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'AITA for demanding that my DIL invite me to her mother/daughter outing? Mother is in my title!'

'AITA for demanding that my DIL invite me to her mother/daughter outing? Mother is in my title!'


"AITA for calling up my DIL and demanding to be invited to her mother and sibling outing?"

NoTopic956 says:

When the kids were much younger, I would take just my daughters out for some mother-daughter bonding time. It is something I have adored for a long time, and my daughters loved it too. We do it every couple of months, just a nice time to catch up.

The issue came when my DIL found out about these outings. About two years ago, she learned about them and made a huge deal about not being invited. It got to the point that if I didn't invite her to daughter dates, my son would go no contact. I caved, and my relationship with my daughters took a hit.

Over time, they didn't want to hang out with my DIL, saying they just wanted to catch up with me and not pretend that she is their actual sister. I also agree; I do not see her as a daughter. I didn't raise her, and I don't have that bond with her at all. This brings me to the present. I learned that she is going on a girls' trip with her mom and sisters. I wasn't invited.

This is where I may be the a%@^ole: I called her asking for an invite, saying that I am her mom and that she is excluding me from the family. She told me no, and it started an argument. My son got in on it, and I used the same texts he sent me about not being welcoming to family.

In the end, I told them either I am invited since fair is fair, or she needs to not invite herself along to my daughters' outings. She called me a petty b%@#h but agreed to not be invited anymore. My daughters think it is hilarious, but my son and DIL are pissed.

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Sinvisigoth says:

NTA (Not the A#@ole) because it's perfectly obvious you didn't actually want to be invited on her trip, you just wanted her to stop inserting herself in your mother-daughter time. She sounds insufferable, well done.

BulbasaurRanch says:

Perfectly played. If the rules apply to you. They have to apply back to her. I'm glad you stood up for yourself and threw it back in her face like that. Now her and your son are upset? Oh well, doesn't matter. They did this to themselves. She sounds like it's a struggle to enjoy her presence. NTA.

Mary_Tagetes says:

NTA, your son seems pretty off on his choices. Blackmail isn't a good way to force your wife to be included. His spouse seems crazy, if she did call you a "bitch" that's really bad. Intersting family gatherings for you.

tawstwfg says:

Total AH move, and brilliant! I think it’s hilarious!!! You made your point and you have your daughter time back. I don’t understand people who want to insert themselves where they don’t belong and then wonder why people feel a certain way about them. You nailed it!]

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