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"Was I wrong to change my WiFi password and cause the neighbor kid to fail a test?"

"Was I wrong to change my WiFi password and cause the neighbor kid to fail a test?"


During the pandemic, stories of neighborly kindness were endearing as the world collectively dealt with the difficulties that Covid-19 brought to us. Now that the world is slowly returning to something that resembles normal, those niceties are now coming back to haunt some people. On a popular Reddit thread on the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, a woman is haunted by being a Good Samaritan during the pandemic.

AITA for making the neighbor kid fail his exam?

The pandemic was hard on so many.

I (26f) live in a condo-style complex. Many people have suffered due to the global event, and people in this 'condo' have gone out of their way to help those less fortunate, myself included.

OP is the ideal neighbor.

My neighbor and her husband both had their income reduced. She was laid off, and he got reduced hours. When they asked to borrow my WiFi password, I also gave them all my online streaming passwords to be kind, as she wouldn't be doing much else besides looking for a new job and doing some housework. That was over two years ago now. I don't interact with them or other neighbors daily as I work a lot and am a private person.

Uh-oh, someone is playing games.

Last Thursday, when I tried to log on, I saw that attempts had been made to change my streaming and WiFi passwords, and I spent hours on the customer service line to get it fixed. This system locks you out after three attempts of changing a password when it detects you are not the 'admin' on your account. I got new ones.

Don't answer it!

Saturday morning, I was woken by what I thought was someone kicking my door. With a bat in my hand, I checked through the spy hole, and it was my neighbor and her husband. They were angry that I had kicked them off the network.

Every student's nightmare.

Their son had taken an online exam, but the school had informed them that it hadn't been registered as while he was doing the exam, I had changed the password, and he hadn't noticed. He got an incomplete grade and has to redo it in three months and take another exam in the summer.

I told them I was unaware that they were on my network still as she has since gotten a part-time job. Therefore, I didn't need to check with them to make changes to MY accounts after a hacking attempt.

What an insult.

To this, her husband said, 'you numpty' we tried to change the password. You are away 5-6 days a week working, and his wife wanted to give online streaming passwords to her new coworkers, and there can only be two guests on my accounts. So they could discuss her fave shows. They expect me to pay for their son's exams and summer schooling.

AITA for not checking first with them, as I knew they were using my network two years ago.

justmyusername47 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole).... But your neighbors sure have some big balls to try changing your accounts' passwords. 😒

ScubaLance says:

NTA. How do you even need to question this? They didn’t even pretend that the hacking attempt was someone else, but straight-up told you it was them trying to hack you.

xanaduxanadu says:

Lmaooo, NTA. If they bring up paying for their son's summer school again, send them an invoice for the two years of WiFi and streaming. I'm sure they'll leave you alone.

You're not in the wrong, OP! You should give them the new password and then change it again!

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