I didn't know how to read. I read the sentence but I wasn't reading I was just saying words in my head. It took me around 2 months to read it. I kept getting frustrated and my therapist said I should read out loud until I get used to reading.

SnooWords4839 wrote:

Wow! Jelly is ready for pre-K!

Still wishing all of you the best!

OP responded:

I know! Can you believe she is going to be 4 this year! I still wont be old enough to get a beer with my dad, in fact my dad became a grandpa, having another baby and got married before I can legally drink. I bet I have given him ulcers.

Yosara_Hirvi wrote:

OP that is excellent news all around! I'm so happy for you, and for everyone in your family that things are going in the right direction! Your sister will be younger than her niece but that's something you'll eventually laugh about.

Books are fun, after Wheel of Time (haven't read it yet but heard a lot of good stuff about it so I'll eventually do so) I suggest you look into Pierre Pevel, it's a French author who wrote many great series, if you can get your hand onto a good translation, you won't be disappointed. His books are my "go to" nowadays. Good luck to you friend and stay on this good path!

Silly_DizzleDazzle wrote:

So happy to hear y'all are prospering!!! 💖 Very proud of you and Tiff!!!Jelly has great parents! And congrats to your dad and gf with the new baby. I love how much you've grown and matured OP. Enjoy the happiness your life is giving definitely deserve it. 💖

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