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Woman refuses to go to wedding because of 'ridiculously expensive' dress code, AITA?

Woman refuses to go to wedding because of 'ridiculously expensive' dress code, AITA?


I refuse to go to my friend's wedding because of her dress code.

Rmarkble_Fee_3 writes:

I've been friends with "Sarah" for over a decade, and she recently got engaged to her long-term partner. Naturally, I was thrilled for her and excited to celebrate their special day.

However, when Sarah sent out the invitations to her wedding, I was shocked to see that it specified a strict dress code: all guests were required to wear outfits from a particular designer, which happened to be quite expensive. Not only that, but the dress code also included specific colors and styles that didn't align with my personal taste or budget.

I reached out to Sarah to express my concerns, explaining that while I wanted to support her, I couldn't afford to buy a new outfit just for her wedding. I suggested alternative options, like renting a similar outfit or wearing something I already owned that fit the color scheme.

Sarah's response was dismissive, and she insisted that it was her special day and her vision for the wedding. She didn't seem to understand or care about the financial strain this would put on some of her guests.

Feeling frustrated and undervalued, I ultimately decided to RSVP with regrets, explaining that I couldn't justify the expense of the required attire. Now, Sarah and some mutual friends are upset with me for "making excuses" and not being supportive enough.

So, AITAH for refusing to attend my friend's wedding because of their dress code? Was I being unreasonable, or was it fair to stand my ground on this issue?

Here are the top comments from the post:

tiktokslup4 says:

NTA (Not the A^&$ole) for being reasonable.

AdHocShellShock says:

NTA. Also this might be a good thing. She seems like a shallow and s^#&ty person. Having a dress code like that to a wedding? What type of materialistic, shallow sh$t is that.

If you can’t afford it, what the f%^k does she want you to do about it? She shoulda bought you an outfit then. No to that, especially her trying to make you feel bad about it. I would be happy to have an insight into the person I considered a “friend”.

shammy_dammy says:

NTA. Yup, just don't go. And start taking a long hard look at some 'friendships' in your life.

The_Ghost_Reborn says:

The usual "deal" with weddings is basically that the bride and groom will throw a big party, feed you well, and provide you with alcohol, and in return you'll give them a wedding gift of fairly high value. Unless you're a bridesmaid or groomsman there's no dress code other than "wedding appropriate". Trying to force one is bridezilla territory.

What do you think? Should OP go to the wedding?

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