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'AITA for reminding my husband that he cheated first when he accused me of cheating?'

'AITA for reminding my husband that he cheated first when he accused me of cheating?'


"AITA for insulting my husband after he asked for a paternity test and suggested I cheated?"

PaternityThrowRA writes:

I, 25F, just had my first child with my husband, 29M, of four years. He is white and I am mixed race but very white passing. I was raised by my adoptive parents, however, I have reconnected with my biological paternal family.

My biological mother was white and I look a lot like her. My biological father, whom I call my ataata, is Inuit, and we look very little alike, but we are getting closer emotionally.

My son looks so much like my ataata and I cried when I saw him for the first time. He has darker skin than my husband and I but he has my husband's eyes and nose. After he was born, my husband was cold and distant, he wouldn't hold our son, he wouldn't show me affection. Even when my ataata came over and I took a bunch of pictures of grandfather and grandson my husband refused to connect with our son.

He demanded a paternity test a few weeks ago. I was upset but complied. He is the father, as I knew he was. I told him that I was a prime example of not looking like my biological father and that I felt he was an idiot for suggesting I was cheating.

He shot back with: "Well how do I know the man you bring around is actually your dad and not your affair partner?" Yes, he insinuated I lied about my ataata being my dad and that I was sleeping with him.

I regret saying it because I had promised to leave it behind, but I said, "Well then say hello to "Sarah" for me." Sarah is the woman my husband had an affair with two years ago. He broke it off and we reconciled but I feel like it was rich of him to accuse me of cheating when he was the one who cheated first.

He called me an a^&#ole for bringing it up and now we're not speaking and I've moved into the nursery. I'm considering divorce but also thinking about my words, which were hurtful and uncalled for. AITA?

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Impossible_Ask_3564 says:

NTA, how is you bringing up something that actually happened worse than him implying your father was your affair partner and possibly the father of his child? That's disgusting. I'm not sure I could come back from that.

Cursd818 says:

NTA. This monster accused you of all those things All while he has previously cheated on you. Why on earth are you even considering speaking to someone so despicable? Get him out of your life at once.

The_Bad_Agent says:

NTA. He accused you of cheating. There's no taking that back. You should have handed him divorce papers with the DNA results.

DaniCapsFan says:

When a man accuses his wife of cheating, it's usually because he has cheated first. And what do you know? Your husband, who cheated two years ago, now accuses you of cheating. Your husband was utterly disgusting to suggest that your biological father is actually your AP. He deserved that comment about his affair partner. NTA.

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