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'AITA for keeping the fortune my ex gave me as an I'm sorry for cheating on you gift?'

'AITA for keeping the fortune my ex gave me as an I'm sorry for cheating on you gift?'


AITA for keeping the money my ex gave me for cheating on me?

Wooden_Ad_8855 says:

My ex-husband cheated on me 5 years ago, and I found out when he texted me instead of her. That ended our marriage, but the divorce was amicable. I told him that I couldn’t forgive him, he said he was sorry, and we moved on.

By that time, he had accumulated a small fortune, a company, commercial properties, and a lake house. I got half of everything and am a silent partner in his company, getting returns twice a year. As an apology, he also gave me our apartment and the lake house. It goes without saying that I don’t need to work, but I still do because I love my career.

He moved on with his affair girlfriend. I don’t know much about them since it still pains me, but all I know is that they’re still together. She contacted me on LinkedIn, telling me that since the divorce cost him so much money, he has told her that he never wanted to get married again, not even to move in together.

She blames me because I took everything. She is now pregnant, but according to her, my ex said that this wouldn’t change his attitude towards moving in together or marriage. So now she is accusing me of being a thief who is basically stealing her baby’s chances of having a family. She claims I didn’t need the money because I have a good job and everything was my ex-husband’s. She says I took advantage of him because he felt guilty.

I haven’t spoken to my ex in 5 years. I haven’t even had the strength to tell him to stop texting me “happy new year” because that’s when we met. I don’t know what to do. Is she right? Or should I ignore her?

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FloMoJoeBlow says:

Just block and ignore her. She played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.

The_Crown_And_Anchor says:

Just block her profile from contacting you on Linkedin and then take a trip to YOUR lakehouse and enjoy not being married anymore. NTA (Not the A%&@ole).

Careless-Ability-748 says:

NTA, that sounds like a her problem. Especially since she's the one who slept with a married man and you didn't steal anything.

Tall-not-small says:

She stole your husband. You owe her nothing.

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