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'AITA for embarrassing my GF's friend's boyfriend for being poor and not having money?'

'AITA for embarrassing my GF's friend's boyfriend for being poor and not having money?'


"AITA for embarrassing this dude my girlfriend's friend is dating?"

Key-Chemistry4379 writes:

My girlfriend wanted us to go on a double date with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. I had met the friend before but never the boyfriend, so I asked my girlfriend what he was like.

He's been out of work for nearly a year now and refuses to apply for any job that isn't specific to what he wants to do. He lives with his parents and expects my girlfriend’s friend to pay for everything when they go out.

We got to the date, and he immediately suggested doing rounds for drinks, so his girlfriend got the first round in. I got the next one, then my girlfriend got the one after that. He then told his girlfriend what he wanted to drink so she could get the next round.

I just mentioned that it was his round next. His response was, "Oh, I don't have any money." I asked why he suggested rounds and expected everyone else to buy him drinks if he knew he wasn't going to do it in return.

He just started going on about not having money, so I said that maybe if he bothered applying for jobs, he’d actually be able to pay his way instead of expecting everyone else to pay for him.

He said I was completely out of order, but I pointed out that I'm not the one expecting my girlfriend to pay for everything for me because I'm too lazy to get a job. My girlfriend agreed with me, and he walked off. His girlfriend apologized to us both, then left with him.

I was talking to a friend about it, and he said I shouldn't have said anything and that I was wrong for what I said and that I probably embarrassed him. Am I the a%@^ole for "embarrassing" my partner's friend's boyfriend?

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MedicJambi says:

I've been the guy without money in that exact situation. I simply declined drinks for myself and told everyone thank you but I wasn't drinking that evening because I was broke but was happy just to hang with everyone. I would be the designated driver so it worked out and friends insisted on buying me coke/Pepsi.

lonely-emo-fella says:

YTA (You're the A^@&ole) - only for bringing up the “maybe if he applied for jobs he would have money” stuff. Unless he shared that with you directly, it wasn’t appropriate to say anything about it. He def put himself in a situation where it’s fine to get called out for not paying for anything evenly with the group, but in my opinion it’s not really your business to throw that in his face.

LovelessOF says:

NTA (Not the A^@$ole). He put himself in an awkward situation. It's fair to call out someone who expects others to pay, especially when they suggest something like rounds. You just stated the truth.

onedanoneband says:

If you don’t have the cash keep your mouth shut, don’t assume and be grateful. If you even go out at all.

mistyayn says:

What does your girlfriend think about what happened? Did she share something in confidence that wasn't supposed to be shared? Did she expect you to know it wasn't supposed to be shared? You called someone out on information that was shared with you 3rd hand. I don't know if you're the AH as there's a bunch of information missing.

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