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'AITA for refusing to wear my SIL wedding dress. It's the worst wedding gift ever!'

'AITA for refusing to wear my SIL wedding dress. It's the worst wedding gift ever!'


"AITA for refusing to wear my SIL's wedding dress?"

Capital_Manager_7070 writes:

I (F27) met my fiancé Jacob (M31) when I was 21. We've been together for 6 years and engaged for almost a year. My mother's wedding dress has been passed down for generations, and I remember being a little girl dreaming of walking down the aisle in it. We have recently been wedding planning, and we were invited to a dinner hosted by my fiancé's family on Sunday.

When we arrived, we greeted everyone and sat at the table to eat. SIL stood up, tapped her spoon against her glass, and said that she had to make a toast.She then said she would be right back before going into another room and returning with a large plastic bag.

Everyone seemed to be excited, but I just felt confused. I awkwardly smiled as I asked SIL what was inside the bag. She opened it up to reveal her wedding dress from her wedding two years ago.

Everyone began clapping as SIL announced that this was her official wedding gift to us and that she wanted me to wear her dress at the wedding. I tried to smile, but I guess I didn't do a good job of hiding my disappointment, and everyone began asking me what was wrong.

I tried to explain how I wanted to wear my mother's dress and that it was nothing personal, but that I refused to wear my SIL's dress. My SIL began crying as my in-laws began tearing into me and comforting her. I just burst into tears and ran outside.

My fiancé didn't even come after me, and after crying my eyes out on the steps for what felt like hours, he finally came outside and yelled at me to get into the car.

I was so confused, but I got into the car just to hear him berate me on how I had made such a big scene and embarrassed him in front of his family. He sounded so mad, and he even said he couldn't believe he chose to marry such a "b#%^y c^%t" (his exact words).

My fiancé also said how SIL was just trying to be nice and that her dress was more modern compared to my mother's dress which looked like an "old rag" (also his exact words). I tried to tell him how much my mother's wedding dress meant to me because I promised her that I would wear it.

I felt like my fiancé's family planned this and put me on the spot, thinking I wouldn't stand up for myself and just agree to wear SIL's dress. I don't think I did anything wrong, but a part of me thinks I should have just gone along with it and then told SIL in private that I wouldn't be wearing the dress. AITA?

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No_Order_9676 says:

Ma'am you need to leave that whole family behind including your fiance Definitely NTA. You just had a peak into your future if you carry on with this relationship.

Beneficial-Ball8375 says:

Don't you dare marry that man!!!

Affectionate-Tap1967 says:

NTA. But be thankful that he is showing you who he really is before you marry him. You have just had a glimpse of what your future is going to look like if you go through with your wedding.

Top_Sherbert_2918 says:

The problem doesn't exist as the wedding shouldn't be happening anymore.

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