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'AITA for getting revenge on my sister at her engagement party after she ruined my engagement?'

'AITA for getting revenge on my sister at her engagement party after she ruined my engagement?'


AITA for'ruining' my sister's engagment party by stealing her thunder?

Any_Position8291 writes:

When my girlfriend and I decided to get engaged, we wanted it to be a special moment between us. So, I made it clear to my family, especially my sister, that I didn't want any grand gestures or interruptions during the proposal.

However, during our romantic dinner, just as I was about to pop the question, my sister burst in with a group of friends, cheering and causing a scene. I was furious and felt like my special moment had been ruined.

My sister brushed off my anger, saying she wanted to celebrate with us, but I couldn't shake off the disappointment. Fast forward to my sister's engagement party, and I couldn't resist the chance to make a statement of my own.

During the toast to the happy couple, I announced that my girlfriend and I were expecting our first child. My sister was livid, accusing me of stealing her thunder on her special day, but I couldn't help but feel vindicated, especially when our family rallied behind us, excitedly discussing our baby news.

While my sister insists I was the a&^$ole for overshadowing her engagement, I can't help but think back to how she disregarded my wishes during my proposal.

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Lady_Salamander says:

ESH (Everyone Sucks Here). Just get ready for the scene she makes at your wedding, since you two are probably so petty that this won’t stop.


Were you an a^#&ole? Yes. Were you justified? Also Yes. Sometimes you need to just be and accept it.

Agile_Geologist_7225 says:

You’re both terrible grow up.

nonsensicaltexthere says:

I too tell everybody in my life in advance about spesific situations and places where I really do not want them to be in or making a scene. Because otherwise it is just far too likely that they will all accidentally come to said random location in that spesific time with confetti.

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