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'AITA for not cooperating with a cop because he didn't have a warrant?'

'AITA for not cooperating with a cop because he didn't have a warrant?'


A cop called me out for not helping him arrest someone I live with.

Important_Concert957 writes:

Before I walk to the grocery store, I like to sit on the front steps of my rooming house, smoke a cigarette, and get myself ready for my errands. This evening, I was doing just that. I noticed somebody getting out of the passenger side of a sedan with civilian license plates.

He was dressed in business casual attire, had mirrored pilot sunglasses, and held a clipboard. Of course, the car was parked illegally, partially blocking the driveway to the rooming house.

I was wondering if he was selling something or what. Then he started up the sidewalk and up the stairs I was sitting atop. Approaching me, he asked if I lived here. I said yes. He asked if I minded letting him in. I replied, “Yes, I do mind.” He claimed to be a police officer, just “wanting to talk to somebody.” They always say that.

I asked if he had a warrant. He said no. I suggested he call whoever it was he wanted to talk to and have them let him in. He said he didn’t have a phone number and told me, “You don’t have to be an a#^&ole about it.” To which I replied that I don’t appreciate being called an a^&%ole.

Rather than apologize, he doubled down, saying that I was being uncooperative. Such entitlement. This guy is a passenger in a civilian car and out of uniform. The only things that might identify him as a police officer were the radio on his belt, the badge around his neck, and his lousy entitled attitude.

I don’t even open the door for friends of friends. Sure, I see you visit my friend regularly. But I can’t know if you’ve had a fight and aren’t here as a friend this time. So, I asked for his badge number. He said it as a full number, then the three individual digits, then, with a snide tone, asked me if I want him to write it down.

To which I replied, “I may be an a^&@ole, but I’m not a dumb f%$@ing C…” He had the audacity to tell me that I shouldn’t call myself an a#!*ole. To which I responded, “No, I should leave that to you.”

After he left, unable to gain access to the building, rather than calm myself and head to the store, I went back inside and emailed the DOJ. Since I live in a city whose PD is under investigation, they have a dedicated email address for our PD. In case people might fear for my safety, in this situation, I am Caucasian, therefore less likely to die from not kissing this bully’s butt well enough.

Here are the top comments:

hiddenkobolds says:

NTA. As a general rule: when a cop is calling you an a$@%ole for knowing and exercising your rights, you can be fairly confident that you have the moral high ground.

The_Bad_Agent says:

NTA. No warrant? No access.

TheZZ9 says:

NTA for not letting him in. But, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to antagonise him or escalate the situation. I'd have just stuck with a polite "Sorry, no I can't let you in."

DismalPurchase7680 says:

As someone who works for PD thank you for doing that. It is not your responsibility to be cooperative. He needs to use his PD resources to get the job done.

Quick personal rant if you are carrying illegal substances and stop for a warrant or jaywalking and the cop asks permission to look in your back pack please don't hand it over. Make them get the k9 to establish probable cause. We had 15 people arrested today because they were like sure bro.

What do you think?

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