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Woman tries to put a diaper on her son's 10 year old friend for 'misbehaving,' makes his mom furious.

Woman tries to put a diaper on her son's 10 year old friend for 'misbehaving,' makes his mom furious.


AITA for picking my son up early from a sleepover?

Notmychildnbit writes:

Hi, I'm 37F. I have a 10-year-old son named Sam. My son was invited to a sleepover by one of his classmates, let's call him Taylor. Since I didn't know Taylor's parents very well, we got together a few times to get to know each other.

Eventually, we set up a date, and the other mother, whom I'll refer to as Lady from now on, insisted on hosting the event. I agreed and later dropped my son off, reminding him to behave and all that jazz.

Towards the end of the day, around 9-ish, I received a call from my son's phone. He has a basic flip phone for situations like this. He was upset and wanted to come home. I asked what was wrong, and he told me that Lady wanted to put him in a diaper.

I told him to put her on the phone, and she answered it in a huff, telling me that my son wasn't behaving properly. I could hear my son in the background saying he just wanted to go home. So, I told her I'd be there in a few minutes and hung up.

When I got there, I was let in by her husband, who apologized for the trouble. I went to find my son, and he was still upset, sitting at their kitchen table along with Taylor.

I asked him what was going on, and he explained that because Taylor wet his bed, Lady wanted him to wear a diaper as well. I turned and looked at Lady and told her Sam doesn't wet the bed and doesn't need to wear anything extra for bedtime.

She argued back that it wouldn't hurt him and would make Taylor feel better. To be honest, I kind of understood where she was coming from and even considered asking Sam if he'd be willing to do it for his friend.

That was until I saw the thing. I was expecting a pull-up, but this looked like a thick adult diaper meant for kids. Then the shocker came when my son told me she tried to make him take off his pants and lay on the floor so she could put it on him.

I turned back to Lady and told her how inappropriate this all was and collected his things to leave. She got belligerent and said Sam didn't have anything she hadn't seen before.

So, we left, and Taylor, the poor boy, looked crestfallen. Not that I blame him at all. But my problem and the reason for this post is due to the fact that Lady posted what happened on Facebook. Most of the commenters are on her side. So, am I the a^#hole for taking my child home?

OP responded to some comments:

Squiggles567 says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). Making a 10-year old take off his pants against his will in order to put him into an un-needed diaper would get you in trouble with the police in most countries. I would politely let one or two other gossipy moms in the class know what is going on and let her be rightly reviled.

Her intent was good, but her execution was horrific. If she put hands on my son to make him take his pants off, there would be hell to pay, let me tell you. I wouldn’t put my hands on her, but there would be words with the right people.

If you feel the need to correct things on FB, I would say: “Lady, every story has two sides. All I ask is that strangers do not seek to put their hands on my son’s undressed body.” But that would cause a sh*tstorm, so maybe don’t…

OP responded:

She worded it like I let myself into he house and told her what she could and couldn't do in her own home. She presents herself like a good Christian lady. She underplayed her part and overplayed mine.

WhilstWhile says:

NTA. And I’m super curious how on earth Lady worded things on her Facebook post to make so many people agree with her. Even before I read the part about her trying to lay your son and the floor and put the diaper on him, I was thinking Lady was absurd and that you were NTA.

But reading that part about trying to force the diaper on him really put things way over the edge. How could she have possibly said things on Facebook to put herself in a positive light? Nothing about this encounter was ok.

OP responded:

She made it out like I busted into her home and ordered her around.

wlfwrtr says:

NTA. Comment on her Facebook post, "So all you parents would be okay with an adult trying remove your 10 year old child's clothes and have them do something they didn't want to do?"

OP responded:

Comments on my side already have. Most of the rebuttals were on the lines of "Grow up, it wasn't anything!"

Nanigo says:

NTA. You made the right call. Taylor's mom has issues and I pray for his wellbeing.

Was OP right to pick her child up early?

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