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'I heard a phone notification in bathroom while showering alone. Should I ask my fiance about it?' UPDATED

'I heard a phone notification in bathroom while showering alone. Should I ask my fiance about it?' UPDATED


If your gut is telling you something's wrong, it's best to investigate it.

"I [30F] just heard a phone notification in bathroom while showering alone. Should I ask my fiance [33M] about it?"

So my fiance and I have been together for 4 years, engaged for 1. I was taking a relaxing bath this evening to enjoy the silence and let the bathroom fan drown out all the outside noise.

My phone was on silent, I wasn't wearing earbuds. I'm deep in a meditative state in the bath when I'm jarred by a phone text or email notification sound clear as day coming from inside the bathroom. I got up immediately like wtf, I checked my phone even though I knew it was silent and there were no notifications.

So I'm kind of worried at this point and just feel a sinking in my stomach so I get dressed and look through every crevice, box, cabinet, drawer and plumbing fixture in the bathroom to find...nothing. I know for a fact I did not just hear it in my brain, it was a distinct android boo boo boo boo boo which we don't have any androids.

Before anyone asks, yes I checked my carbon monoxide levels lol they are fine, I have no mental illnesses. My question is, what do I do? Do I even bring this up to my fiance? I sound crazy and don't want to be accusatory but my first thought was a second phone hidden by him in the bathroom.

I couldn't imagine he could ever cheat but you can never be too vigilant when something random and unexpected like this happens. Should I just wait and see if it happens again? I'm not gonna lie I'm a little paranoid and have been convincing myself I manifested the noise but I know in my gut it was real. Where else would I even look though?

TL;DR; random unknown notification sound from a phone goes off clearly in the bathroom when I'm in the bathroom but I can't find anything anywhere.

The comments quickly started coming in.

KeyRageAlert wrote:

Reminds me of that story of the woman who's husband had an extra phone in a safe or something like that.

allislost77 wrote:

Did you check behind the toilet in the tank? Lift the cover? It’s probably there…or taped under the sink?

ROBYoutube wrote:

Why are you behaving like this? If I heard a phone noise that was unaccounted for the literal first thing I'd do is ask my partner if she left her phone in here somewhere. I wouldn't immediately start tearing the bathroom up and asking the internet if I should continue acting insanely.

e: Yes, you f-ing psychos, I still stand by this, if there is that much paranoia in your relationship that you're tearing up a bathroom, your relationship is over regardless of if one exists, don't f-king reply to me, you're f-king stupid.

glittergalgla wrote:

Having trust in a relationship is great, however ANYONE is capable of cheating. A cheater isn’t a personality trait it’s a decision. To always think you’d never be cheated on is foolish and t-xic in itself. You should always be aware that cheating can happen in any relationship.

Two days later, OP shared an update.

My first post didn't get a ton of activity but I was made to feel like a crazy person by most people.

Anyways, I did not talk to my fiance about it because I found the phone before he got home.

Yeah, I tore the bathroom apart again like a madman, but this time I checked behind the toilet tank between the wall. We have about a two-inch gap, and mounted on the back of the tank was one of those $1 temu holder things that you peel off and stick on something to hold items. The phone was placed inside of that sticky mounted thing. It was meticulously placed there.

Well, my fiance and I broke up. The password was the same as his computer that we share so I unlocked it while trying to stifle an anxiety attack and found snapchat conversations with at least three different women. The notification sound I heard lined up with a most recent snap sent to him of a woman's bare p--y asking when he can come stuff it again.

In a rage, I smashed the phone and texted my fiance to come home immediately. He came home and already looked pale like he knew. I asked him how f-ing long this has been going on and he refused to answer anything. I told him to pack his crap and leave. As he walks out with his backpack I hear him mutter 'I knew I forgot to silence it.'

So yeah. I wasn't crazy I actually heard a notification and he wasf-ing cheating. Now my whole world is upside down and I don't know where to go from here I just cant believe this. I fell asleep crying and woke up in a daze feeling like everything was normal until I remembered. So, not a very fun update sorry.

The internet was deeply invested in the update.

theroundfile wrote:

Damn. So you weren't actually crazy like people thought in the original post. I am sorry that this happened to you.

OP responded:

I still feel crazy but i guess it's just anxiety and low self-esteem.

Single_Vacation427 wrote:

So he probably keeps it there because he used it when he was in the "bathroom". Otherwise, there'd be much better places to keep it hidden.

OP responded:

That's exactly what I think happened he did take really long showers sometimes 2-3 times a day.

potenttechnicality wrote:

Kinda thinking fake. This would be an impossibly stupid place to hide a phone. Why would he not keep it powered down between uses?

OP responded:

Well, apparently it was the perfect spot to hide a phone because stuff dated back almost a year. F-ing wish it was fake seriously.

allislost77 wrote:

A. Get a full panel done. B. Look at the bright side, found out before the wedding and children. C. You didn’t marry this clown. It’ll sting for a bit but be a blessing in disguise.

1GamingAngel wrote:

Holy crap. I am so sorry. And the audacity to say “I know I forgot to silence it” is just staggering. Be glad that this happened now and not five years down the road when you’re pregnant and married. Now, you heal.

OP responded:

Thanks :(

Low-Agency2539 wrote:

Honestly good for you for realizing what you heard and finding it. This sucks but his reaction shows you would have a married a cold blooded AH. Cheating is bad enough but this dude seriously put a secret phone in your shared bathroom. Wow. What a gentleman. And then “I knew I forgot to silence it” girl oof I would have thrown something at his head I promise.

pbd1996 wrote:

Who goes through the trouble of cheating via an extra phone…but then leaves the sound on and uses the same password he shares with his partner?

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