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'AITA for laughing at my daughter for punishing my grandkid for listening to ASMR?'

'AITA for laughing at my daughter for punishing my grandkid for listening to ASMR?'


Did I undermine my daughter by laughing at her when she scolded my granddaughter?

Fit-Hearing-6794 writes:

My (66M) wife (66F) and I have a daughter (41F). Our daughter is married and has two kids (Violet 15F and Ben 10M).Our daughter and her family have been living with us for a while. We have a big house, my wife and I live on the first floor, the second floor is for our daughter and her family.

Since Violet is 15, a teen, her parents are trying to make sure she doesn't get into trouble or do hard drugs. It was 5 AM, my wife and I were eating breakfast. Our daughter came downstairs holding Violet's phone. We recognized it was her phone because of the purple cover. Violet and our Son-in-law (41M) came after her.

It seemed like she was checking her phone for the first time. Violet is a calm teen, doesn't fight at school, doesn't sneak out of the house, just a normal kid. But it looked like her phone wasn't like that at all.

Our daughter found these ASMR videos on YouTube on Violet's phone. In case you guys didn't know what ASMR is, they are videos where people make quiet sounds that are meant to make you relaxed. Some people make these videos but with a "different" type of sound.

Our daughter tried to play one of them but the volume was high so we all heard a couple of seconds. It was inappropriate. I wanted to laugh but stayed silent. I'm not an old man, I know what kids do. Our daughter was a teen, my wife was a teen, and I was a teen. Violet didn't look the part; she looked like a library girl which made it funnier.

Our daughter started scolding Violet and said she'll punish her. Our son-in-law was behind her, he was trying to look mad but instead, he had this expression (🤭). This guy/face is exactly how our son-in-law looked.

My wife looked uninterested; she wanted to eat breakfast in peace. She looked at our daughter and said, "Let's not pretend that you didn't do worse than that. If these videos were the only things you've done, I would've stayed at church and thanked Jesus day and night."

I started laughing, our son-in-law cracked a smile and laughed silently, Violet looked at her mom in surprise. It looked like a scene out of a sitcom. My wife continued to eat her toast. Our daughter looked embarrassed and said that it wasn't about her.

She looked at me and said, "Dad, stop laughing, you ruined the scolding, good job!" I did indeed ruin the scolding, but my wife made me ruin it. There is no way I could've not laughed at that; she makes me laugh even when she doesn't mean to. AITAH?

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DataAdvanced says:

Reminds me when my Dad told my Grandmother I was smoking. Instead of telling me off, she told me a story about how she got busted for it in high school. He was like wtf, Mom! And she looked at him and said, "What? She's not MY kid." Lol. Miss you Grandma. You were terrifying.

yrnkween says::

NTA (Not the A^@$ole). Your daughter is lucky you don’t have video evidence of her teen years.

Dipshistan says:

NTA. The danger of living with the parents is they know all the dumb s#%t you did when you were a kid.

JuliaX1984 says:

NTA Your granddaughter did nothing wrong as far as I can see, so laughing didn't condone any mean or dangerous behavior.

SteampunkHarley says:

NTA your wife is savage and I live for it.

Legitimate_Grade272 says:

NTA. If she wanted to scold her kid she should have done it privately like a normal adult. She was purposely trying to embarrass her kid and it backfired. Boohoo.

What do you think? Was OP right to laugh at his daughter?

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