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'AITA for marrying my ex-wife's boss? I didn't expect to fall in love with her!'

'AITA for marrying my ex-wife's boss? I didn't expect to fall in love with her!'


My ex-wife is mad at me for marrying her boss.

brahgoat writes:

My ex-wife and I were married for a decade. We have two kids together. I only met her boss face-to-face once before my divorce. Afterward, I met her in a club. My buddy and I were trying to flirt with women for some casual fun, and she was there with some of her friends.

I decided to talk to them, and we kinda hit it off. She is a very sweet woman and has been very "supportive" to my ex-wife. My ex-wife has been playing the victim a lot, and she was surprised that I am not a man with horns on my head.

We have been dating for the past two years, and we plan to marry this year. I finally talked to my ex-wife about moving in with my fiancée and introducing her to my kids. My wife has been crying and refusing to let my kids meet her. I told her that it's not her choice anymore.

She wants me to break up and marry any other woman. She even sent me photographs of some of her friends who are single. I have enforced the "only call if emergency" rule because I don't like the drama.

Here are the top comments:

ciel_47 says:

The only ethics breach I would point out is that when y’all started dating, her boss should have gone to HR and transferred her supervisor responsibilities over to someone else. Her having power over her boyfriend’s ex-partner’s livelihood is problematic. Other than that, 0 issues.

Beautiful-Ability says:

It’s your business whoever you want to date…but you can’t sit here and tell me if your wife married your boss it wouldn’t bother you. Like are you being petty to get back at her?

Do you all live in a small town. Your ex-wives feelings are valid, she’s human. I think anyone in this situation would want that. Just strange…like there were any other women at all?

Waste_Ad_6467 says:

I mean on the surface are you an AH? No, bc you have a right to date who you want. But can you imagine if she started dating YOUR boss and how uncomfortable it would be to have someone who had direct control over career trajectory, paycheck and work environment having such a close tie to you personally?!? I don’t think she’s unreasonable to feel the way she does.

CinderMoonSky says:

The boss is the issue here. is she still your ex-wife’s boss because that actually is a power imbalance and could cause a lawsuit.

RoyalEquivalent2837 says:

Did you and her boss keep this a secret, for two years? And the boss did not tell your ex or HR? Is so then yes you and the boss are major AH!!!

What do you think? Should OP have married his ex-wife's boss?

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