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'AITA for excluding my stepsister from sister activities because she isn't a real sister?'

'AITA for excluding my stepsister from sister activities because she isn't a real sister?'


"AITA for getting my sister to do my prom makeup two years in a row when she wouldn't do our stepsister's makeup too?"

Interesting-Food3026 writes:

I (18f) had my sister (22f) do my makeup for prom last year and again this year. My sister is really good at doing makeup, and we're close, which is why she was cool with doing my makeup both times, and for free lol. But this year was a little more of a big deal, and I want to hear what others say.

So, for the last 8 years, we've had a stepsister who is a year younger than me. Our mom married my stepsister's dad. My sister is no contact with our mom, and with mom's husband and our stepsister too. We kept in touch, but she only talks to me and doesn't have anything to do with our stepsister.

Last year, my stepsister got really jealous that my sister did my prom makeup and was upset that she wasn't invited along. She wanted "sister time." So this year, because she was also going to prom, she wanted my sister to do her makeup too, and we could all hang out while it happened.

But my sister didn't want to do it, and I still wanted my sister to do it and didn't care that I wouldn't have my stepsister there. She's okay, but I don't think of us as close or as sisters.

Because I went to my sister so she could do my makeup, my mom and her husband were pretty pissed off that I went again knowing she excluded our stepsister. Mom told me I could have stayed, and my stepsister and I could have done each other's makeup and bonded better.

I told mom that wasn't what I wanted, and I wanted my sister to do it. It became a fight. My mom's husband asked why he and mom got married if the three of us (me, my sister, and my stepsister) weren't going to have a sisterly relationship. I told him I couldn't answer that because I didn't have any choice.

A week and a half after prom, my stepsister came into my room and read this letter she wrote about how badly I hurt her feelings, saying all she wanted was for us to see her as a sister and treat her the same as we treat each other.

I know it was meant to make me feel guilty because she kept getting more and more into her wishes and dreams and how she had a rough life before her dad married our mom. But I was in the middle of finishing a final project, and it annoyed me that she was in there. When she didn't get me to feel guilty, she called me a wh%^e.

I told my sister what was going on, and she ended up telling me to move in with her, which I did, and that's when my mom really went crazy, telling me how awful I was. She asked me if my sister doing my makeup was worth all this and said I should be ashamed for the selfish decision I made when I went ahead with it. AITA?

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Pure_Wrongdoer_1835 says:

NTA (Not the A%@$ole)- your sister has no contact with your mom for a reason and there is no reason to expect her to do her stepsister's make up. Sounds like your mom is a little nuts.

lady_k_77 says:

Sounds like mom is about to be no contact with both her daughter's. And like most estranged parents she just won't understand why, or acknowledge that her fault in any way. NTA.

Freerange_chicken says:

NTA, you have every right to have your makeup done by your sister and she has every right to refuse doing your stepsister’s, even more so that she’s NC with your mom, stepdad and stepsister.

It’s absolutely not your or your sister’s responsibility to include your stepsister in things, weird move of your stepdad to make that comment about “why did we get married.” Uh, what?

GCM005476 says:

It’s the opposite of what your mom said. Your mom decided that make up for one night is more important than you living with her.

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