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'AITA for refusing to go on a blind date after my friend showed me a pic of my date?'

'AITA for refusing to go on a blind date after my friend showed me a pic of my date?'


My friend tried setting me up on a blind date but I refused after seeing pictures of the person she was trying to set me up with.

Slwrolla writes:

I (25M) have a (28F) friend of mine try to put me on a date with one of her friends. She knows I've been trying to get back out into the serious dating world after the dumpster fire of my last relationship 2 years ago. She told me she has a friend who was also looking and would be more than happy to set us up on a date.

I gladly said yes please and asked her kindly to show me some pictures of her so I could see what she looked like. At first, she didn't want to show me at all because she wanted to have it be a surprise.

After going back and forth for a little bit I convinced her to show me what she looked like. She showed me pictures of her and she was up there in size. I'm not trying to be mean here at all but I just was not interested at all anymore after seeing what she looked like.

I myself used to be over 300lbs at 6'1 until I turned 21 and shed off 150lbs over the course of 2 years. Trying to be nice I told her while I appreciate it for her trying to help me, I was not interested but extremely thankful.

She immediately went off on me saying I was shaming her and being fat phobic because she was a larger woman and that it shouldn't matter and I should see past it all and my preference for dating is cr%p. I couldn't bring myself to that.

From someone who was always a big guy growing up, always using food as a coping mechanism for my problems and troubles to lose all the weight, I want someone to be on the same path as me.

The reason being is that I've worked really hard to come to where I'm at now, and I don't want that potential of someone pulling me back into that life. It just isn't for me anymore. I'm sure the friend is nice, but I didn't say anything in a negative tone or came off saying anything rude or condescending.

It's just the preference I have for dating, and it was thrown back in my face. I'm not the most attractive guy there is just pretty average, but I still stand by my preferences no matter what.

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MKatieultra says:

Being set up on a blind date with someone who would be clearly disappointed upon seeing me sounds like a nightmare.

Prize-Bumblebee-2192 says:

NTA. You’re not attracted to this person. You’re entitled your preferences. It is what it is.

cacawate says:

The real fat shaming was your friend refusing to show you a photo the first time you asked. She knew her friend was big enough for it to effect most people's opinion. She was trying to hide her.

A friend trying to hide that to trick someone into giving them a chance? That's mean. If she was trying to set up a more attractive friend, she'd have the photo on her phone, ready to go before she even finished asking.

NatashOverWorld says:

If you're not attracted, you're not attracted. And you shouldn't have to force yourself. NTA.

What do you think? Is OP wrong to not want to go on a date?

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