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'AITA for not giving my baby momma money because I don't think she'll use it on our kids?'

'AITA for not giving my baby momma money because I don't think she'll use it on our kids?'


"AITA for not wanting to share my money with my baby momma?"

swacketbellington says:

I recently found myself in a bit of a moral dilemma and could use some outside perspective. Here’s the backstory: I (32M) have two kids, 6 and 8, with my ex (29F). We split up three years ago mainly because she wasn’t contributing to the household financially or otherwise. Since then, I’ve been the primary caregiver and financial provider for our kids.

Last week, I placed a bet on baseball, and to my surprise, I won a significant amount of money—enough to make a real difference in our lives. Naturally, I was over the moon and immediately started planning how to use the money to better our living situation and set aside some for the kids’ future.

However, my ex got wind of my winnings (thanks to a mutual friend) and now she’s demanding a share of the money. She argues that since we share kids, she should get some of it to help with their needs. Here’s the thing, though: she’s been consistently unreliable when it comes to contributing to the kids’ upbringing.

She’s had sporadic jobs but always seems to find a way to spend her money on herself rather than the kids. I’m worried that if I give her a portion of my winnings, it won’t actually benefit the kids but will instead disappear into her personal expenses.

I’ve already set aside a portion of the money for the kids’ needs and future, but I feel like giving her a direct share is enabling her irresponsible behavior.

So, AITA for refusing to give my ex a portion of my sports betting winnings? Should I be sharing this windfall with her because we share children, or am I justified in keeping the money and ensuring it’s used responsibly for the kids? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Honeyrosesuga says:

Don’t be fooled my friend. Invest it, save it, and use the rest to take care of your household needs. If anyone asks, the answer should always be “what money?”

xLilyuwu says:

Omg you’re NTA!!! I’m a girl and I HATE how men feel bad in situations like this (if they are in the right ofc). She is using anything she can to her advantage. Clearly, she can see she can use the kids as a topic. She’s your ex and just because you have kids together does it in anyway mean she has rights to the money you bet on.

If she’s being hostile and demanding money, she knows it’s stupid for her to ask. It’s your money and your decision, you even said you’ve put aside money for the kids and their future. So she knows they are okay on that.

She had many chances to prove she doesn’t spend money on herself and didn’t. Keep the money and focus on yourself and the kids, don’t let her or anyone else manipulate you otherwise.

HeapsFine says:

NTA - by you paying for your children's clothes, education etc. you are taking away some expenses she would otherwise contribute to. If anything, you could buy better mattresses or something to make your children's lives better while at her house, but you don't owe her cash to spend as she likes.

Tall-Neogtiation6623 says:

NTA. There is no reason at all that she should get any of that money. She’s trying to leech off you and don’t let her.

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